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Monday, February 18, 2019

My Favorite Discoveries at Fishermall Quezon Avenue

I couldn't remember the first time I set foot inside Fishermall Quezon Ave, but I think it was for a food event. What I do remember though was how cold the mall was…  and I'm talking about the entire mall.

It's  the kind of cold that will make you wish you had a jacket, which is a good thing especially when you live in a tropical country like ours and summer is fast approaching.

I thought it was just because the mall was still new at that time, but yesterday, when I came back to join their 5th year Anniversary celebration, it seems nothing has changed and it was still the same soothing cold feeling that makes you want to just chill out and enjoy a whole day of shopping.

Good thing I was prepared and I had a jacket with me this time.

The only thing that kept us from freezing was the scorching hot sale they were having this weekend.

So together with my fellow bloggers, we spent hours to explore the entire mall to check out the great finds they have in the department stores and boutiques.

                                                          There's a Chapel inside

I didn't realize it was actually quite huge. Ive been there a few times but it was my first time to check out the department store, supermarket and retail tenants.

One of my favorite discoveries that day was this shoe/bag line called District. Its a local brand and it is so chic! .  You can easily accessorize it with everything inside your closet. The see-thru bag is nice for summer and  its a great buy with or without discount.

After touring the Department Store,  we checked out  their special deals inside the Fisher Supermarket.  There have a buy one take one and 50% off on selected items. One unique service they have is that  you can order anything from the wet market section and have it Paluto for the price. They have a Paluto stalls inside. Its a nice concept because everything is fresh from fish, seashells, shrimps and squids and their prices are lower than other supermarkets.

There's also a GYM!

We also toured their cinemas. For only P510 you can seat on a comfy recliner with  unli popcorn and iced tea. Their cinemas can accommodate 50 people and they  accept block screenings. They also have an exclusive spot for kids/parents to wait around while waiting for their movie or if you want to stay a bit after. They have these cute teddy bears your kids will surely love it.

After the tour, we had dinner at Morita Japanese restaurant--another great new discovery. We had Ramen, gyoza, kani salad, tonkotsu and I definitely recommend it if you want  authentic japanese cuisine at a fraction of a price. Imagine having a Tonkotso Ramen meal with yaki buta, tamago, bene shioga with pork soup base, spring onion with Gyoza and iced tea for only P185. Yes! and it tasted sooo good.

I wish I have discovered this before. Make sure to try their  matcha ice cream is heaven, without that bitter after taste.

If youre a milk tea/ fruit tea addict like me, there's  Coco , Macao Imperial Tea and several other milk tea shops that you can choose from .

So do check out Fishermall and celebrate their 5th anniversary and enjoy their Chinese New Year sale and get 80% off on all selected items and brands.

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