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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Going Keto? How Minola Premium Coconut Oil and the Ketogenic Diet can help you lose those excess pounds fast

I was at my heaviest at 145lbs, that was also the time I was at my worst. I know some of you would think I’m exaggerating, but standing at just 5’2 and being used to just 100lbs it made me feel really bad—and although I wasn’t complaining, I could feel that my knees certainly were.

I could hear my knees pop whenever I would sit for longer than an hour and would have difficulty standing up. I had difficulty of breathing climbing stairs going to work. My face became rounder, my legs ballooned, my feet were swollen.

I would pinch them every now and then back then I thought it was cute. That was a long time ago, back when there was no social media to destroy your self esteem, or internet to check if all the food I’ve been eating was still good for me.  Back then diet meal plans were scarce and only nutritionists and doctors had access to them.

I just relied on books and magazines. Although I was raised to a family who has been eating veggies, fish and fruits. All the healthy ones. But my diet changed when I got married and had kids.

After feeling all the fatigue and upsizing my wardrobe several times (from small to medium then large).  I decided to consult an orthopedic (because of leg pain), an endocrinologist (to give me a list of well-balanced food)  and a dermatologist (because my pimples were popping everywhere in my face) I admit, my eating habits during those times were killing me, slowly. I felt my heart was pumping like crazy. I felt sleepy all the time and worse I always lacked energy.

After the consultation and laboratory workups. My 3 physicians confirmed what I already knew—I really needed to change my diet and exercise. I was never given any meds except for leg pain.  I avoided soda until I could completely survive without them and just drank water.  I also steered clear of sugary food like cakes, donuts, white bread, ice cream and gave away the remaining powdered concentrate juices from our kitchen cabinet.  I also switched to brown sugar over refined white sugar and chose frying oil which was “good for the heart” with less cholesterol.

It was hard at first, but eventually I got my weight down to 108 lbs after months of dieting and exercise. Like I said, that was years ago, and eventually regained 12 more lbs, but I guess that's also because of my age.

I now weigh 120lbs about 5 lbs higher than my ideal weight, but shedding those 5 lbs has been very  tough and sometimes even if I skip meals and eat less and exercise I cant seem to shake off those remaining pounds.

So that’s why I’m still searching for a  diet that I could sustain  all the way to my senior years.

Recently, I attended an event about the Ketogenic Diet, which was sponsored by Minola Premium Coconut Oil.

The event was attended by guest speakers Dr. Fabian Dayrit, Professor of Chemistry from Ateneo de Manila, Theater Actress/Director Ms. Mae Paner aka Juana Change and Dr. Regina Banda from the Ketogenic Diet of the Philippines

Although I’ve read and heard a lot about the keto diet since its become the latest diet craze of celebrities, I never seriously considered it, until I listened to Mae Paner’s testimony. Mae aa as political activist Juana Change went from 275 lbs to 175 lbs, in a year. That is 100lbs off—the weight of an entire person—removed from her.

And if that doesn’t prove Keto’s effectivity, I don’t know what else will.

So now I’m slowly discovering a bunch of new foods (hello to more avocados) and getting ready for the 16 hour fasting to induce ketones on my body.

So what is Ketogenic diet and how it works?

Ketogenic diet is all about low-carb, moderate protein, high-fat diet that allows your body to burn fat for fuel rather than glucose. It means cutting out all sources of sugar and most carbohydrates and loading up on foods with high-fat contents.

Eat 10 percent of your calories from carbs, about 20 percent from protein, and 70 percent from healthy fats causes the liver to produce ketones, or byproducts of breaking down fat for energy, allowing your body to enter ketosis.

MCT Oil helps a lot and so does coconut oil from Minola Premium Cooking Oil. Because, Coconut Oil has zero transfat. 

Minola Premium Coconut Cooking Oil helps make the heart healthy and immune system stronger. It is cholesterol free and is rich with lauric oil, the same substance found in mother’s milk.

Studies show that coconut oil's high fat content makes it a staple for keto dieters. Whether you use it in a salad dressing, frying your fish, or to saute your favorite cut of steak, coconut oil is a ketogenic mainstay.

The key here is to enjoy what you are eating and consult your doctor if you are going to embark on a new diet. 

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