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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Digital Amazing Race ala Urbanize at Ayala Malls Serin Tagaytay

The last time I joined an amazing race kind of contest was at an event I attended 2 years ago. It was physically and mentally challenging as you have to analyze the task given in every pitstop.  You have to study directions as well. With the right partner,  focus, and some luck you might win the game, but if not just enjoy the race and tasks at every pitstop.

Fast forward to today, Urbanize holds a Digital Amazing Race contest for the select group of bloggers last Nov 25 at its newly-opened branch Ayala Malls Serin,  Tagaytay. It is one of the latest malls to open in the south, which carries a lovely selection of shops including my favorite tea shop Serenitea and dining outlets for the enjoyment of both tourists and locals.

The weather was cold as Christmas is just around the corner. The venue was perfect for the contest. We had our heavy lunch to prepare us for the "digital race". The Urbanize Marketing Manager raffled off numbers to pair with our respective teammate , I got to partner with the awesome blogger Martin Andrade. 

The digital amazing race contest goal is to help us familiarize with the Urbanize different brands that the store carry.  Just like in Amazing Race, teams of two people raced around the Ayala Serin mall in competition with other teams.

The difference is that we have to find the clue in every pit stop, take a selfie with the Urbanize products provided such as Pacsafe, LOQI, Elecom, PKG and Cabin Zero. We have to upload those in our respective instagram accounts.  The team who finished the tasks and uploaded all photos win the game.

Me and my partner Martin did not complete the tasks as we were able to upload 4 pictures in all, we forgot to take our picture in the garden backdrop of the Ayala Serin.  But we had fun in every pit stops. We raced and did our best even if we had our "hulas" moment.

Urbanize held a store visit, orientation of what Urbanize is all about and a tour at its Ayala Malls Serin branch so guests will be able to see and familiarize themselves with the different brands that the store carries.

A popular one-stop shop for the best international brands for tech, lifestyle, and travel accessories, Urbanize caters to the highly-mobile lifestyle of today’s millenials by providing them with their supplies for urban adventure.

To help better familiarize today’s local influencers to the different brands that they carry, Urbanize held a store visit and orientation of what Urbanize is all about and a tour at its Ayala Malls Serin branch.

Already with branches in Metro Manila’s top shopping malls, Urbanize continues to make itself more accessible by venturing outside the metro to the delight of shoppers.

Catering to urbanites of differing tastes, Urbanize is proud to present a great selection of international brands that offer the best bags, storage, tech accessories, and more in order to stay mobile, safe, organized and focused on the many tasks at hand.

Whether you’re looking for a great everyday bag or one that’ll keep your things secure during your travels, Urbanize has a great selection of styles from Cabin Zero, Mojo Backpacks, Hellolulu, Pacsafe, and PKG. Meanwhile, European brand Loqi offers an eye-catching selection of reusable totes and luggage covers that are also perfect for travel.

As gadgets like smartphones and tablets are crucial to keeping up with today’s very mobile way of life, it’s important to keep these precious gadgets well protected. For this Urbanize has brands like STM and Swisstech.

Last but certainly not the least, Urbanize is also proud to carry Boombotix, artiart, and Japanese electronics accessories brand Elecom as it offers an impressive assortment of gadget accessories at various price points. Make sure to check out the brand’s cool selection of earphones, earbuds, headphones, portable speakers, portable keyboards, and more at Urbanize.

For more on Urbanize, check out the hashtags, #urbanizeph, #elecomph, #pacsafeph, #loqiph, #cabinzeroph, #pkgph, #artiartph, #suppliesfortheurbanadventure, #iloveayalamallsserin, #ayalamallsserin and #helloluluph

Visit our Urbanize branches at: Level 3 Urbanize Gateway, G/L Bldg. B. Urbanize Solenad 3, Nuvali, G/L Urbanize The District Imus, Level 1 Urbanize Ayala Serin, Tagaytay and 4/L East Wing Urbanize Shangri-La Plaza.

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