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Sunday, March 1, 2020

Shakey's goes Plastic Neutral

To help build a better and greener society. Shakey's Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. is now officially plastic neutral. 

Its about time to go plastic neutral and the concept is getting ready to take on the pollution that is generated by plastics.  It is the first restaurant chain in the Philippines to hit this milestone. It set a goal in 2019 to help manage post-consumer waste and push to be plastic neutral in 2020. 

Shakeys celebrated its first year of being "100 percent plastic-neutral" last January 2020.  

But first, what  does being "Plastic Neutral" mean? It is having a zero plastic footprint by recovering and recycling an amount of plastic equal to what it uses. The plastic is then converted into alternative fuel, replacing coal used for producing cement. That is sustainable and responsible business for you. 

Consumer companies face significant cost and performance challenges in finding more sustainable alternatives to plastic. While co-processing is not the perfect solution, it can mitigate the environmental impact of plastic usage,” said Shakey’s Chairman Christopher Po.
Co-processing is meant to “balance out our environmental effects,” said Chairman Po. He added, “Our brands represent quality, value-for-money products. We hope that they will eventually stand for responsible consumption as well.”
Shakey's is the Philippines leader in the pizza and full-service restaurant categories. It is also among top consumer companies working to minimize environmental footprint. 

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