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Friday, May 20, 2016

5 Ways to win over opponent at Laser Tag, Lazer Maxx

I once visited the Lazer Maxx laser tag arena 4 years ago with friends but I never had a chance of playing inside. I just waited outside Centris and roamed around. If I only knew that this would be fun and a good exercise for those stressing out. I would be a regular customer, given my age.

The thought that came to mind when I was inside the Lazer Maxx laser tag arena was that of "this is a cool way to vent, when your relationship is on the rocks or worst, went off". That way you would be hitting your opponent more than usual and you'll get points out of that.   Lazer Maxx is a place to go to with its glowing pillars, black lighting and exhilarating sounds. The heart pumping action ups your adrenaline and before you knew it, your 15 minutes of Lasertagging has come to an end.

The rule when lasertagging is to focus on shots fired. Fire constantly.  Never stop firing.  Even if nobody is in your line of sight, just keep firing.  When you see someone, just keep the trigger going.

To earn your points and I guess the best way to win your opponent is to stay in spots that keep one of your sides well protected, up against a barrier that protects your side and your back unexposed.  That way your opponent, will have a hard time hitting you.

This May, be the hero of your own civil war as Lazer Maxx laser tag arena, offers 20% off on a single game every Monday to Thursday, and 30% off for groups of 20 players and up, as a part of their Lazer War promo.

Bring your family and friends and choose your side, as you battle it out in a fun filled game, shooting or tagging your opponents with Laser guns in an arena designed with your civil war and x-men characters.

Laser tagging at Lazermaxx is not just all fun, it also helps you build team work, strong camaraderie and at the same time, gives you a great physical activity and challenge.

We can also bring the Laser tag experience to you in a customized indoor/outdoor arena complete with inflatable bases, lights and sound system and seven sets of vests and guns per team. The venue of the outside game will be the client’s preference, whether it be at a garden, a covered court or even just a spacious room.

Lazer Maxx is open to players of all ages and each arena can accommodate up to 24 participants per game. A single game lasts for about 15 minutes, set in a two-floor arena with obstacles where players can hide and chase their opponents.

Walk-in customers are welcome but reservations are recommended especially on weekends. Standard rates are Php 190.00 per head on weekdays (Monday-Thursday, 12nn-9pm) and Php 220.00 on weekends (Friday-Sunday, 10am-10pm).

For inquiries and reservations, contact Lazer Maxx at 584-5958 for Greenhills and 441-
1958 for Eton Centris Walk. You may also access online at


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