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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

PSID celebrates Golden Anniversary with a G.O.L.D. exhibit

In 1964, a young US educated designer Edith Oliveros joined Cancio-Calma and Associates. In the early stages of her career with firm, her strong presence in the design field created a stir when a number of young women expressed an interest in interior design and architecture. These young women mostly wives and daughters belonging to the upper class families learned about the craft first hand by going to jobsites or attending coordination meeting with clients.

At that time she was teaching design at the Philippine Womens University and her employers suggested that it would probably be an excellent idea to consider a more formal classroom program for those who what to learn about interior design and Edith became part of a committee that develop an academic certificate program of the study and practice of interior design

The curriculum used then was based on the one being offered by the New York School of interior design that includes fundamental subjects such as elements and principles of Interior Design as well as Mechanical Drawing, Art History Color Theory,  Perspective Drawing and Color Rendering. Classroom learning was augmented with practical, hands on experience in Cancio-Calma’s furniture company and showrooms.

At that time the straightforward approach to design education unimpeded by academic prerequisites were considered revolutionary as it facilitated learning for those who were more mature than regular college students.

It was in June of 1967 when the Philippine School for Interior Design first opened its doors in Makati and the school rapidly grew in statue  with its rising number of enrollees and its highly professional and dynamic learning environment that helped elevate its reputation as the leader in interior design education.

Fast forward five decades later, As the PSID now celebrates its Golden Anniversary, it looks back at its illustrious past with an exhibit aptly named G.O.L.D. featuring the works of its 72 interior design  graduating students in 3 galleries of 24 elegant sophisticated and excellently designed interiors.

Five decades of excellence in Interior Design education, and still, the Philippine School of Interior Design continuously soars and remains to be the undisputed premiere school for Interior Design. In its 50 years, the school has produced some of the finest interior designers in the industry and students who continuously top the board exams every year. This illustrious past meets the future movers and shakers of the design world as PSID mounts “GOLD: Glamorous, Opulent, and Luxurious Designs”, a graduation exhibit slated on October 1-31 at Uptown Bonifacio Mall in Bonifacio Global City.

The Vito Selma Chair

As the school celebrates its golden anniversary, GOLD will showcase luxurious and glamorous designs that also celebrate comfort, functionality, opulence, and cost efficiency.

Co-presented by Megaworld, and mounted in cooperation with Boysen, Schema, Shell Canvas, La Europa, Designery, Daikin, and Tecson Flowers, the exhibit is set to showcase an array of 24 exquisitely-designed spaces that highlight the trends of the decades in which the school has offered design students quality training mixed with the aesthetic of luxury, opulence, and glamour.

For the first time in PSID’s history of graduation exhibits, the school’s students, alumni, and faculty have joined forces and showcase their brightest design ideas for GOLD. The exhibit will be divided into three galleries.

The Students Gallery will exhibit interiors conceptualized and constructed by the 72 pupils of PSID Advanced Class of 2017, as well as students from the PSID-AHLEN Institute. The graduating students will showcase design concepts that capture the essence of luxury, opulence, and glamour as finishes and materials take center stage to elicit an ambiance that caters to sophistication and sense of style.

Meanwhile, the Alumni Gallery is a “blast from the past” of sorts with already established PSID alumni such as Chitz Legaspi and Lalyn Nivera participating again in a graduation exhibit. It is a way for the alumni to relive the challenges and experiences of creating a booth for the graduation exhibit and apply what they have learned, both from the school and in the practice to evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Also a first for the PSID exhibit is the Faculty Gallery. Select professors and instructors of the PSID, namely Michael Pizarro, Mark Perez and Vianca Anonuevo, Gino and Karen Abrera, Jigs Adefuin, Mary Anne Bulanadi, and Chat Fores will also showcase their works to help commemorate the school’s anniversary. Pitted side-by-side with the works of PSID students both past and present, the Faculty Gallery will be a testament to PSID’s elite design training.

“GOLD” is a carefully planned, extensively researched exhibit that perfectly celebrates PSID’s five decades of design education. For the past half-century, PSID has been known to produce groundbreaking exhibits that become the benchmark of interior design shows in the academe, and are considered go-to events for architects, fellow interior designers, design enthusiasts, and the general public to learn more about world-class Filipino design and innovative interiors that come to life. PSID brings interior design a notch higher each year, presenting exhibits that challenge the graduating batch to showcase their repertoire of design skills and the PSID mark of excellence.

This is one of my personal favorite booth from the PSID's GOLD exhibit. Booth No.17's DEN by Gino and Karen Abrera. The Kintsuku Room. 


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