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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Watsons Switch and Save values.

Watsons Switch and Save campaign feature new celebrities and real customers

I have always been conscious about two things—health and budget.
Because of this, I have always been on the lookout for “reasonably-priced” vitamins, and since I’ve worked in a hospital in the past, I’m a bit more mindful about potency and quality so I stay away from buying at just any pharmacy.
Two of my more common purchases are vitamin C and Grapeseed vitamins, which I buy from Watsons since I made the “switch” last year.
I’ve also been a very happy shopper as the more I visit Watsons, the more I discover new items that fit my weekly budget. My number 1 favorite is their Cosmo Skin that is now on sale at php500 off.
Last week, I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Watsons event to introduce their new ambassadors for their “Switch and Save” campaign and learn more about their exciting products.
With Watsons Label products, smart shoppers can get much-needed personal care items at a lower cost, allowing for hefty savings without comprising quality.
Watsons offers a bevy of products under its own label, from toothbrushes to tissue paper and everything in between. A partnership with United Laboratories Inc. also allows Asia’s number one drug store to offer top-quality vitamins and medicines at wallet-friendly prices through Watsons Health Packs. Similarly, Watsons Compliance Packs bundle medicines for diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and antibiotics up to 80% savings versus leading brands.
Viki Encarnacion, Marketing Director of Watsons Philippines, told us “Watsons recognizes that to be truly beautiful, one must also be healthy. Consistent with Watsons Label products our Health and Compliance Packs offer great quality at affordable prices, giving you fantastic value for money.”
The enormous value gained from Watsons Label products has convinced more than a few people to make the switch and save, including personalities like Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Patty Laurel. While Prieto-Valdes has discovered the efficacy and convenience afforded by Watsons medicines, Laurel finds that the number of trips she’s been going on has steadily increased ever since she made the switch to Watsons Label. This is thanks in large part to the savings she’s made on their wide range of essential vitamins and minerals.

Celebrities make the Switch!
Joining a star-studded line-up composed of Divine Lee, Victor Basa, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and Patty Laurel, the latest Watsons endorsers look forward to pushing the brand’s present movement to even greater achievement.
Given its February 2012 beginnings, Watsons Switch & Save has exhibited increasing popularity over the past few months. Its escalating success comes from the thrust of helping the average Filipino shopper spend less on daily essentials, to splurge on things they love.

“I switched to Watsons because it is actually a place I often visit for my needs,” says Iya. They provide great quality daily essentials that allow me to save a few pesos here and there, which at the end of the year do all add up.”

Iya sums up her experience perfectly, “It’s always great to have a new family and
stand behind something that you believe in and that’s especially relevant, given today’s economic climate.”

 “I think it’s great to be the face of such a campaign,” says Mikael. “Personally, I've always been value conscious and have always tried to be very efficient. That's similar to what Switch & Save is all about,” he adds.

“In all my shows, I have a clean shaven look, so I shave almost every day. It’s a super essential in my case,” he says.

Real People
Watsons has also changed the perception of many people as more and more shoppers are beginning to appreciate the benefits of the Switch and Save campaign.
Alfonzo Crespo, a Medical Clerk shared, “I’ve never been the type who buys lots of personal care products because most of them are overpriced. Then, I came upon Watsons Label products! The quality is great and they are affordable.”
For student Nicolette Tan; “Watsons Label products are possibly the best bargains I get anywhere. And because of the savings I get to buy other things I like.”
Self-confessed Beauty Junkie Janine Paguasan, adds;  “I never go out without blow-drying my hair. So when my old hair dryer broke, I was devastated. I felt like every day was a bad hair day. That’s why I was overjoyed when I happened upon Watsons’ very affordable and effective hair dryer. Now, my bad hair days are over thanks to Watsons Label products!”

The savings made by switching to Watsons Label products can go up to 70 percent, letting customers save a significant amount of money on their day-to-day goods. Getting that shiny new laptop or gorgeous pair of shoes becomes a lot easier with the bargains made through the Watsons Label.

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