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Thursday, February 7, 2019

All the Single Ladies (and men) this Anti - Valentines Day party is for you!

Let's face it, Valentines Day is in the air and just about everywhere.

You can see all the red heart decorations, you can smell the flowers, you can taste the sweetness with all those chocolates, and your S.O is probably making you feel extra loved as the Vday nears.

Unless ofcourse,  you are single, broken hearted, friendzoned or in a relationship limbo--in which case its probably just going to be another working Thursday-- or if its been quite a while since your last relationship-- "Thirstday."

But as much as there's a lot to love about Valentine's its not always a bed of roses, because behind the smiles of those kissing couples, the obligatory boquet of flowers and the chocolates, couples also have to face the horrendous traffic, fully booked restaurants, overpriced dinner sets, and of course that feeling of uncertainty that somehow you are not the only one.

And when you look at it that way, being single aint too bad afterall right?

If you find yourself alone come February 14, you probably view the holiday a bit differently. But just because you don't have someone special to share it with, doesn't mean that the day itself can't be special.

Well, calling all singles that's ready to mingle! Just as there's life beyond love, there's also a party the day after Valentines Day!

Party your single heart out on February 15, as  Colossal Mega Events holds their first Anti-Valentines Day Party. Its a rave party with foam shower, and guest DJs from popular Manila clubs.

The event will be held at SouthStar Park National highway Brgy Macabling Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Enjoy fun booths and games such as:

1. Tangnamuka – A game for those who want to release their anger and hatred toward their “exes.”
There will be a backdrop with a photo of their ex, and they can throw different objects depending on category: paasa, sinungaling, manloloko, etc.

2. Kiss and Slap– A matching game for those looking for their soulmates… Or maybe just a future date.

3. Kasal-kasalan: An instant wedding booth complete with a “marriage contract” in case its more than love at first sight.

4. Kapit lang Besh- A monkey bar with a  timer–para sa mga umaasa. There's a prize waiting for those who don't fall!.

and many others!

There will also be food stalls and a mobile bar for those who just want to let loose, but one thing is certain, you are bound to make new friends here—or maybe even something more (wink)!

Gate opens at 6pm. Dress code is all black and tickets come with a beer and freebie. As a bonus bring a photo of your ex (with you as proof) rip it front of the bartender and get free shooters!

Tickets are available at the gate, for more information contact 0906-7103085 or 0977-7237006.

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