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Friday, December 16, 2016

Team Philippines' Maggie and Parul finished at the top spot in the final leg of The Amazing Race Asia Season 5

The last leg of The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 starts with a journey to Bali, Indonesia! Eric & Rona are the first to set out with a ferry from Banyuwangi to Gilimanuk. Here, teams must take a three hour car trip to a holy temple in Sanur where they can find their next clue.

“This is where it counts, this is where you win The Amazing Race so we have to give it all we’ve got,” says Eric.

“We climbed the ladder ever so slowly…but this leg we’ll come in first,” comments Maggie &Parul giving 100% for this last leg.

“We will try to win this for Malaysia. Malaysia boleh!” says Yvonne and Chloe cheering each other on.

Once the teams arrive at the temple, they will receive route info where they will need to assemble a Balinese Penjor to the satisfaction of the Penjor Artist and deliver it to the marked Penjor area at PantaiMertasari.

While Eric & Rona and Yvonne & Chloe are starting to assemble their Balinese Penjor, Parul& Maggie are stuck in a traffic jam. Fortunately for the Philippines beauty queens, both teams are having trouble getting the details right and they have to reassemble.

“Adrenaline kicks in when you know you’re last so you have to bust this one out fast so that we can get to the next,” says Maggie rushing through the task while Eric & Rona are almost done with theirs.

After they assemble the Penjor, the teams receive their next route info where they must make their way to Taman Inspirasi and climb a 10 metrePanjat Pinang Pole to retrieve the marked prize to exchange for their clue.

Teams assemble an outrigger fishing boat and paddle out to a designated area in the sea to search for a marked lobster trap. Although Eric & Rona arrive first, it is a really close race with the three teams just minutes away from each other.

We had a good lead, we can’t relax. Everything has to have a sense of urgency,” says Eric & Rona are picking up the pace.

“I was quite concerned honestly, because knots…bolts…I have no idea what those two are all about,” comment Chloe and Yvonne, worried about this task.

Eric & Rona, Parul & Maggie and Yvonne & Chloe are the first, second and third teams to find the marked lobster trap to exchange for their next route info where they must now proceed to Pura Samuantiga, a one thousand year old Balinese temple to search for their next clue.

In an unforeseen event, all teams are having trouble getting a taxi. And once they get in, Eric & Rona and Parul& Maggie’s taxi drivers refuse to speed, giving Yvonne & Chloe the lead in this part of the leg.

“Oh my god, we got here first! Best surprise!” Yvonne and Chloe are pleasantly surprised to find three clue envelopes in the clue box.

“This leg is where it counts the most and the last thing you want to do is to be lost.” Parul& Maggie are getting frustrated.

At the Balinese temple, teams receive their final Road Block task – they need to place coconuts in their correct order. One racer must correctly arrange 20 coconuts, representing different elements from each 10 legs of the Race, into the round pods of this larger version of the Indonesian Congklak game. Once teams complete this Road Block task, they must race to the final Pit Stop.

Maggie, Chloe and Rona represent their teams to take part in this task.

Despite arriving first, Yvonne & Chloe are having trouble arranging the coconuts giving Parul& Maggie a chance to catch up. Parul& Maggie manage to be the first to complete this task and they immediately dash out to the taxi with Yvonne & Chloe really close behind. Rona struggles to remember the order of each Pit Stop while Eric can only look helplessly at the other teams leaving for the Pit Stop.

Even with a taxi driver that refuses to speed, Parul& Maggie are the first to reach the Pit Stop and they are crowned the winner of The Amazing Race Asia Season 5!

“We came in first! We still couldn’t believe it…I am pretty sure we will be talking about this moment for decades!” Maggie &Parul rejoice at their win.

  “Of course it will be amazing to win, but we are still really happy that we have come this fair. It’s an achievement itself to come in second.” Yvonne & Chloe, giving a good finish at second place.

“What I learn from The Amazing Race is to believe in your partner, newly married or long time married, you can always work together.” Eric & Rona, despite coming in last, are still keeping their smiles.

The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 is supported by presenting sponsor Wonderful Indonesia, and partners Garuda Indonesia,Grab and Great Eastern.

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