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Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Bask in the Magical Glow of the Sunsets in Crosswinds Tagaytay

Bask in the magical glow of the sunset as it descends and paints the sky with its blaze of colors like brush strokes leaping out of a canvas. There's nothing like a beautiful sunset to delight the eye, stir the soul, and appreciate life.

Perfect End to a Perfect Day


Located in the heart of Tagaytay, barely two hours drive from Manila via SLEX (South Luzon Expressway), is Crosswinds Tagaytay, Brittany's 100-hectare Swiss-inspired development.


At Crosswinds, every ethereal sunset brings a unique experience as it accentuates the eye-candy hues and colors of the development, setting the mood for a grand respite from the everyday world.

Within Crosswinds' thoughtfully curated communities are Lausanne and Alpine Villas, with their charming Swiss architecture inspired by the rural chalets in Switzerland.


Grand residential lots, luxury homes, and condos in Swiss chalet styles sit amid breathtaking landscapes and mountains, a rolling terrain, and over 35,000 towering pine trees, boasting a lifestyle that blends nature with modern conveniences.

Lausanne is perched at the highest point of Crosswinds Tagaytay, spread over 24 hectares of prime residential lots. Lausanne offers lot-only properties for discerning buyers who prefer to build their own vacation homes and avail themselves of privacy and exclusivity.


Then there's Alpine Villas, a 2.8-hectare condo development of Swiss chalet-inspired mid-rise villas. Its mid-rise towers, Bernese, Blanc, Brienz, Biel, and Basel, offer one-bedroom units with a view of Crosswinds' community and commercial strip.



The well-designed, space-efficient condo units have signature amenities and services perfect for those who demand luxury and exclusivity.


This exclusive enclave also has impressive Swiss chalet-style homes and entire communities, such as The Swiss Quadrilles and Deux Pointe.


The Grand Quartier offers an escape into the mountainside with various amenities and commercial establishments.


The first two towers are fully operational as condotels, the Crosswinds Resort Suites. In contrast, the third tower, composed of six stories, offers the option for unit owners to use their unit or invest and earn by leasing it.


Happily, nature blends seamlessly with Crosswinds' well-appointed amenities. The property features a central amenity area that includes a swimming pool, jogging path, biking trail, and picnic areas, among others, amid generous open spaces.

Soon, the addition of farm-to-table dining concepts at Crosswinds will complement its existing unique retail concepts, which include Dear Joe, Windmill at Lausanne, Cafe Yama, Joe's Tavern, and Andersen's Bakery, Cafe Voila, Ruined Project?, and Napa at Crosswinds.

Crosswinds will soon have its own strawberry farm and sunflower field on top of the picturesque development's many pocket gardens and nature trails.


Crosswinds is easily accessible via the Sta. Rosa exit of SLEX or via Coastal Road. Its proximity to major thoroughfares and establishments assures residents easy access to modern comforts and conveniences while allowing them to enjoy nature's beauty. 


For more information on Brittany Corporation's collection of luxury properties, visit You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.



Friday, March 10, 2023

Discover the Art of Living with Nature at Alpine Villas

For many of us, living close to nature means walking in the neighborhood parks, surrounded by trees and lush gardens. But what if you could be nestled in greenery, savor the cold breeze, and enjoy the fresh pine scent and natural scenery amidst an exclusive setting?

Within the 100-hectare Swiss-inspired community of Crosswinds lies a stretch of mid-rise towers in a Swiss chalet style where creativity flourishes, reflecting what many consider the most inspiring part of the exclusive development. 

Alpine Villas is Crosswinds’ 2.8-hectare enclave that features mid-rise residential towers surrounded by charming European-inspired cafes and restaurants. One of the most coveted leisure and residential addresses in Crosswinds, Alpine Villas defines the art of living with nature.

A Peaceful Respite

Alpine Villas’ exquisitely designed condominium towers, namely Bernese, Blanc, Brienz, and Biel, sit over 582 meters above sea level, commanding a stunning view of Crosswinds’ exclusive community, lush forest pines, plenty of open green spaces, and the commercial strip that features unique restaurant concepts.

With Alpine Villas, future residents can feel that their homes are a peaceful respite, an escape from the fast-paced city lifestyle. The units will have an open floor plan to create a spacious shared area within the home. Sliding doors that open up to generously sized balconies will also be incorporated for a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing Crosswinds’ fresh air and stunning views to become more accessible.

This luxury condominium development will also provide complete access to on-site amenities.

Alpine Villas is within walking distance of lifestyle hotspots such as Ruined Project, Napa, Cafe Voila, and Coffee Project, as well as unique retail concepts such as Windmill Lausanne, Cafe Yama, Dear Joe, and Andersen’s Bakery.

Completing the Masterpiece

 Like a work of art conveying a sense of depth, perspective, and exciting contrasts, Alpine Villas’ latest tower, Basel, is set to complete the development’s natural masterpiece.

Inspired by one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities, Basel is set to provide an environment that will encourage creativity and foster ties and connections to nature.

Future residents can find well-appointed spaces within this 9-story residence, offering refined comfort and exclusivity to suit their discerning tastes. On offer are 33-square-meter studio units, 68.44-square-meter one-bedroom units, and 92.60-square-meter premium one-bedroom units on the ground floor. Basel is a low-density building, offering the most limited inventory at 58 units.

Each unit has exceptional finishes, and a glass sliding door for the balcony is meant to be a seamless living room extension. The spaciousness extends outside the tower with ample open green spaces, enhancing an atmosphere of tranquility.

Basel, similar to Alpine Villas' fourth tower, Biel, will also offer smart lock features and lifestyle amenities.


Swiss Holiday Year-Round

Besides Crosswinds’ beautiful views and over 35,000 pine trees, it promises an ultimate Swiss holiday no matter what time of the year.

It offers many outdoor recreations, such as cycling, jogging paths, running, and hiking trails. It also features its luxury hotel, The Crosswinds Resort Suites, which provides guests with comfortable experiences and relaxing stays in an authentic setting.

For more information on Brittany Corporation’s collection of luxury properties, visit You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

A Christmas Wonderland awaits at Crosswinds Tagaytay!

Twinkling lights, sharp, sweet, and refreshing aromas of pine trees, a cool breeze, Christmas music, and a fairytale-like ambiance—the festive season is particularly magical at Crosswinds Tagaytay. 

Crosswinds, located on one of Tagaytay's highest points, is a 100-hectare Swiss-inspired development that transforms into an enchanting destination during the colder months of the year, particularly in the weeks leading up to Christmas. 

At Crosswinds, residents can wander around the community, admire the Christmas lights and festive decorations, listen to music, and enjoy the magical atmosphere with mulled wine. Crosswinds delight both young and old in the run-up to Christmas.

Reliving the Magic of Christmas

Crosswinds does not hold back when it comes to Christmas celebrations. With such a gorgeous setting and spectacular scenery, you know that Christmas will be magical. 

Exuberant Christmas markets spring up in the community, streets sparkle with pixie lights, there's a refreshing scent of pines, the whole community is bathed in warm light, Christmas melodies ring out everywhere, and everyone is in the mood to participate in the festivities. 

Besides being famed for its magical Christmas displays, Crosswinds also features unique retail concepts and restaurants such as Dear Joe, Cafe Yama, Windmill Lausanne, Napa, and Andersen’s Bakery illuminated in twinkling lights, with cozy cafes like Ruined Project? and Coffee Project that offer superb coffee and pastries perfect for the holiday cheer. 

Crosswinds brings a cozy Swiss Alpine town to life, creating a wonderland for children and adults alike. It hosts a range of activities and attractions for all ages, such as pine trees adorned with fairy lights, cozy fireplaces, photo moments in the winter village, and gigantic Christmas displays that will instantly transport residents and visitors to the serene surrounds of the Swiss alps. 

A Dreamy Christmas Village

Are you dreaming of peaceful nights for your holiday? Crosswinds has to be it. 

One of the most exclusive, tranquil, and beautiful luxury leisure developments in Tagaytay, Crosswinds offers premium lot-only properties and residential houses and buildings in the style of Swiss chalets with stunning scenery all around. 

Set in this curated community is Lausanne, a limited collection of prime residential lots built around over 35,000 pine trees situated half a kilometer above sea level, which gives it a distinct, rarefied air and ambiance. This 24-hectare area boasts enchantingly sweeping panoramas with views of Tagaytay, Laguna de Bay, and Metro Manila.

Crosswinds also offers impressive ready-for-occupancy residences that form part of this exclusive leisure development, bringing the height of luxury to create an alpine sanctuary that feels genuinely personalized. Crosswinds' ready homes have been carefully designed with full-height, expansive windows to allow maximum natural light to flood each home. 

Alpine Villas is an impressive 2.8 hectares in Crosswinds consisting of mid-rise towers in the style of Swiss chalets surrounded by charming European-inspired cafes and restaurants. 

Inspired by charming Swiss chalet villages, Alpine Villas' four towers, namely Bernese, Blanc, Brienz, and Biel, are situated 582 meters above sea level, commandung an excellent view of Crosswinds' exclusive community, lush green foliage of pine trees, open green spaces, and the commercial strip. It offers well-designed, space-efficient, vertical residences with a mix of studios with balconies and one-bedroom with balconies. It has 24/7 safety protocols, including a CCTV system in all common areas and Wi-Fi.

Bringing a Little Piece of Swiss Paradise

Holidays are all about taking time out, whether to recharge or to see and experience somewhere brand new. However, many of the best holiday getaways offer a chance to unwind and get spirited away by the stunning scenery and setting while also providing opportunities for activities and outdoor recreation.

Crosswinds is one such place where residents and guests can enjoy nature-inspired activities such as hiking, biking, jogging, swimming, or simply basking in the brisk mountain air.

The accommodations in Crosswinds also give all new meaning to the expression "a room with a view," as the Swiss chalet-style homes and condominium buildings of this charming village and the surrounding area offer spectacular mountain scenery, unique wellness experiences, and stellar restaurants, all just minutes away. 

Brittany Corporation, the luxury residential arm of the country's largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., embraces the chill and brings a little piece of Swiss paradise to the heart of Tagaytay with Crosswinds. 

As the premium standard in luxury residential development, Brittany also offers a beautiful and sophisticated collection of homes, condominiums, and lot-only properties in the country's finest locations, such as Portofino in Alabang, La Posada in Sucat, Georgia Club, and Promenade in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

Brittany creates masterpieces that provide unprecedented space, comfort, absolute attention to detail, and exclusive finishes that are perfect for those devoted to perfection and a taste for artful living.  

For more information on Brittany Corporation's collection of luxury properties, visit You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Luxury is Lausanne Crosswinds' most Premium lot only Development in Tagaytay

Set within the illustrious hills and stunning mountain landscapes of Crosswinds in Tagaytay is Lausanne, a 24-hectare European-inspired mixed-use development known for its exclusivity and balance between charm and refinement.

In developing Lausanne, Brittany Corporation, the luxury residential arm of the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., took inspiration from Europe’s charming spots that offer great architecture and beautiful natural surroundings.

Natural Surroundings Steal the Show

Like an Alpine town that is pretty in its own right, with natural surroundings that steal the show, Lausanne is envisioned to be a curated community with a limited collection of prime residential lots built around a vast forest of over 35,000 pine trees.

Think lush greenery, towering rock faces, flowery meadows, and tall pine trees that give the development a distinct, rarefied air and ambiance.

Lausanne’s first tranche of luxury lots for sale sits more than half a kilometer above sea level and boasts enchantingly sweeping panoramas with views of the lush hills of Tagaytay, the calm Laguna de Bay, and the skyline of the Metro.

Old-World Elegance and Charm

Old-world elegance has been maintained in the development. Kept like something precious, Lausanne is being developed without over-constructing it.

A picturesque promenade a few blocks from Lausanne features unique retail concepts and attractions that offer a wide range of cuisines and transport property owners and guests to Europe such as Dear Joe, Windmill at Lausanne, Cafe Yama, and Andersen’s Bakery.

Soon to rise in this curated community are one-of-a-kind attractions such as flower farm, strawberry field, vineyard, and chapel.

Many come to Lausanne for the European vibe, while others come to slow down and enjoy the quaint yet bon vivant lifestyle amongst the spectacular scenic beauty of the place.

A Beautiful View Only for a Few

In keeping with Crosswinds’ cozy, alpine image, lot-only properties at Lausanne possess an understated luxury. Brittany is curating comfort and affluence for Tagaytay’s most discerning few.

It’s no coincidence that many residents and visitors of Lausanne are some of the most affluent members of society since one has to have pretty deep pockets to afford a piece of land here.

Lausanne’s limited collection of lot-only properties is highly coveted due to a lack of bulky condominiums and overdevelopment in the area.

Crosswinds’ Pre-Selling High-End Residential Community

Exclusivity and privacy spell perfectly in this pre-selling high-end residential community as only 75 premium lots are being offered, with cuts ranging from 360-875 square meters.

Such spacious areas provide opportunities for future residents to create a home with enough room and flexibility to suit their needs. Lausanne’s limited collection of prime residential lots is set for turnover by 2025.

Luxury Properties are in Demand

 As people realize their needs are changing, some turn to luxury properties to build their dream homes. A luxury property that is not only defined by its price but also by location, with the house itself boasting some of the most delicate features available.

The heightened buyer demand for high-end properties has resulted from the existing affluent looking to diversify and add new properties to their portfolio.

To serve the current market conditions and heightened buyer demand, Brittany is launching Lausanne’s second block of prime residential lots with only 27 lots available, offering better views and more significant cuts.


Brittany Corporation, the company behind this exclusive, nature-inspired enclave, also offers a fine selection of home designs, high-end condominiums, and lot-only properties in excellent locations such as Portofino in Alabang, La Posada in Sucat, and Promenade in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

For more information on Brittany Corporation’s collection of luxury properties, visit You may also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.





Thursday, May 12, 2022


The last time we were in Tagaytay, the Taal  Volcano was still quiet and COVID-19 was barely in the news. We had a quick food trip at one of its famous Bulalo resto and visited Mahogany market for some fruits to enjoy the cool windy breeze. I remember passing by Crosswinds and we promised ourselves that we’ll definitely check it out the next time we’re in Tagaytay-- we just never thought it would take this long. 

This year, we finally got the chance for a staycation at Crosswind Luxury Resorts and explore the new properties, restaurants and future additions to the area.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is a Swiss-inspired luxury resort like no other.  Imagine yourself surrounded by the sight and scent of over 35,000 pine trees, the picturesque view of the lush terrains of Tagaytay City, and the royal feeling amidst Swiss-inspired luxury homes, situated along the very natural slopes of this breathtaking place.

More than just a tourist destination, Crosswinds Tagaytay elevates the mountainous retreat experience you expect in the City of Character that keeps Tagaytay refreshed. Besides their hotel which is great for a quick getaway, it also offers a wide array of Swiss-themed homes should you decide to get a property there. You can choose from the luxury condo units at Alpine Villas and The Grand Quartier, luxury house and lot properties at The Swiss Quadrilles, and Custom Home Sites, luxury townhomes at The Deux Pointe, and luxury lots at The Terraces of Lausanne. Given its proximity to Metro Manila, Tagaytay is an easy decision for people who are willing to invest in a slice of luxury, peace, and relaxation they can always come home to.

Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort is a 1 ½ hour drive away from Quezon City via the new Skyway. Thanks to WAZE and CALX we were able to get there fast and safe. Total toll fee is around P500 so be sure to load up on your AutoSweep RFIDs for less hassle. 


The hotel is accessible via private car, (but there’s a shuttle, in case you commute, just advise the Hotel receptionist before your check in) to fetch you from Coffee Project.  Bringing a car though is highly advisable for you to roam around the resort and at night where the view is amazing and perfect if you’re a couple or a family.

Our first stop was at NAPA, which I heard has become one of the most popular dining places in Tagaytay. It is flocked by groups because of its cabin-themed look inspired by rustic houses in Napa Valley, California with a balcony overlooking the pine trees. Lakas maka mayaman. 


Upon entering the cafe you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a vineyard with its wooden floors, rustic interiors, relaxing ambiance, a stunning view of the surrounding hills, and picturesque alfresco dining area. 


Though you are dining inside the establishment, it would seem like you are still dining alfresco because the doors and windows are all open which makes it safer than dining in a closed establishment.

We were there on a weekday but the place was full already. If you’re just dropping by to dine, prepare P500 for the parking, 400 is consumable for the food but if you’re a hotel guest, parking is free, just make sure you ask for a coupon from the reception. 


We ordered their house salad, burger and kombucha tea. The food was a bit pricey than your average restaurant in Tagaytay, but the ambiance and the views are nothing less than spectacular. They have a wide range of meals – from breakfast platters to lunch and/or dinner pasta, pastries, burgers, and desserts. Their hot and iced coffee, along with other non-caffeinated drinks, top the list of their must-try drinks. 


After lunch we had a tour of the entire Crosswinds Resorts to see all the new developments, upcoming restaurants and the ready-to-move in homes that were available for sale. But that is for another article. 

We stayed at the Grand Quartier Tower two and got the One bedroom suite. It features a fully equipped kitchen, dining and living room area separate from the bedroom, which makes it a great choice for those who are staying for several days and want to cook their own food.  The one-bedroom suite is perfect for growing families looking for a serene and leisurely space to relax and enjoy.

@lola_lamon My mini room tour ❤️ #BrittanyLiving #CrosswindsTagaytay #EuropeInTheSouth#ATasteOfEuropeanLiving#LuxuryLiving #travelph #nomad #foryou ♬ ComingHome(抖音完整原版) - 甄姬

Every room has a private balcony and our room faced Andersen’s the coffee shop just across the street.  Andersens Bakery serves coffee and pastries. Andersens also has a nice European interiors. They served freshly baked pastries perfect with a latte or hot brewed coffee. This is one of my favorite restos in Crosswinds because you can really smell the pine trees and calming at the same time. You’ll forget you’re in Tagaytay. It has Baguio feels minus the crowd. When we went here, the weather was cold at night and dewy in daytime. I could just sit there and sip coffee all day because it is sooo quiet.

Back to our room. Our room had a refrigerator, kettle with 3-in-one coffee, tea sachets, cookwares in case you want to cook, with plates and utensils. The toilet and bath is complete with hot and cold shower and bidet. There did provide a complete set of toiletries in small bottles including shampoo, hair conditioner , toothbrush and mini toothpaste pack. Although I do suggest you bring your own if you are quite particular about your toiletries, especially soap.

Here’s what I liked about our room:


It was big and very spacious.

Complete kitchen and facilities


Entire room smells clean

Comfy bed and pillows


At around 7pm we headed out for dinner at Yama Japanese Restaurant where we preferred to walk and discover what’s in for us that night. It was just a five minute walk but the uphill terrain really worked up our appetite. I ordered a ramen while Ed chose tempura with chicken. Again YAMA is one of those most photographed dining spots in Tagaytay, I remember a friend telling me it even went viral on Tiktok and there used to be long lines during the weekend.

The food was a bit pricey which was expected and to give you an idea an order of ramen was about P600, but it was good (though I had to request for it to be reheated as it was served a bit cold) But just like NAPA you’ll never see a view like this especially if you choose to dine out and do some stargazing under the perfect night sky. 

If you prefer American food like hamburger, spaghetti with meatballs, bacon,  pastas. There’s a Windmill Restaurant right across Yama. Just like Yama and its other restos, Windmill at Lausanne, is a European-themed restaurant that captures the quaint beauty of the European countryside. 

In the morning we had breakfast at the Crosswinds Resort Suites 2nd floor banquet hall located at the 2nd floor of Andersens.

They serve plated Breakfast: 7:00am – 10:00am

Breakfast Menu

Rice Meal: Fried Chicken

Rice Meal: Beef Tapa

Rice Meal: Daing na Bangus

Rice Meal Inclusions: Rice, Enselada, Scrambled Egg/ Sunny Side up Fresh Fruits

Tea/ Hot Coffee/ Juice


Continental Breakfast: Pancake

Continental Breakfast: Waffle

Continental Inclusions: Sausage,  Hash brown, Bread, Scrambled Egg/ Sunny Side u, Fresh Fruits

Cereal (Koko Crunch), Tea/ Hot Coffee/ Juice


Rooms for direct booking has 2 Complimentary Breakfast for every room type. Additional breakfast is 400 pesos per head.


Now if you are planning to book a room at Crosswinds they currently have the  FURCATION PACKAGE

For fur mom and dad;


; Booked a room and add 1,000 pesos on top for pet companion


; Inclusive of pet treats eg. Dog food, dog tag, bone toy, and others



Studio Room for 9,500 inclusive of room set-up depending on occasion.








Breakfast for Two (2)


Dining Voucher for Two (2)




8,500 NET RATE


With Movie Night 5:00 pm registration


With Popcorn, Nachos and 1 round of Juice


Two (2) Complimentary Breakfast


Two (2) Dining Vouchers


Fruit Platter upon Check-in

For inquiries and reservations: 

Crosswinds Resort Suites

Crosswinds Subdivision, Tagaytay-Calamba Road

Bgy. Iruhin Central, Tagaytay City 4120



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