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Thursday, May 12, 2022


The last time we were in Tagaytay, the Taal  Volcano was still quiet and COVID-19 was barely in the news. We had a quick food trip at one of its famous Bulalo resto and visited Mahogany market for some fruits to enjoy the cool windy breeze. I remember passing by Crosswinds and we promised ourselves that we’ll definitely check it out the next time we’re in Tagaytay-- we just never thought it would take this long. 

This year, we finally got the chance for a staycation at Crosswind Luxury Resorts and explore the new properties, restaurants and future additions to the area.

Crosswinds Tagaytay is a Swiss-inspired luxury resort like no other.  Imagine yourself surrounded by the sight and scent of over 35,000 pine trees, the picturesque view of the lush terrains of Tagaytay City, and the royal feeling amidst Swiss-inspired luxury homes, situated along the very natural slopes of this breathtaking place.

More than just a tourist destination, Crosswinds Tagaytay elevates the mountainous retreat experience you expect in the City of Character that keeps Tagaytay refreshed. Besides their hotel which is great for a quick getaway, it also offers a wide array of Swiss-themed homes should you decide to get a property there. You can choose from the luxury condo units at Alpine Villas and The Grand Quartier, luxury house and lot properties at The Swiss Quadrilles, and Custom Home Sites, luxury townhomes at The Deux Pointe, and luxury lots at The Terraces of Lausanne. Given its proximity to Metro Manila, Tagaytay is an easy decision for people who are willing to invest in a slice of luxury, peace, and relaxation they can always come home to.

Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort is a 1 ½ hour drive away from Quezon City via the new Skyway. Thanks to WAZE and CALX we were able to get there fast and safe. Total toll fee is around P500 so be sure to load up on your AutoSweep RFIDs for less hassle. 


The hotel is accessible via private car, (but there’s a shuttle, in case you commute, just advise the Hotel receptionist before your check in) to fetch you from Coffee Project.  Bringing a car though is highly advisable for you to roam around the resort and at night where the view is amazing and perfect if you’re a couple or a family.

Our first stop was at NAPA, which I heard has become one of the most popular dining places in Tagaytay. It is flocked by groups because of its cabin-themed look inspired by rustic houses in Napa Valley, California with a balcony overlooking the pine trees. Lakas maka mayaman. 


Upon entering the cafe you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a vineyard with its wooden floors, rustic interiors, relaxing ambiance, a stunning view of the surrounding hills, and picturesque alfresco dining area. 


Though you are dining inside the establishment, it would seem like you are still dining alfresco because the doors and windows are all open which makes it safer than dining in a closed establishment.

We were there on a weekday but the place was full already. If you’re just dropping by to dine, prepare P500 for the parking, 400 is consumable for the food but if you’re a hotel guest, parking is free, just make sure you ask for a coupon from the reception. 


We ordered their house salad, burger and kombucha tea. The food was a bit pricey than your average restaurant in Tagaytay, but the ambiance and the views are nothing less than spectacular. They have a wide range of meals – from breakfast platters to lunch and/or dinner pasta, pastries, burgers, and desserts. Their hot and iced coffee, along with other non-caffeinated drinks, top the list of their must-try drinks. 


After lunch we had a tour of the entire Crosswinds Resorts to see all the new developments, upcoming restaurants and the ready-to-move in homes that were available for sale. But that is for another article. 

We stayed at the Grand Quartier Tower two and got the One bedroom suite. It features a fully equipped kitchen, dining and living room area separate from the bedroom, which makes it a great choice for those who are staying for several days and want to cook their own food.  The one-bedroom suite is perfect for growing families looking for a serene and leisurely space to relax and enjoy.

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Every room has a private balcony and our room faced Andersen’s the coffee shop just across the street.  Andersens Bakery serves coffee and pastries. Andersens also has a nice European interiors. They served freshly baked pastries perfect with a latte or hot brewed coffee. This is one of my favorite restos in Crosswinds because you can really smell the pine trees and calming at the same time. You’ll forget you’re in Tagaytay. It has Baguio feels minus the crowd. When we went here, the weather was cold at night and dewy in daytime. I could just sit there and sip coffee all day because it is sooo quiet.

Back to our room. Our room had a refrigerator, kettle with 3-in-one coffee, tea sachets, cookwares in case you want to cook, with plates and utensils. The toilet and bath is complete with hot and cold shower and bidet. There did provide a complete set of toiletries in small bottles including shampoo, hair conditioner , toothbrush and mini toothpaste pack. Although I do suggest you bring your own if you are quite particular about your toiletries, especially soap.

Here’s what I liked about our room:


It was big and very spacious.

Complete kitchen and facilities


Entire room smells clean

Comfy bed and pillows


At around 7pm we headed out for dinner at Yama Japanese Restaurant where we preferred to walk and discover what’s in for us that night. It was just a five minute walk but the uphill terrain really worked up our appetite. I ordered a ramen while Ed chose tempura with chicken. Again YAMA is one of those most photographed dining spots in Tagaytay, I remember a friend telling me it even went viral on Tiktok and there used to be long lines during the weekend.

The food was a bit pricey which was expected and to give you an idea an order of ramen was about P600, but it was good (though I had to request for it to be reheated as it was served a bit cold) But just like NAPA you’ll never see a view like this especially if you choose to dine out and do some stargazing under the perfect night sky. 

If you prefer American food like hamburger, spaghetti with meatballs, bacon,  pastas. There’s a Windmill Restaurant right across Yama. Just like Yama and its other restos, Windmill at Lausanne, is a European-themed restaurant that captures the quaint beauty of the European countryside. 

In the morning we had breakfast at the Crosswinds Resort Suites 2nd floor banquet hall located at the 2nd floor of Andersens.

They serve plated Breakfast: 7:00am – 10:00am

Breakfast Menu

Rice Meal: Fried Chicken

Rice Meal: Beef Tapa

Rice Meal: Daing na Bangus

Rice Meal Inclusions: Rice, Enselada, Scrambled Egg/ Sunny Side up Fresh Fruits

Tea/ Hot Coffee/ Juice


Continental Breakfast: Pancake

Continental Breakfast: Waffle

Continental Inclusions: Sausage,  Hash brown, Bread, Scrambled Egg/ Sunny Side u, Fresh Fruits

Cereal (Koko Crunch), Tea/ Hot Coffee/ Juice


Rooms for direct booking has 2 Complimentary Breakfast for every room type. Additional breakfast is 400 pesos per head.


Now if you are planning to book a room at Crosswinds they currently have the  FURCATION PACKAGE

For fur mom and dad;


; Booked a room and add 1,000 pesos on top for pet companion


; Inclusive of pet treats eg. Dog food, dog tag, bone toy, and others



Studio Room for 9,500 inclusive of room set-up depending on occasion.








Breakfast for Two (2)


Dining Voucher for Two (2)




8,500 NET RATE


With Movie Night 5:00 pm registration


With Popcorn, Nachos and 1 round of Juice


Two (2) Complimentary Breakfast


Two (2) Dining Vouchers


Fruit Platter upon Check-in

For inquiries and reservations: 

Crosswinds Resort Suites

Crosswinds Subdivision, Tagaytay-Calamba Road

Bgy. Iruhin Central, Tagaytay City 4120




  1. Yay . Isa tlga sa perfect na lugar ang tagaytay . Ang ganda ng place na to . Thank you for sharing complete details 🥰

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