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Sunday, April 7, 2019

LA Santos millenial upbeat arrangement to "Isang Linggo Pagibig"

If my memory serves me right, I first heard LA Santos sing  a couple of years ago during the awarding ceremonies of Make Your Nanay Proud, but it was during a presscon that I would finally meet him in person.  It was for his single  "Tinamaan" a song dedicated to his first love of 2 years. Since the breakup,  LA says he’s been single, deciding to focus more on his singing and acting career.

Turns out he was telling the truth about focusing on his career as last December,  LA  performed as the  front act for the concert of R&B, pop and jazz singer  Patti Austin and Soul singer Jaya.

He said that it was an honor to perform with one of the best international artists and that his dream collaboration would be to perform with  Post Malone his favorite artist ever since he heard  "Better Now," and was all praises for the singer-rapper.

Fast forward to another recent lunch with LA. This time he told us about his  short cameo role for "Maria" which starred Cristine Reyes. He was a natural in the movie and hopes that he will be given different roles after this acting stint.  But the bigger news he had for us was that he was going retro reviving one of the most popular OPM hits of the 90's.  LA Santos held a mini presscon and talked about his upbeat remake of Imelda Papin's Isang Linggong Pagibig at Papa Kim's Korean Bakery & Café. 

He said he always wanted to have a hit song that was going  to be remembered by everyone and was  thankful that Ms. Imelda Papin herself who gave him permission to  give a millenial upbeat arrangement to one if not her most popular song "Isang Linggo Pagibig."   

The iconic singer and entertainment producer  said  L.A had the  millennial requisites for to revive the song.

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