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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Jollibee opens new Level Up Joy Store in SLEX with first ever dual lane drive thru in the country

Jollibee is levelling up the way its customers experience joy while on the road as it is set to open its newest branch along the South Luzon Expressway on Wednesday, December 18. 

Located at the Petron gas station along the southbound side of SLEX, it is Jollibee’s 1200th store in the Philippines and the latest Level Up Joy store that features a modern design and exciting innovations for an even better store experience. 

Its most interesting feature is the country’s first ever dual lane drive thru. This allows the store crew to serve more motorists faster, ideal for those on the road for a family holiday trip or a quick barkada getaway. The dual lane drive thru spells convenience from end to end as it has its own ordering, payment and pick-up counters for each lane. This is complemented by two key store innovations which aid in making the drive thru experience easier and faster. 

The Food Conveyor system is an automated conveyor that brings your favorite meals from the kitchen to the pick-up counters, while the Drive Thru Lane Sensor System provides real time drive thru performance data such as waiting bay times and average service speed to help the store crew better manage orders and serve customers faster. 

To date, over 200 Jollibee stores nationwide are equipped with the Drive Thru Lane Sensor System.

Inside the Level Up Joy Store are self-order kiosks that make ordering more convenient and fun. A few taps on the screen is all it takes to choose your favorite Jollibee meals such as Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti and Yumburgers and complete your order. The self-order kiosks also come with multiple payment options – either through credit card, Pay Maya, Happy Plus Card or cash – letting customers enjoy more flexibility. 

Need a power boost for your mobile device? The Level Up Joy Store has also got that covered as some of the tables in its dining area will have built in wireless charging pads. Simply place your phone on the pad and power up as you enjoy your Jollibee favorites.
“We’re excited to open on December 18 the first ever Dual Lane Drive Thru store in the country here in our milestone 1200th Jollibee store,” said Jollibee Regional Business Unit Head for South Luzon Ana Aluyen. “With all the motorists and customers passing through the SLEX southbound highway every day, we have this unique opportunity to show them what the experience of our leveled-up Jollibee store is like.”
“This new Level Up Joy store promises to take customer convenience to the next level with the introduction of the first-ever dual lane drive thru in the country. It’s ideal for families and friends who are in transit and want to grab great tasting food they can enjoy or take home with them along the way. While for dine-in customers,  they can order and enjoy their Jollibee favorites with greater ease and convenience thanks to the self-order kiosks we have in store plus built in wireless charging pads for their use and of course, our  Alagang Jollibee service courtesy of our store team,” said Francis Flores, Jollibee Global Brand CMO and JFC Philippines Country Business Group and concurrent Jollibee Philippines Marketing Head.

Jollibee and Friends welcome customers to the opening of Jollibee Petron SLEX, the fastfood chains latest Level Up Joy Store and 1,200th in the Philippines.

Customers found ordering quick and easy via Jollibee’s self-order kiosks.

The first customers of the latest Level-Up Joy Store at Jollibee Petron SLEX.

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