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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Stelton Dermascience offers affordable and sustainable beauty and skin care services

Healthy skin starts with your daily skin care routine and a monthly visit to your skin care clinic for that rejuvenating facial. The goal of any skin-care routine is to tune up your complexion and to brighten up your skin. My skin-care routine consists of three main steps just like others. 

Cleansing- washing my face with my facial wash alternating with papaya soap.  Toning, to get rid of oiliness, I dab on my favorite toner before I go to sleep. Moisturizing, putting on my anti-aging moisturizer and sunblock in the daytime  and putting on serum before I go to bed. A visit to my favorite clinic like Stelton every month is a must for me, to maintain clear and glowing skin. 

 I just had an invite recently to an afternoon session of pampering at Stelton Dermascience Clinic and got to try  their S-face contouring combined with a  special massage technique. S-Face contouring is a relaxing and feel-good 30-minute procedure that tightens the skin and contours face without any downtime. The CO2 laser, meanwhile, minimizes pores and even out the skin tone.

The Machine used for S-Face and S-Body Contouring

This procedure alone is so relaxing and the heat applied is tolerable. I felt nothing at all.  I fell asleep for the whole procedure. It helps with the contouring of your face to achieve that V-shaped and youthful face. This one depends on the number of your session. I have been doing this every month, and I have seen results already. I can now feel my defined jawline, sharp chin and my face slims a bit. 

                    Glowing skin achieved thru S-Face Contouring

After the relaxing S-Face contouring.  Next is the S-Body Contouring. This is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment. I tried this procedure before at Oracle Clinic with a different machine.

This time the machine used was the same as S-Face, the heat was also tolerable. I never felt any pain. Its so comforting, you'll never feel a thing, to think that it helps slim your stomach and eliminates bulges "bilbil". The procedure is good for 30-minutes. With just one session, you can see and feel the difference. There is no downtime as you can do whatever you want after this. To achieve a slimmer stomach you have to undergo sessions. Ill be back next week for another session. 

There is an array of products, treatments and services in the market today that promise glowing and radiant skin, address the signs of aging, contour the face and body and so much more.  The choices are myriad and can be overwhelming.  When one is faced with the question on which skin care procedure will do wonders for the skin, there are several factors to consider -quality, technology and sustainability among them.  The key is to have regular visits to skin care clinics and wellness centers.  

One new player in the country established to meet this need is Stelton Dermascience which recently opened its maiden branch at the 2/F Ayala North Exchange Makati City. With the tagline “Skin Science. Mastered”, it offers affordable and sustainable beauty and skin care services using the most recent innovations and state-of-the-art technology.

 “Stelton Dermascience offers beauty and wellness solutions that are pocket-friendly, allowing our clients to maintain their regular regimen, and eventually achieve ideal results,” says Janyll Palisoc, Marketing Head.  Its team is comprised of dermatologists, aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons, registered nurses and highly-trained aestheticians.
The clinic has a roster of services not only for women but for men as well.  In fact, there are professional skin care treatments never before made available for men.

 It has different facials and peels such as the Revitalizing Facial (cleanses thoroughly to remove impurities, detoxify and allow the skin to breathe); Pimple Free (cleanses deeply to extract impurities and prevent break outs); DermaScience   (radio frequency (RF) combined with a  special massage technique)  and Hydrajet Facial ( a combination of  serums and RF).  

 Facials are recommended once a month because the skin cell turnover cycle is 28 days long and getting a professional treatment is advisable for better results.

For anti-aging and laser treatments without surgery, Stelton Dermacience has S-Face contouring. The clinic also offers Ulthralift, a high-intensity focus ultrasound meant to lift and tighten the skin. This is a one-time procedure with results that can last for 6 months or longer.

Customers can also defy signs of aging through the Liquid Faclift,  a botox technique that is  done by doctors and delivers instant lifting of the face using only an injection. It prevents fine lines from becoming deep wrinkles. Meanwhile, if you want to achieve a perfectly contoured face, Threadlift is for you. Also known as the new age facelift, it is minimally invasive outlining of the face, neck and chin to achieve a V-shaped face silhouette. 

For those who want instant results with minimal downtime, using injectables is the route to take.  These include Dermal Fillers, Glow–PRP, Varicose Vein Therapy, Fitness Drip, Botox and Keloid Injections.

Many people strive to attain lighter and glowing skin.  Shine bright with IV Glutathione/Placenta/Cindella, Clear Laser, Skin Reveal, White Crystal Drip and Ultima Drip. 
Acne management is also one of the services the clinic offers and can be achieved through Clear Laser, Skin Reveal and CO2 Laser while serious dermatological concerns like warts, pigments, syringoma can be solved through Warts Removal and CO2 Laser. Stelton Dermascience likewise takes care of the body with its S-body Contouring, MesoShrink and UlthraBody HIFU.
Aesthetic surgery is in the portofolio of services with a professionally licensed plastic surgeon.
Stelton Dermascience’s Hair Removal System is painless as it uses cutting-edge machines that remove not only coarse black hair but also those who have unwanted white or light hairs.   These include Laser Hair Removal (painless hair removal not only for dark hair but even for light colored or fine hair), Clear Laser (for treatment of pigment, dark spots, age spots and skin lightening) and HairGrowPRP (promotes hair growth). 
“We have the latest machines and technology that make treatments more effective. Our tagline. Skin Science, Mastered means that we’ll always deliver innovation and excellent results, but at affordable prices,” Palisoc explains.

To inquire and book an appointment, pls call (09778555769).  Follow Stelton Dermascience on FB , like it on IG: steltondermascience.


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