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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Things to consider when opening an Italian Gelateria

While the word gelato is the Italian translation for ice cream, there’s a big difference between the two and that’s the first thing to keep in mind before opening a gelato business.

Making this possible for businesses is the Italian company Comprital, a market leader in gelato-making which has introduced innovations to the much-revered Italian tradition. One of only a handful Italian companies to obtain an EU certification for the processing of products containing a high level of dairy and milk by-products, Comprital offers gelaterias and food establishments a full range of top quality ingredients, mixes and supplies for making real Italian gelato. 

The products are now available in the Philippines through  Culinary Best Source Inc.,  a division of Technolux which is  the country’s largest importer and supplier of a complete line of foodservice, small wares and laundry equipment for the past 41 years.

Individuals thinking of opening a gelateria or restaurants considering including gelato on their menu may inquire with Technolux on how to use Comprital ingredients in making gelato and other frozen desserts. Technolux may also conduct a product demo for clients at the Mall of Kitchens, a division of the company which houses live set-ups for various business formats including a gelato station. 

Fresh and simple

Always investing in research, Comprital offers a complete product line driven by consumer feedback to satisfy the real needs of the market. Some of the products it makes are different kinds of gelato bases including milk (with or without vegetable fat,) chocolate (with varying levels of cocoa content), fruit and vegan bases.

Its classic and fruit pastes, meanwhile, are added to intensify the natural flavors in making gelato. These contain real ingredients and pure concentrate and are free from artificial coloring. Flavors include classic ones such as hazelnut, pistachio, chocolate, vanilla and tiramisu for a taste of Italy as well as fruity options like wild berries, banana, peach, kiwi, raspberry and passion fruit to name just a few.

Ideal for gelato businesses especially those inside malls and busy location is the Speedy gelato line of mixes. The recipe is an original idea of Comprital and designed for simple and hassle-free preparation. The product comes in practical single dose bags for an artisanal product requiring quicker preparation time without comprising quality. It is available in 70 flavors and can work in several applications for maximum returns including soft serve machines, blenders, slush machines and cake mixers.

Ready to invest in a gelato business? Know more about Comprital and inquire at Technolux:, call 8964941and 8994531 or visit its corporate office at 2176 Primo Rivera Street, Barangay La Paz Makati City.

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