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Friday, January 14, 2022


 Fresh from launching in the Philippines last year, TCL Communications — one of the world’s best-selling and fastest-growing consumer electronics brands — will be in Las Vegas next month at the much-anticipated CES 2022. As the consumer electronics industry reunites following this year’s all-virtual event, TCL will be there showcasing its latest pioneering display technology, audiovisual engine, TVs, monitors, mobile devices, augmented reality glasses, and home appliances. 


With 40 years at the forefront of global consumer technology, TCL has long pushed the boundaries of innovation and raised the bar across the industry. A pioneer of 5G since 2015, TCL was first to demonstrate a 5G end-to-end solution and debuted in 2019 one of the first 5G USB devices. Now, TCL wants to offer 5G access to everyone and will announce multiple new products at the world’s most influential tech event, which runs from January 5-8.


“We are thrilled to be returning to CES in 2022 after the last edition’s virtual event”, said Juan Du, Chairperson of TCL Electronics. The Chairperson explained that Inspire Greatness is the driving force behind all new TCL developments and products, because through accessible technology people can get inspired to fulfill their dreams, purposes and plans, and this will lead them to achieve greatness by making a difference for a better tomorrow to everybody around them and on the planet. “This year, our interactive booth will span more than 1,600sqm and we will announce our brand expression #InspireGreatness. This is an evolution of our Display Greatness’ philosophy and a call-to-action for consumers to share their achievements and dreams through our inspirational technology. As one of the leading consumer electronics brands in the world, we are committed to helping people live, work and play better each and every day, with our products and services”.


In the smartphone space, TCL will launch the first 30 series devices, the TCL 30XE 5G and 30 V 5G. These smartphones will be joined by the remaining 30 Series lineup later in 2022 and will be solely available in North America. TCL will also make its first presence in the laptop category with the TCL BOOK 14 Go and enhance its wearable portfolio with the TCL NXTWEAR AIR, the next generation of TCL’s portable wearable display glasses. 


Additionally, there will be multiple new tablets, including the TCL NXTPAPER 10s with eye protection at its core; the TCL TAB 8 4G and TCL TAB 10L; and a trio of tablets designed for children: TCL TKEE MINI, MID, and MAX. Finally, the company is also introducing the LINKHUB 5G router, along with a portable 4G solution, the LINKZONE LTE Cat4 Mobile Wi-Fi. 


“Through partnerships with more than 80 carriers in 160 countries, TCL is delivering on its mission to provide lightning fast, reliable and affordable yet powerful 5G for everyone to enjoy a smarter home and life,” said Aaron Zhang, Chief Executive Officer at TCL Communication. “As our 5G portfolio grows with the TCL 30 series and the LINKHUB 5G, your favourite experience will be matched with top-notch connectivity, rich design, and competitive pricing to improve the connected experience for users around the world.”


TCL 30 Series Smartphones

TCL will launch its first 30 series devices at CES 2022. With the TCL 30 series, customer-favorite technologies such as AMOLED displays and stereo speakers will be matched with impressive connectivity, rich design, and competitive pricing. We look forward to sharing details on additional TCL 30 series smartphones, including the TCL 30 5G, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month. 


TCL will also enter the laptop market with its TCL BOOK 14 Goa Windows 11 designed for students and young professionals entering the working world. Slim, lightweight and with excellent battery life, it is a great fit for anyone who is constantly moving and traveling since it supports LTE connection. Qualcomm-powered 4G LTE connectivity means seamless switching between Wi-Fi and 4G — no more hunting for WiFi when on-the-go or using the battery-draining mobile hotspot on a phone.



TCL NXTPAPER 10s and Other Tablets

CES 2022 will also see the launch of multiple new TCL tablets, including the TCL NXTPAPER 10s with eye protection at its core. Redesigned to filter out 50 percent more harmful blue light than is required for certification, it also includes anti-glare glass to reduce reflected light and make it more comfortable for swiping, reading, watching, or writing. Meanwhile, the TCL TAB 8 4G and TCL TAB 10L and a trio of tablets designed for children — the TCL TKEE MINI, MID, and MAX — will also be launched.




TCL’s second generation wearable display glasses are not only 30 percent lighter than their predecessors but also considerably more comfortable. With dual 1080p Micro OLED displays, the TCL NXTWEAR AIR creates an expansive, immersive viewing environment — the equivalent of watching a 140-inch screen from four metres distance. A 47 pixels-per-degree resolution means it complements that with a similarly cinema-like clarity too, while its dual speakers enables it to playback stereo audio for spatial effects.




TCL is also introducing the LINKHUB 5G router, capable of providing consumers with next-generation connectivity. To bring about TCL’s connected vision, it will soon launch the LINKHUB 5G router, while continuing to deliver high-quality 4G solutions with the LINKZONE LTE Cat4 Mobile Wi-Fi, a compact personal mobile hotspot. The LINKHUB 5G router delivers advanced Wi-Fi 6 and support for up to 256 users, making it fully smart home and smart office ready.


5G for all

TCL’s vision of 5G for all extends beyond smartphones, with a commitment to improve 5G infrastructure. TCL has invested $1 billion USD in R&D and established 5G labs. These solutions are created to liberate offices, institutions, homes, work, and entertainment venues, delivering reliable, fast cellular-powered broadband-speed internet connectivity, supporting customers and carriers.


Even while offering pioneering innovations, TCL has always continued to offer a range of accessible pricing options unseen by other tech brands. By operating its own manufacturing and research and development centres around the world, it is able to make its own components and thus controls the production process.


“TCL aspires to be the bridge to high-quality, incredible value solutions for carriers, customers and partners across product categories,” added Zhang. “We develop feature-rich volume drivers for carriers that improve the connected experiences of their customers and incredible value offline devices. We pride ourselves in working tirelessly towards a 5G for All world in which everybody can access high-quality data speeds, and we see the bigger picture, creating an ecosystem of products that communicate with one another through multi-screen connectivity.”


To learn more about TCL’s 5G capabilities, existing 5G portfolio, and details on other products announced at CES, please visit:  

TCL is expanding its efforts and portfolio to democratize technology in order to inspire people to pursue their greatness through its devices, making them achieve goals, reach full potential, help and amaze others. As soon as these new products are available, TCL will widely communicate in the specific channels of each market.

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