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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Yilinker provides business opportunity to media influencers and Yilinker affiliate

Why online shopping? Because you have the option to choose and make up your mind if you dont like the product,  or if its out of stock online, you can take your business to another online store where the product is available.  You get cheap deals and better prices, plus its a breeze shopping online.

Traffic, parking and huge crowds-- and you haven’t even entered the shopping mall yet. It’s enough to snuff out even the strongest of Holiday spirits.

Christmas shopping can be time consuming, stressful and sometimes even dangerous, that is why more and more people are deciding to skip the cashier queues and are opting to shop online instead.
After all, where else can you do shopping, even at midnight, while wearing your pajamas?
Practical shoppers are also beginning to realize that they can actually save more online compared to conventional shopping because of the added expenses such as eating out, paying for gas and parking, and impulsive buys, etc.

YiLinker, the newest entrant to the local e-commerce industry, sets itself apart by revolutionizing the online shopping business with its unique value proposition for merchants and its affiliates.
“ aims to innovate and reinvent the e-commerce industry in the Philippines by offering the most progressive products and services that will suit the changing lifestyle of its customers, facilitate a one-of-a-kind selling opportunity for our partners, and give everyone the chance to earn more income via our affiliate program,” says Nelson Liao, CEO of YiLinker Philippines.

Liao said the Philippines presented a very good opportunity for YiLinker to establish its very first station because of the country’s continued growth and strong potential in the e-commerce business.
As of the end of 2014, the Philippines has over a hundred million population, 40 percent of which are internet users and over 90% of internet users having their own Facebook account.
Liao pointed out that the average Filipino internet user, spends about 53 hours per week on social media, and has an average of 660 friends on Facebook making us one of the top countries when it comes to social media usage.

“We want to turn this habit into a business opportunity for every Filipino,” he said.

YiLinker connects your business to the world
In the current offline traditional selling, merchants or suppliers typically spend for overhead costs such as rent, manpower and marketing promotion.But with the overhead costs increasing every year, generated sales may not be able to sustain costs.

The sudden outpour of online stores provides merchants an opportunity to expand their market reach, generating additional revenues on top traditional selling. However, this type of business incurs additional expenses such as online advertising, warehouse, delivery and customer support service.Partnering with popular e-commerce platforms may promise wider exposure but the limited business model is still not enough to provide business owners with higher revenue considering the need to hire additional manpower to handle the online marketing, advertising and transaction.

Understanding the need of every businessman to grow his business while utilizing very minimal cost, YiLinker is revolutionizing the business model of the Affiliate Program.  By partnering with thousands of affiliates who will promote products to various social media platforms, YiLinker provides businesses with better exposure and much higher revenue potential.

“With the YiLinker Affiliate Program, merchants only need to provide their products with the best price and our thousands of affiliates will be the one to promote them via social media,” says Liao.

Earn passive income as an YiLinker Affiliate
For influencers who have a strong media following, the YiLinker Affiliate Program rewards you with additional passive income simply by creating your own account. By partnering with Yilinker, potential affiliates can create and run their own e-commerce business without investment capital.

“As YiLinker Affiliates, they do not need to spend a single centavo to start their online business and have passive income,” explains Liao.

The program allows Affiliates to set up their own store simply by selecting their desired products and promoting them on their social media sites. Affiliates do not have to worry about fulfillment and delivery as YiLinker offers end-to-end service from pick and pack to after sales and customer support. YiLinker will also provide ample training to its Affiliates, help them with marketing strategies and provide support and assistance in categorizing and pricing their products.

“We understand the value of our Affiliates that is why we want to establish and sustain professionalism, innovativeness, dependability and healthy working relationships among our team, so we are able to provide our stakeholders (merchants, affiliates and customers) the best services and products they deserve,” said Liao.

“For our Affiliates, we offer cost-free selling—from conceptualizing and running marketing promotions, handling warehousing to logistics to collecting payments from your customers. We provide 24/7 customer support for concerns on returns, replacements and refunds for a worry-free after-sales service.  No marketing fees, no maintenance costs, no hidden charges,” Liao expounds.

YiLinker Affiliates can earn up to 60% commission on net profit of each transaction while enjoying a quick and easy payout system.

“We want you to see and feel the fruits of your labor right away, so we will make the pay-out processing faster, easier and real-time.You can check and withdraw your earnings anytime, anywhere,” adds Liao.

To learn more about starting your online business or how to become an affiliate, visit for more information.

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