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Monday, August 8, 2022

Airbnb recognizes twelve outstanding young Airbnb Hosts across the APAC region

While Airbnb Hosts span the age spectrum, Airbnb is celebrating International Youth Day (12 August) this year by shining a light on its most successful, innovative and tenacious Airbnb Hosts in Asia Pacific under 30. 


Airbnb is recognizing twelve outstanding young Airbnb Hosts across the APAC region* with an average rating of 4.9 and over 4,300 guest check-ins collectively, including two Hosts from the Philippines – Dwyane Yra Dinglasan, 23, and Deo Dia, 26.

“A new world of opportunities has been unlocked for the younger generation through their access to and adeptness with modern technology. We are seeing more young Filipinos discovering Airbnb and sharing about it with their families and friends. They are not only traveling with us domestically and overseas but also becoming tourism entrepreneurs by helping their families generate new streams of income through hosting,” shared Amanpreet Bajaj, Airbnb’s General Manager for Southeast Asia, India, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


More Hosts under 30 like Dwayne and Deo are now helping their families unlock new economic opportunities while spreading the Philippines’ tuloy ka hospitality with their guests and contributing to the tourism economy. As these two Hosts show, age is truly just a number. 


A standout Spanish-style summer home in Batangas


At the young age of 23, Host Dwyane has been hosting her family’s vacation home in Nasugbu Tali Vacation Home on Airbnb for nearly four years. 


“I realized there was an interest in beach home vacations, and in 2018, my family and I decided to open up our vacation home on Airbnb for extra income,” Dwayne said. The property, a Spanish colonial summer home, sits in Batangas and is well loved by guests for its amenities and seaside and sunset views. Dwayne found their home’s unique architecture to be a compelling reason  to entice guests to book a stay. “There weren't many homes in the area with the same architectural style and I figured it would be a great way to stand out,” she shared.


When asked what tips she would provide aspiring Hosts, Dwayne shared,  “Have a niche! It’s important to research the other properties in the same market so you can stand out. Do not be afraid to be different in your taste and style.”


A home away from home in Tagaytay 

Spacious house near Breakfast at Antonio's owned by Host Deo Dia


Also situated in South Luzon is a home away from home that has welcomed many travellers, hosted by another young Pinoy. Deo Dia, 26, is the owner of Spacious house near Breakfast at Antonio's guest house in Tagaytay that boasts a 4.93 overall rating.


Deo, a businessman, shared that through his local and international travels, he learned about Airbnb and the opportunity it provided for economic empowerment and guests who seek alternative accommodation. This led to him listing his vacation home on the platform.


“When my dad passed away, he left me with a vacation house which I barely got to use. To help me financially with its recurring maintenance costs, I decided to share this special place with others through the help of Airbnb,” shared Deo. “Today, I continue to host because of the joy and fulfillment it brings. I didn't expect to enjoy hosting as I actually do — connecting with others, doing the little things to ensure a relaxing stay, and most of all, being a part of their precious moments.”


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* According to internal Airbnb data of Hosts under 30 in APAC with the best percentage of five-star reviews for Cleanliness, Communication and Check-in.

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