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Thursday, February 21, 2019

#BeExtraORLYnary this summer with ORLY's Vibrant Reds and Aqua Blues

Treating yourself is so emotionally important for us women — we are all doing more,  in my case I really have to set aside time for a little pampering every 2 weeks. It keeps me sane,  that's why it is a must for me to visit a salon, to get a facial massage, a foot spa and a mani-pedi session. 

I take good care of my hands and feet  by visiting my favorite salon in Manila. I always have them painted in blue or gray from the ORLY nail polishes collection. ORLY has the nicest shades of blue, gray and green. I always asks my nail tech for these colors.

It makes my feet clean-looking and while its true that  nail care isn’t just grooming anymore; it’is self-expression. I sometimes have my nail art with the blue/gray design/combination. A pop of blue every now and then helps me relax.  

Ms. Nadia Deering gave a style report on nail care trends and top polish colors this 2019, with the nude tones getting a shimmer and glitter upgrade and the bolder colors of Vibrant Reds and Aqua Blues being a staple of everyone’s Summer wardrobe. Light Coral and Iridescent Pearl also make its usual rounds, renewing a fresh take on a new season.

Recently, ORLY launches its new product  ORLY Gel FX Builder in a Bottle together with ORLY celebrity ambassadors last February 19 at the Marco Polo Hotel and we got to try the product and the newest ORLY color collection from the launch.

Ms. Geraldine Zamora (left most), ORLY Beauty Builder for Medicine, Ms. Pinky Amador (second from right), ORLY Beauty Builder for Acting, Ms. Margaux Salcedo (right most), ORLY Beauty Builder for Journalism, with their FIlipina Builder Portraits.

ORLY, the leading nail polish brand worldwide, held a beauty dialogue featuring
three inspiring Filipina women who have led significant contributions in their respective
fields: Doctor Geraldine Zamora, whose strength and resolve to help her patients is known in
the field of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine; 
Journalist Margaux Salcedo, with
her crystal-clear narrative of events and places in her weekly column; and compleat Actor
Pinky Amador whose talent is well-known globally, were invited to join ORLY International
Vice President for Sales, Nadia Deering, in discussing the importance of women helping other
women thrive in their particular areas of expertise.

The event emphasized the need for everyone to look closely at their own uniqueness,
especially in this era where one is gauged by the optics of social media and celebrate
distinctiveness to promote a kinder and a more loving look of oneself and others.
The all-white afternoon tea party last Tuesday, 19 February, at the Marco Polo Hotel also
served as the launch of ORLY’s newest innovation, the ORLY Gel FX Builder in a Bottle. The
product is an effortless, all-in-one, brush-on builder application that offers flawless and more
natural looking nail extensions.

Elsbeth Schutz, ORLY Ambassador, was also present to train professional nail technicians whowill be the primary users of the new product. “For over forty years, we have delivered quality without compromise at great value and we’d like to keep that streak going with the Builder that hopes to disrupt all the nail care offerings of today,” she said.
“Compared to Acrylic or Hard/ Soft Gel, the Builder allows for an easier application, has
flexible strength that eliminates painful cracking, and follows a fuss-free soak-off removal that
actually protects your natural nails and allows them to grow,” she furthered.

Mr. Paul Yap (right most), SprintAsia President, Ms. Jenifer Yap (second from right), SprintAsia Vice President, Ms. Persie Torregoza (third from left), SprintAsia General Manager, Ms. Frances Abayari (left most), ORLY Philippines Brand Manager, Ms. Nadia Deering (third from left), ORLY International Vice President for Sales, Ms. Elsbeth Schutz (fourth from left), ORLY Ambassador and Celebrity Manicurist, and host, Ms. Cesca Litton (third from left), shared the stage for a toast  

ORLY has built its heritage on leading through innovation and their continuous effort in
reinventing the game puts them at the forefront of building beauty and style for generations
to come.

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