5 Rules to save money on air conditioning this summer with Daikin

You know its summer when your armpits are always crying and you can’t stay outside for longer than 2 minutes and not rush to the nearest shade or hurry back inside your house to think whether its really worth going out.

Like it or not the summer heat is back and seems to be hotter than ever. You don’t just need a drink, but an ice cold drink. And if you’re not at the beach near a swimming pool, the best place is just inside the house with the AC turned all the way up.

But while the AC may be enough to cool you down, just be prepared to see your electric bill skyrocket in the the next couple of months.

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can help your air conditioner run better and save you money as the summer months progress.

1.     Clean your aircon- Don’t wait for the middle of the summer to schedule an appointment with the aircon cleaners. Call them now for some preventive maintenance or cleaning. You can check the removable filter and clean them yourself.

2.     Don’t share the cool.  Close the doors, the windows and check the room for hidden escape vents. Don’t let the cold air seep outside your room as it will be harder for your aircon to keep it cool. 

3.     Close the blinds or use heavy curtains. The natural light may be good for photography, but its bad at keeping your room cool. Close those blinds or use darker or thicker curtains to keep the sun and the heat out.

4.     Setting low is a no-go:  Always set your thermostat to the highest temperature you can stand to save the most money. Even a small change in the temperature can save you big bucks.

5.     Switch to a split type aircon:  If you’ve had your aircon for years now, maybe this is the time to get an upgrade-- especially if you haven’t been happy with its performance. Measure the entire area you want to cool down. Window types may be cheaper but those split type ones may be better suited for your home.

Daikin launches the VRV X/A Series at Conrad Hotel on March 2. The event was attended by Daikin executives, media and guests.

In all aspects of the business operations of Daikin, including product development, manufacturing, and sales. Daikin formulates initiative that will sustain and improve the environment. Daikin promotes the development of new products and the innovation of technologies that will lead to a more environmentally healthy world.

To mitigate future global climate change, it is important to take a “the sooner, the better” refrigerant sold. Estimated 27 million tons of CO2 emission reduced. By converting to R32, Daikin projected the reduction of global warming impact in 2030 by approximately 800 million tons of CO2.

Daikin has identified R32 as a very beneficial refrigerant for single and multi-split type air conditioners. R32 is the next-generation refrigerant that has highest cooling power, zero ozone depletion potential, and lowest global warming potential versus other refrigerants in the market. When looking for a new airconditioning for any application, Daikin believes that consumers should not only look for inverter, but consumers should look for R32 inverter. Daikin believes that the transition to R32 will help to meet both the HFC phase down schedule and the HCFC phase out schedule of the Montreal Protocol. Daikin is now in the process of further study to identify a suitable refrigerant for the
other applications.

VRV X/A Series
Exceeding Boundaries with Innovative Energy Savings
The key to innovative energy saving is to increase efficiency during low-load operation. Using data gathered from actual operation, Daikin discovered that air conditioning systems operate at partial – half or less than of 80% of their annual
operation period. This inspired Daikin to develop new technologies to enhance energy efficiency when operating only with few units in a multiple airconditioning system.

From left to Right Daikin Philippines Bart Roa - Deputy Division Manager Sales Operations Division , Jed Caburian - Division Manager Sales Operations Division ,Toshiyuki Tanaka - Vice President , Lee Wai Kok - President , Ogie Quitco - Division Manager After Sales Service Division , Gerry Cortez - Division Manager Human Resources and General Affairs

Utilizing these technologies, Daikin’s new VRV X and VRV A series raise the standards for energy efficiency. By uniting advanced software and hardware technologies these greatly increased the energy saving during actual
operation. Daikin newest software technology, the VRT
Smart Control. This VRT smart control, optimizes the compressor speed by calculating the required cooling for the entire system and optimal refrigerant temperature based on data sent by each airconditioning unit. With its air volume control, it reduces compressor load. The all new VRV X.
minimizes operation loss. VRT control ensures energy savings and comfortable air conditioning to meet the needs of the consumers.

Daikin’s research and development team continuously improve the VRV system. Incorporating a new hardware technology, a new scroll compressor refrigerant leakage is minimized when operating only with few units in a multiple airconditioning system. Operation loss due to refrigerant leakage is reduced by the new mechanism to ensure stable partial load operation.

For easier installation, Automatic Refrigerant Charge Function automates the charging of the proper refrigerant amount and the closing of shut-off valves with just one press of the switch after pre-charging. Simplified installation eliminates excessive and insufficient refrigerant charge amount due to mistakes in calculation, and this led to higher installation quality.

The VRV X and VRV A is the most advanced air conditioning system in the world and is ideal for large and small spaces.