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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

BRIA Homes is enjoining all its residents to visit Sentro—a center of convergence located in every BRIA Community

BRIA Homes has a Sentro in every BRIA communities. It is a fully stacked amenity hub that is decked out with a park, playground, multi-purpose hall, and community center. It’s where BRIA residents can savor the outdoors and revisit the joys of community building.


With the holiday season well underway, there’s no stopping Christmas from casting its magic spell on the country. Our days are indeed getting merry and bright as we try to momentarily dispel our cares and woes. The crippling anxiety that came with 2020 is giving way to optimism as we trust that the new year will bring relief and respite to beleaguered Filipinos. 


As a leader in the housing development industry, BRIA Homes is also unstoppable in its drive to bring the magic of Christmas to all Filipinos—and to its much-valued residents who are now relishing life in safe, wholesome, and stable BRIA communities. 


It’s with this vision of a joyful Christmas that BRIA Homes is enjoining all its residents to visit Sentro—a center of convergence located in every BRIA Community. 

Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year, Sentro is also the perfect place for private, intimate family gatherings.


During the holiday break, BRIA’s youthful residents are encouraged to seek fun away from their gadgets and learn to forge friendly ties with other members of the community.


Sentro’s community center has eco-friendly facilities for all age groups and interests—health center, day care center, senior citizen center, barangay center, all equipped with free Wi-Fi and 24-hour CCTV coverage. 


Apart from the community center, Sentro has a multi-purpose hall with a stage that allows BRIA homeowners to hold seminars and school graduations. It is also a great place to relax—its covered basketball court is primed for sports fests that foster camaraderie among residents.


And in the same manner that Sentro provides community-building opportunities, BRIA’s enhanced property management assures homeowners that their health and well-being are its priorities. That’s why BRIA enforces government-mandated health protocols, such as regular sanitation and disinfection of public spaces, as well as frequent handwashing and social distancing among residents and staff. 


To date, BRIA stays committed to providing quality and affordable housing to anyone that dreams of owning a home. And with Christmas as a time of togetherness, BRIA is resolutely promoting a spirit of fellowship among its community members.


Those who want to know more about how potential homeowners can experience the true Christmas spirit at BRIA Homes may avail of the virtual tours featured on the official BRIA website.


BRIA Homes makes sure to stick to its tried-and-tested formula of Affordability (Mura) + Quality (Dekalidad) = A Beautiful BRIA Home for Every Filipino. With over 50 projects across the country to choose from, aspiring homeowners will surely find their dream houses in prime locations all over the Philippines.


Finally, all BRIA house-and-lot units may be purchased through flexible payment options such as rent-to-own, Pag-IBIG housing loans or bank home loans. Online reservations may be done through the official BRIA reservation page.




  1. kung gusto mo ng quality at abot kayang halaga ng bahay, dito ka na sa bria homes 😍

  2. Best talaga ng Bria affordable pero maganda Ang quality ❤️


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