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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fujifilm's Memory Lane Album: The Best Way to Preserve your Precious Memories

If you are like me who love scrapbooking and printing out photos. Its about time to get your scissors, markers, pigment powders, washi tapes, cutee stickers and lets be creative with our scrapbooks and instax photos with the help of Memory Lane album from Fujifilm. Get those creative juices aflowin with the Fujifilm Memory Lane Album set! Because your photos deserve a home for real. An album that you can flip through one day and remember all those great times with your loved ones, friends and family.

Since summer is just around the corner, its time to bring your instax mini  and show off your outfit or bikini with the picturesque landscape somewhere in Boracay, El Nido or Balesin. It is the best time to capture the beautiful scenery and put it in an album and label it "Summer".

Fujifilm PH launches the Memory Lane Album set on March 9 at Function Hall CDE at Crowne Plaza. The event was attended by Fujifilm Celebrity Ambassador Ms. Bea AlonzoFUJIFILM Philippines Circle of Influencers and executives. Fujifilm gave us our own Memorable Album at the event and we decorated it using the craft materials available at our table.

Last year, FujiFilm Philippines made creating photo albums a lot easier and quicker with the Fuji Photo Diary, and now the company introduces another way to create your photo albums with the Memory Lane album.

The Memory Lane album is a unique instax album made of thick-bordered pages where you can insert your instax prints.

With the Memory Lane album, you can now keep in place that instax photo of your summer vacation in Boracay clad in your bikini or a snapshots of your foodtrip in your favorite resto. Just be creative enough.  Put a bling on each page, buy some colorful washi tapes, markers,  pigment powders and make sure to write a caption in each photos.

“Our mission is to keep memories on hand and make sure that they would be available for future generations to gaze at,” says Takuya Maeda, FUJIFILM Philippines Division Head for Electronic Imaging and Photo Imaging. “Filipinos love taking photos and FUJIFILM acknowledges that. We have endeavored to help them preserve their memories in the best possible way, especially now since it is graduation and summer season, when people really need to keep important memories.”

The Memory Lane album protects precious prints from dust, dirt, moisture and sunlight to reduce fading and ensure that they stand the test of time.

The Memory Lane album is bundled up with the instax Mini 8 and a range of FUJIFILM digital cameras. There are three variants for the Memory Lane album, namely the instax Memory Lane Package that includes an instax Mini 8, pack of film (10 sheets), a Memory Lane album, and a pen marker; the XA3 Memory Lane Package that includes an XA3, instax SHARE SP-2, pack of film (10 sheets), a Memory Lane album, and a pen marker; and the XA10 Memory Lane Package that includes an XA10, instax Mini 7s, pack of film (10 sheets), a Memory Lane album, and a pen marker. fuji memory lane 

After all, that is the essence behind FUJIFILM Philippines’ efforts to capture memories instantly and produce the tangible prints in seconds. Memories are all about celebrations, occasions, and moments spent with family, friends, anyone you hold dear and consider family. And wherever and whenever there is something special you want to make last forever, an instax will be there, on hand and on cue.

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