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Monday, June 10, 2024

Netflix Announces July 26 Launch and Unveils Key Art for ‘Pulang Araw’


On Monday, June 10th, Netflix shared an announcement video and the key art of the highly-anticipated historical action-drama series Pulang Araw, set to premiere on the platform on July 26th. The series will stream on Netflix 72 hours ahead of its scheduled airing on free TV and boasts a stellar cast featuring Barbie Forteza, Sanya Lopez, David Licauco and Alden Richards, with Dennis Trillo.

Pulang Araw chronicles the lives of Eduardo (Richards), Teresita (Lopez), Adelina (Forteza), and Hiroshi (Licauco) during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines. Find out how the characters navigate an intricate web of loyalty, betrayals, sacrifices, and resilience amidst the backdrop of a war ravaging the country.

More updates about this title soon.

Manulife’s new Asia Care Survey 2024 drew on responses from 1,050 consumers in the PH

A healthy lifestyle and good physical well-being are the essential elements for positive financial and mental well-being among consumers in the Philippines as they plan for longer lifespans, and lengthier and more comfortable retirements, according to new research by Manulife. Yet financial confidence among Filipinos is low amid concerns about inflation, particularly rising healthcare costs.

Manulife’s new Asia Care Survey 2024 drew on responses from 1,050 consumers in the Philippines. It launched Manulife’s MyFuture Readiness Index, which measures how consumers view their current and future physical, mental, and financial well-being. On a scale of 1 to 100, the index shows their desired readiness level to be 91, which is above the regional average, but the expected level to be 79, suggesting a lack of confidence about the future.

According to the Filipinos surveyed, the top five challenges impacting confidence in their future well-being are: rising healthcare costs (82%), inflation/rising costs of living (81%), economic slowdown/recession (78%), increasing interest rates (78%) and health trending down (73%). 

To help save and prepare for their envisioned future, including for greater longevity, retirement and unexpected medical needs, the Filipinos surveyed highlighted having a passive income after retirement (43%), having sufficient savings for a rainy day (39%), financial freedom in retirement (32%) and having enough savings for healthcare needs (31%) as their main financial goals.

“The survey reveals a lot of anxiety around economic volatility, healthcare-related expenses and uncertainty, which dampens the optimism of many Filipinos in achieving high-quality well-being in the future,” said Rahul Hora, President and CEO, Manulife Philippines. “But there are ways to address these concerns so they are future-proofed. Significant of these is the value of financial advice and guidance that can help them assess and bring their goals closer to fruition, mitigate risks, and find the right products that provide stronger health and life protection, as well as investment and retirement solutions.” 


Healthcare costs perceived to be too expensive

In the survey, 82% cited rising healthcare costs as a top threat– a percentage that rises to 86% among 50 to 60-year-olds. Their concerns are understandable given that 44.7% of health expenses in the Philippines are out-of-pocket, in total reaching US$9 billion in 2022.[1] It is an amount that Manulife expects to reach US$13 billion by 2028 and account for 38% of their overall medical expenses. 

“We see in the Philippines a realization of longer life expectancy and people rightly want to enjoy good health for a longer time. Healthcare costs trump inflation as their main concern for the future, with women being in general more concerned than men,” said Hora. “To navigate this, there is a need for effective financial planning. It is fair to expect medical costs to rise faster than inflation given aging populations and increased pressure on healthcare services, but our survey suggests that perceptions on the extent of such rises are well above actuality.” 

The survey shows that over the past 12 months, the perception of the Filipinos surveyed on healthcare cost inflation was 32%, the highest in the region (average 23%) and around three times the actual rate[2]. Most respondents (61%) are concerned about the rises in cost of prescriptions, while 59% of them are worried about hospitalization, and 45% about preventive healthcare. Curiously, elderly care (16%) is much lower.  

The potential illnesses that worry people in the Philippines the most are heart disease (46%), the leading cause of death in the country[3], diabetes (42%), stroke (34%) and cancer (31%).  With the broader concerns about their physical well-being and rising medical costs, 78% of the respondents agree that increasing insurance coverage and benefits for inflation is a crucial part of planning for my future financial well-being.  

The findings show a sizeable segment adopting a strategy of using less expensive healthcare (41%) services and medicines (53%), well above the regional average of 31% and 29% respectively. According to the survey, this would typically mean using government health services and generic drugs, rather than going private. Alongside that, about three quarters are exercising more or improving their diet.

Children no longer viewed as alternative to a pension

Across all the markets covered in Asia, 7 out of 10 of those surveyed said they feel health benefits and coverage from their employers are not enough. In the Philippines, it was a little higher at 76%. As things stand, 78% of the Filipinos surveyed feel a need to top up retirement and pension benefits they receive from their employers to boost their future financial well-being. In addition, 58% are looking to delay retirement because of their financial responsibility for their family.

Traditionally in Asia and elsewhere in the world, an alternative to insurance and a pension for old age would be having children. But that is not the case now in the Philippines where 58% of the Filipinos surveyed disagree that children are great investments because they provide support in old age. Only Japan had a higher rating at 70%. In the markets covered, half those surveyed said they do not plan to have kids. The average number of children wanted by Asians is 1.6. In the Philippines, the preferred number is 1.8.

“We encourage more Filipinos to consider ways to increase their health protection. At the same time, insurers have an important role in helping them do that, including changing perceptions on health costs and focusing on specific individual needs. There’s a need also for greater financial literacy,” said Hora. “Doing that will enable everyone to focus on ways to effectively address the challenges on health protection and long-term savings that exist.”

To help address the unique needs of Filipinos when it comes to their health, well-being and finances, Manulife Philippines offers a suite of innovative insurance and investment solutions that can help them financially prepare for the future, while ensuring life and health protection coverage in case of the unexpected. 


About the Manulife Asia Care Survey 2024 

In its fifth year running, the latest Manulife Asia Care Survey was conducted in January and February 2024 via online self-completed questionnaires in eight markets. A total of 8,400 individuals, evenly split between men and women, aged 25 to 60 years old were surveyed: mainland China (1,052), Hong Kong (1,052), Indonesia (1,063), Japan (1,000), Malaysia (1,038), Philippines (1,050), Singapore (1,038) and Vietnam (1,107).  Each of those surveyed

Cebu Pacific’s Piso Sale makes another comeback this June!

Cebu Pacific’s signature seat sale makes another comeback this June, giving every Juan the opportunity to discover the beauty and diversity of the Philippines through the airline’s value-for-money fares and widest Philippine network.

From June 10-13, 2024, passengers may book flights to select local destinations for as low as PHP 1 one-way base fare, exclusive of fees and surcharges. 

The travel period for domestic destinations will run from September 1, 2024 to January 31, 2025, allowing passengers to book flights in advance for their much-awaited getaway.

Select international destinations are on sale, too, with the travel period starting from July 1, 2024 to January 31, 2025.

“The Philippines is a treasure trove of diverse islands and provinces, each offering exciting adventures and experiences especially for young travelers. With Cebu Pacific’s affordable fares and extensive domestic network, the opportunity for growth and discovery becomes limitless. We encourage young Juans to start their journey of exploration right here in the Philippines,” said Candice Iyog, CEB Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer.

Those longing for a quick breather may find solace in the nearby islands of Dumaguete, Iloilo, and Zamboanga. Similarly, travelers mapping out a holiday trip with their family or friends may consider glamping in the serene campsites of Bacolod and General Santos.

Thrill-seekers on a quest for adrenaline-pumping activities may enjoy white water rafting in Cagayan De Oro, canyoneering in Cebu, or reverse bungee jumping at Outland Adventure in Davao.

Meanwhile, nature lovers with a penchant for scenic vistas may capture the majestic appeal of the Mayon Volcano in Legazpi, or the geological marvel of the world-renowned Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

With CEB’s wide range of domestic destinations and low fares made even more affordable, travelers have more reason to explore the various islands and provinces in the Philippines, one by one. 

Passengers may use their existing Travel Funds to book flights and avail themselves of add-ons. CEB also offers multiple payment options, including payment centers, credit or debit cards, and e-wallets.

CEB currently flies to 35 domestic and 25 international destinations spread across Asia, Australia, and the Middle East. 

Book your seats now at

TCL unveils the colossal TCL 115" X955 Max Premium QD-Mini LED TV

After much anticipation, TCL, the Philippines' No. 1 Panel TV Brand, and top 2 in the Global TV market, unveils the colossal TCL 115" X955 Max Premium QD-Mini LED TV. This technological marvel boasts the largest screen ever from TCL, delivering an immersive display experience that will redefine how you watch movies, shows, and games. Prepare to be captivated by stunning detail, vibrant colors, and a whole new level of home entertainment!


The TCL 115" X955 Max Premium QD-Mini LED TV reigns supreme as the titan of Mini LED screens. Boasting an unmatched size that sets a new standard for home entertainment, this TV isn't just big—it's a feast for the senses. From the moment you turn it on, prepare to be captivated by a world of stunning visuals, breathtaking detail, and colors that come alive.

“There’s no stopping us now! We’re finally introducing the TCL 115" X955 Max Premium QD-Mini LED TV! It’s the most anticipated moment among TV fanatics, and it’s finally here,” TCL Brand Manager Joseph Cernitchez said. 


The Ultra Realistic TV Screen


The TCL 115" X955 Max isn't just a TV; it's a gateway to a luxurious viewing experience unlike any other. It’s also the world’s first 115" TV to be available for consumers.


Get ready to be transported to another world with the TCL 115” X955 Max. This awe-inspiring TV features over 20,000 local dimming zones, creating a level of picture quality that's simply breathtaking. 


Imagine yourself completely immersed in the action, captivated by the sharp details and lifelike contrast. The microscopic Mini LED lights paired with high-precision lenses work in harmony with these local dimming zones to achieve pixel-level light control. Every scene – from dark, suspenseful thrillers to vibrant action movies – appears with stunning detail and depth. 

Immerse yourself in a world of dazzling color with the TCL 115” X955 Max. This incredible TV features QLED Pro technology, producing a jaw-dropping 10 billion colors. Imagine every scene bursting with life, with details so vivid they feel real. 

But QLED Pro isn't just about creating a dazzling screen display. TCL prioritizes long-lasting performance, utilizing advanced materials that ensure color stays true and  

vibrant for up to 100,000 hours. QLED Pro also delivers a professional-grade color palette, covering 98% of the DCI-P3 standard, while a 25% increase in brightness ensures everything on the screen looks stunning. With QLED Pro, your home cinema experience becomes a celebration of color, detail, and professional-grade quality.


The TCL 115" X955 Max pushes the boundaries of picture quality with a peak brightness of 5,000 nits and a phenomenal 50 million to 1 contrast ratio. This innovative technology, combined with precise light control, ensures stunning visuals. Experience deep blacks, vibrant highlights, and a level of detail that rivals reality.


The AiPQ Pro Processor in the TCL 115" X955 Max is a game-changer. This advanced AI chip acts like a smart brain, constantly analyzing and learning from real-world details. It stores this information and uses it to optimize the picture on the fly, resulting in stunning visuals with vibrant colors, excellent contrast, and crystal clarity that rivals the natural world.


Sound that pulls you into the action! The TCL 115" X955 Max isn't just about the picture. It features a top-of-the-line ONKYO 6.2.2 Hi-Fi System, renowned for its immersive sound. With 12 speakers and 240W of super peak power, this system creates a captivating soundscape that puts you right in the heart of the action.

Sleek design, versatile placement. The TCL 115" X955 Max features a stylish ultra-slim design that complements any décor. This versatile TV can be mounted on the wall, placed on a TV stand, or used with a floor stand, allowing you to customize its placement to your preferences.


For more updates on the TCL 115" X955 Max Premium QD-Mini LED TV, log on to


Here are some tips to make Father’s Day extra special for the family’s superhero

There’s something about fathers that inspires awe and wonder. They are usually their children’s first hero, first love, silent defender, and indulgent spoiler. From childhood to adulthood, their endearing (and sometimes exasperating) qualities have shaped how their children look at themselves and the world.


This Father’s Day (June 16), take the time to really make your father feel loved, recognized, and appreciated. This could often be a challenge because fathers come in so many shapes and sizes. Some are the quiet type and shy away from attention, some are grumpy or temperamental, some are outgoing and expressive, some work so hard they turn days into nights, some are sporty, while some are just happy to veg out in front of the TV.


No matter, here are some tips to make Father’s Day extra special for the family’s superhero: 


·       For the foodie dad: Surprise him with lunch or dinner in his favorite restaurant. Try out a new place that serves his favorite cuisine or dish. If he enjoys cooking, get him a kitchen gadget or appliance that will elevate his cooking even more. For brew masters or coffee lovers, nothing beats driving up to old haunts or new finds for a glass (or two) of craft beer or freshly brewed coffee.


·       For the stylish dad: Branded or not, formal or casual, your dad always looks dapper in whatever he chooses to wear. Why not take him out shopping and then surprise him with a special Father’s Day treat? A branded pair of shoes he has mentioned quite a few times, a classic watch, a pair of jeans and shirts that will make him look groovier and younger. There’s nothing like seeing your father’s face when you hand him your gift. Perhaps because he is so unbelievably touched the child he once carried can now afford to give him gifts.


·       For the music-loving dad: Take him to a vinyl store so he can pore over to his heart’s content all the music albums of his youth. If budget’s not an issue, get him a turntable as well so he can enjoy listening to the first batch of his vinyl collection. Or simply get him a new Bluetooth speaker or earbuds so he can listen to his playlist anytime.


·       For the sporty/adventurous dad: Join him in a round of golf, play pickleball together, go camping or biking with him, join him test-drive a car he has been eyeing, or better yet, surprise him with a local or overseas trip.


·       For the techie dad: If he loves to tinker with gadgets, it may just be the time to upgrade his phone, tablet or laptop. You can also get him a TV stick or smart TV so he can watch movies, documentaries, or sports games.


Yet regardless of what your father is like, giving them the gift of health will always be a good idea. Parents in their pink of health are a family’s wealth. What better way to celebrate than to accompany your dad in his regular medical check-ups or in his first annual physical check-up in a long time. As a practical gift to your ever-pragmatic dad, get him a Sun Grepa Senior Care offered by Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc., a major life insurance company in the country. Sun Grepa Senior Care addresses the life and health protection needs of senior adults by providing financial security for medical issues that may happen. Your dad will gain security and peace of mind as it protects his hard-earned savings so he can continue enjoying his senior years without any worries. For more information, visit

TNT subscribers can now order embedded SIM or eSIM via digital delivery


This means TNT users may now simply order their TNT eSIM from the Smart Online Store ( ) and have their SIM via QR code conveniently delivered to their email instantly.


Upon receiving their TNT eSIMs, users only need to scan the unique QR code and register to activate it and start enjoying data, call, and text services paired with TNT’s affordable offers powered by Smart’s award-winning mobile network.


The Smart Online Store is easily accessible on any mobile or web browser, so users won’t have to download and log in to a separate app just to order their eSIM. It also accepts a wide range of cashless transactions such as Maya, GCash, SPay, DragonPay, and more.

‘Simulan ang Saya’ with TNT eSIM


“We are making it easier for our TNT KaTropas to switch to eSIM, which is designed to perfectly complement our affordable offers. Now that it’s available via digital delivery, our subscribers can instantly and seamlessly make the most out of eSIM technology, powered by Smart’s superior network,” said Lloyd R. Manaloto, Head of Prepaid at Smart.


"With eSIMs, users can switch networks without hassle and without the need to buy a physical SIM, making the process of managing mobile connectivity simpler and more efficient," said Jerome Y. Almirante, VP and Head of Innovations and Digital Services at Smart.


TNT offers its Prepaid eSIM for only Php89, which includes up to 21 GB of FREE data, plus 10 mins All-Net Calls and 100 All-Net Texts, enabling users to quickly connect online and communicate with loved ones and friends from the get-go.


Users can also enjoy TNT's offers such as the recently launched promo TNT TikTok Saya 50, which comes with Unli TikTok plus 3 GB open access data for apps and sites and Unli Texts to All Networks, valid for three days for only Php50.


Compatible with the latest eSIM-capable handsets from Apple, Google, Huawei, and Samsung, among other device brands, the TNT eSIM offers a hassle-free experience for mobile users. As there is no physical SIM card, eSIM users will not have to worry about the lack of a SIM slot in their device or losing or damaging their physical SIM.


Moreover, the eSIM enables users to enjoy multiple lines even if they only have one physical SIM slot in their handset. With the eSIM, they may now conveniently switch between two or more accounts or SIM profiles on their phones.


TNT is powered by Smart's award-winning mobile network, which was recently recognized for delivering the Philippines’ Best 5G Coverage Experience by independent network analytics from Opensignal. To learn more about TNT offers, visit and follow @tntph on Facebook, IG, X, and TikTok.


HONOR, teased the newest addition to the Magic Series with the HONOR Magic V Flip!


Leading smart devices provider, HONOR, teased the newest addition to the Magic Series and it comes in a high-end foldable flip – the HONOR Magic V Flip! HONOR confirmed that the smartphone will be launched in China on June 13.  


“We’re still waiting for updates regarding the availability of HONOR Magic V Flip and if it will come to the Philippines. This is exciting news for HONOR fans should we have a go signal. Therefore, stay tuned!” said Stephen Cheng, HONOR Philippines Vice President.  

HONOR Global mentioned that the HONOR Magic V Flip will have a massive screen and will be available in three fashionable colors. Further specs will be revealed soon on its grand launch.


For more exciting announcements, head on to HONOR Philippines’ social media platforms: Facebook(, Instagram ( and TikTok Shop: ( To check out HONOR’s complete list of retail stores, go to 

HUAWEI announces its latest laptop deals for the month

As we enter the second half of the year, HUAWEI, a key leader in the tech industry, announces its latest laptop deals for the month, with a special highlight on its HUAWEI MateBook D 14 2024 and HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024 laptops. With their cutting-edge performance housed in sleek and minimalist designs, these laptops redefine the modern computing experience.

The promotional discounts for several of HUAWEI’s MateBook laptops, including the new HUAWEI MateBook D 14 2024 12th i3/8/512, will be available starting from June 1 and will end on June 30, 2024. 


Promo SRP


HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024 12th i5/16/512

PHP 39,999

Microsoft Office 365 + Mouse + Backpack

HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024 12th i5/8/512

PHP 36,999

HUAWEI MateBook D 14

2024 13th i5/16/512

PHP 42,999

HUAWEI MateBook D 14 2024 12th i5/8/512

PHP 35,999

HUAWEI MateBook D 14 12th i3/8/256

PHP 27,999

Mouse + Backpack

HUAWEI MateBook D 14 12th i3/8/512

PHP 29,999

Special promotion on select HUAWEI models

In addition to price discounts for HUAWEI’s current line of MateBook laptop models, the brand is also offering a special promotion on select variants of the HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024 12th series. Customers can now enjoy a PHP2,000 price drop on models like the HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024 12th i5/16/512 and i5/8/512, making these powerhouse laptops more accessible than ever for public consumption. With their high-performance processors, generous RAM, and ample storage, the HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024 is designed to keep up with the demands of even the most demanding users.

Experience unparalleled performance in a laptop

The HUAWEI MateBook D 16 2024 stands out from its counterparts with state-of-the-art technology, which includes a 16-inch FullView display, a sleek 17mm profile, a remarkable 90% screen-to-body ratio and 180-degree hinge flexibility. Equipped with a battery which can last up to 13.5 hours  on a single charge, it can comfortably and reliably take on light day-to-day tasks and demanding activity, catering to both professional and casual users. Features like its Metaline Antenna ensure uninterrupted connectivity, its Super Device enhances collaboration, and AI integration enhances the overall user experience.

On the other hand, the HUAWEI MateBook D 14 2024 offers a perfect blend of style and performance, boasting a 16:10 golden ratio display with a remarkable 90% high screen-to-body ratio. Having the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processor, this laptop delivers lightning-fast responsiveness and seamless multitasking capabilities. Its innovative smart conference features, including mobile personal voice enhancement, ensure crystal-clear communication during virtual meetings. Additionally, the HUAWEI MateBook D 14 2024 facilitates multi-device collaboration, allowing users to effortlessly connect and share content across different devices for enhanced productivity.

Take advantage of these limited-time offers to upgrade your computing experience without needing to break the bank today!

To learn more about the HUAWEI MateBook Family laptops, visit Huawei’s official website, online HUAWEI Store, Shopee, Lazada or social media accounts (Facebook | Instagram).

TCL Philippines as they announce the #BigScreenMoments Tiktok Challenge.

  TCL Electronics, the Philippines' #1 Panel TV Brand and top 2 in the Global TV market, is giving you a chance to shine at your finest....