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Sunday, October 28, 2018 – the first online destination, platform, and gateway for all things automotive – has just been formally launched

I learned how to drive through my father. Yes, I owned my first car when I was in college,  a gift from the parents. During those times, when my car broke down, I only have to call my father and his apprentice (we owned a talyer, then). My father took care of the maintenance and gas. Those were the days, yes!. All I have to do is drive myself to school and do some errands from the parents.

Fast forward to today, I am a parent myself.  The question that haunts me is what if our car (the partner owns a car) broke down in the middle of the night from nowhere and we are all alone. Or an on-road emergency happens? What to do? Is there an app for that?

Help is now here for automobile owners who want freedom from the hassle of traditional responsibilities that come with it such as taking the vehicle personally to the casa for preventive maintenance. – the first online destination, platform, and gateway for all things automotive – has just been formally launched to address all car needs in the most efficient and time-saving way.

“Today, we can do all sorts of tasks from our phones. There are services that help us pay our bills, work remotely, get rides, order food, arrange vacations, and other things previously unheard of. We at are ushering in a new age of convenience for car owners,” said CEO Anton Ojeda in a speech at the formal launch of the website and app (free to download on the App Store and Google Play) at the Whitespace Manila in Makati City.

Influencer, road safety advocate, multimedia motoring journalist, and TV host James Deakin was also introduced as’s official ambassador.

Maintenance Valet

Ojeda walked guests through the features of the app, then performed a live demonstration of the Maintenance Valet – a key feature in the app’s suite of functions.

“When car owners need to have preventive maintenance services or even annual auto-detailing jobs done on their vehicles, they don’t have to do the task themselves and interrupt their daily routines,” the executive said, and showed the audience how to search for their preferred car shop on and book an appointment through the website or the app. Cars will be fetched by company chauffeurs (all trained professional drivers)  who are fully equipped with body cameras and are continuously monitored via GPS for both safety and constant monitoring. Vehicles are insured from the moment they are turned over to the drivers.

“This is something we have thought of very carefully and worked on painstakingly hard on to guarantee because our vehicles are valuable and our time is precious,” continued Ojeda. “ promises total transparency, security, and worry-free service. We don’t want our customers to concern themselves about where their cars are or how they are driven.”

Curated Directory also provides users access to over 7,500 curated and vetted car shops – giving them an immediate link to a considerable network of auto services ranging from reliable official dealership hubs (casas) and independent repair shops (talyer) in the metro through its Search & Canvass feature. Search parameters can be tailored based on service, location, and favorability rating.

The app also links to garages and local car shops that offer maintenance and mechanical repairs, car wash and detailing, body repairs, paints and wraps, and more. Each listing provides a detailed look at what to expect from an establishment – a menu of services, features, operating hours, address and Google Map locator, payment methods, and estimated cost per visit. The directory also includes insurance providers and Land Transportation Office outlets.

Emergency Services

Rounding out its services, promises motorists an immediate helpline for on-road emergencies. The 24/7 Roadside Assistance feature offers emergency towing, battery replacement, and tire-change services to any car owner – without the need for memberships within Metro Manila, and without additional charges.

“We want to be of service to two groups, actually. Our priority, of course, are car owners. We want them to be confident and comfortable with their vehicles,” declared Ojeda. “Secondly, we aspire to be the medium for all automotive establishments, big or small.”

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