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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fast online approval for laboratory requests from MediCard

For some, part of having an HMO is securing a letter of approval (LOA) for laboratory tests requested by doctors to help them diagnose health problems accurately. These tests include blood tests, urinalysis, chest x-ray, among others.

A letter of approval basically confirms that such tests are indeed part of a member’s HMO coverage and authorizes the diagnostic clinic to proceed with the requested tests. However, securing an LOA may mean going through a process that can be slow and inconvenient sometimes: A medical attendant gets your card, then calls the HMO provider to advise them of the laboratory test that needs to be done. Afterwhich, the patient waits for the approval.

Now, Medicard, a leading health maintenance organization in the Philippines, takes the hassle out of getting LOA as it introduces Medicard Online LOA -- an online application that allows you to easily request for a letter of approval for your laboratory and diagnostic tests in the comfort of your own home or straight from your mobile phone on the go.

“MediCard constantly aspires to make quality healthcare accessible and more convenient for our members because we value their time. With innovations such as the Medicard Online LOA, we are able to eliminate a lengthy and time-consuming wait period to get your LOA since online application allows quick user convenience,” said Dr. Nicky Montoya.

Getting an LOA for laboratory and diagnostic tests can be done in five easy steps. First, go to and click the MediCard Online LOA tab. Then, fill out the online form with your MediCard ID number and upload a copy of your doctor’s request.

Next, choose a MediCard free-standing clinic or any accredited clinic/hospital where you wish to avail of the test, and then your LOA and instructions will be sent via e-mail. Lastly, submit the LOA to the hospital together with a copy of your doctor’s request and a copy of the email.

Save yourself the inconvenience of waiting or long procedures and prioritize your good health now with the MediCard Online LOA.

Issuance of the LOA and access to select providers are dependent on the existing plan and coverage.

For more information, call 884-9999 or visit 

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