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Friday, April 19, 2019

Cholo Camp: Learn how to master offense, defense, shooting and game fundamentals this summer

Summer is always a great time to bond with your kids.

Unless you have three kids, a household to manage and a job that requires you to work shifting hours, as much as you like being with them, sometimes the temperature just matches your temper.

I remember when my kids were still young, now don’t get me wrong, I love my kids, but having all three of them in the house, at the same time, let’s just say those weren’t the good old days. Everytime school is out, the biggest challenge for me is how to keep them occupied. Because only when they are busy can I take those quick breaks in between cooking, doing the laundry and cleaning the house.

My daughter now has two kids of her own, Finn who is 8, and French who is turning 3, and she’s facing the same problem with Finn on vacation. It’s a good thing that Finn is quite behaved and could keep himself entertained just by watching Youtube or Netflix all day. Still, leaving them to their gadgets isn’t the right way to raise a child. Especially at Finn’s age when he needs to learn new things and develop his interests

That is why I told my daughter about Cholo Camp basketball training camp. If you have a kid aged 3 up to 18 and would like to get them into sports, there’s no better way to do it than to enroll them in a sports clinic.

Not only do they discover or develop their basketball moves on the court they can also make a lot of friends as well. Developed by former PBA player Cholo Villanueva, the basketball training program teaches kids how to master offense, defense, shooting and game fundamentals with the help of Coach Cholo and his staff.

Coach Cholo himself has played and coached in all levels of basketball in the country. He suited up as a Green Archer in the UAAP and won Finals MVP in 2007. He was drafted in the PBA and played for then Air21 and Global Port.

To hone his coaching skill, he was initially a member of the coaching staff of both DLSU under Franz Pumaren and three PBA teams. And then he coached the DLSU Graduate School, Jose Rizal University, and other commercial teams.

Equipped with a degree in educational psychology, he became a guidance counselor and special education coordinator of Reach International. He has always wanted to teach kids more than just the rules of basketball. He wants them to be good leaders and followers, and be able to control emotions in winning and losing games.

One of the kids I met during our interview with Coach was Ryde Losorata. This kid has a lot of potential and discipline for the sport. He told that he wanted to win each game he played.
Ryde keeps on practicing and hone his basketball skills through Cholo Camp.

Cholo Camp accepts enrollees ages  3-18 at Cholo Camp, CSA Makati or Laguna.

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