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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Country Bankers provides simple and affordable insurance for every Filipino families

Do you remember when you were a young kid, how you used to want to try everything? When you took on every dare without thinking twice? Or had the bravery to try new and different things? Do you also remember how you seemed to lose that courage as you grew older and not that you are an adult, you seem to have second or even think thrice before doing anything risky?

But when you think about it, we weren't really braver then, one of the reasons we never felt afraid was because we knew we had our parents. That we had someone else to lean on in times of trouble or difficulty. We were brave not just because we had nothing to lose, but because even if something bad happens we knew someone would protect us.

Its the same thing with insurance. It may be one of the most exciting topics to talk about, but once you understand just how important it is, you'll even regret not getting one sooner.

More than just preparing for your future, getting a life or non-life policy gives you assurance that whatever happens somebody out there has your back.

That your family will be protected in case of an unfortunate event happens to you or your property. The real benefit of insurance is having some peace of mind even when the most  unexpected happens.

For 53 years, a lot of our fellow Filipinos in the countryside know insurance by one name, Country Bankers Insurance Group.

In its more than five decades of existence, Country Bankers has never faltered in its commitment to provide simple and affordable insurance that Filipino families really need.

“There have always been challenges that need to be overcome but we remain solid and committed to serving the needs of the common Filipino. Through the years we have proven to be reliable insurers by reaching out  to our target market and giving them the insurance that answer their needs,” says Atty. Romeo G. Velasquez, president of Country Bankers Insurance Group (CBIG).

Upon Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation’s (CBLIC) establishment on March 28, 1965, founding president Jose E. Desiderio, Sr., started to address the insurance needs in rural areas, catering to small and medium business entrepreneurs, farmers, fishermen, and public school teachers - a market that had been untapped in the ‘60s.

Country Bankers found its niche as the choice insurance provider in the countryside and allowed rural folks to avail of an affordable, reliable insurance plan that had previously been unavailable to them.

This legacy of accessible insurance to low-income Filipinos has been passed on to the Desiderio family’s third-generation members who are now running the company.  At its helm is Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia, senior vice president and general manager of CBIG.

CBIG has two subsidiaries: Country Bankers Life Insurance Corporation (CBLIC), a life insurance provider, and Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC), for non-life insurance products. Both have stayed on track in giving Filipinos straightforward and non-intimidating insurance options.

“We have made insurance very simple. While we offer basic insurance products, we try to be as relevant as possible to the market we serve,” says Garcia.
For example, CBIG’s micro-insurance products help educate Filipinos on the benefits of insurance by promoting its value to a broader market. A larger consciousness on the advantages of insurance is instrumental in protecting disadvantaged Filipinos, who face heavier burdens during times of catastrophe and financial distress.

“Insurance helps families cope with life’s challenges by ensuring dreams are fulfilled,” says Garcia, who attributes Country Bankers’ success to the Filipinos’ love for their families and the value they put in education.

For several years now, CBIG continues to develop a wide array of insurance plans that are not only practical and relevant, but also provide the necessary support for plan holders in times of need.

Among these is the Classic Benefit Plan that offers insurance protection up to age 96 and is payable in a three-, five-, seven-, or ten-year period. Alalay sa Buhay (ASB), on the other hand, provides renewable one-year insurance to individuals 13-70 years old for only Php 365, with natural and accidental death benefits. ASB is also available for families and seniors, with ASB family being renewable up to age 70 for principal insured and covers up to 3 to 5 family members for only Php 750 for one unit.  ASB for Seniors covers individuals ages 71-80 and offers insurance for one year for only Php 1,000 for one unit.

Ms.Ai Ai dela Alas, CBIG Ambassador

CBIG ceaselessly works on ways to innovate its products, to better serve the market it now has, and further expand its reach.

“I want our company to be known as a “company with a heart” and a company that can be relied upon to deliver its commitment. We will continue to deliver what we promise to give,” concludes Garcia.

As CBLIC continues to evolve as a company, it remains true to its core values - sincere, dependable service to farmers, fishermen, small and medium business owners, employees, and teachers, mostly from rural areas. CBIG remains an able ally to Filipinos seeking security for themselves and their families, though its life and nonlife products.

Fire insurance to suit every need by Country Bankers

At the start of 2018, eight fire incidents around the Metro had been reported. Damage to life and property had been estimated in the millions -- all within just a day to kick off the new year.
With the unpredictability and destructiveness of fire accidents, there is a need to find more efficient, reliable means of protecting our properties today.

“It is time that Filipinos change their old view of fire insurance as something unnecessary. Nobody wants to see the investment they have worked so hard for to just turn into ashes -- literally. Whether big or small, homes should be covered by insurance because accidents occur anytime, anywhere and to anyone. It is best to be ready at all times,” says Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia, senior vice president and general manager of Country Bankers Insurance Group (CBIG).

There were 1,217 fire incidents reported in the first quarter of 2017, a decline from the 1,381 recorded fires in 2016. Despite this slight decrease, the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) reported that the cost of damages and casualties was higher than the year prior.

Insurances have evolved over the years, says Garcia, improving the quality and scope of fire insurances and giving homeowners affordable options that fit their lifestyles.

“Some fire insurances cover a person’s property against fire and lightning (buildings and/or contents), some have available insurance for allied perils such as earthquakes, typhoons, and floods. Optional supplementary covers may also be availed, which include covers like clearing of debris, firefighting expenses, and household employee belonging. Really, insurance has become dynamic because we only want to provide homeowners security and protection, to give them peace of mind during times of distress,” Garcia explains.

Country Bankers Insurance Corporation (CBIC), a subsidiary of CBIG, has expanded its fire insurance portfolio to make sure that all homeowners’ requirements are covered. CBIC continues to come up with innovative products to answer to every insurance need of the individual consumer.

For inquiries please visit Country Bankers Centre, 648 T.M. Kalaw, Manila or call us at tel. nos. 523-8611 for life insurance  and 524-0621 for nonlife insurance.

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