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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

3D 2N in KL Malaysia: Day 1 Bukit Bintang

1st Day funk!

feb 10

I won a raffle ticket for 2 to Air Asia Malaysia last year. I forgot about it until the PR emailed me to book before Feb 11.  I told my partner if he wanted to go with me, but his passport expires before the said date. So I asked my mother  if she'd love to travel to Malaysia and she said yes right away. I had my DIY itinerary ahead of time and based it on travel blogs that I have read prior to this trip.

My mother and I were too early at NAIA 3, our flight is scheduled at 6:45AM on Feb 3. We arrived at 3:330am. Excited noh? I was thankful that our flight was not delayed.  We boarded and landed in  KLIA2 at exactly 1045AM.

                              We slept while waiting on board

I thought of getting a bus instead of a train. So I  bought our bus tickets inside the airport. Bus ticket going to KL Sentral is RM 12 per person. Travel time is 1 hour.

 Tip: If you buy the tickets you have to get to the bus terminal on its scheduled time or the bus will leave you.  It says 12nn so we ran from airport going to the Bus terminal. The Bus terminal is located outside the airport.

We get off  at KL Sentral, we had our late lunch at McDonalds.
 For RM 12 you can get a Big Mac, large Fries and large soda.   I ordered 2 spicy chicken and a large drink for only RM 8.

I booked Melange Boutique Hotel at Bukit Bintang. Since its near Jalan Alor, for foodtripping, Sephora, H&M, Zara Pavilion,Petronas Towers, KLCC Suria for some shopping and some big malls around it.  I booked at Traveloka ahead of time and availed a huge discount. 

To get to Melange Hotel, after KL Sentral, we rode the Monorail purple train going to Bukit Bintang.

We get off Bukit Bintang station and passed inside Sungei Wang Plaza

If you plan to walk from the MRT station to Melange Hotel. It will only take you 8 mins. Since my mother was tired and could not walk further during that time. 

We hailed a taxi outside Sungei Wang Plaza and the driver charged us RM 20. We were ripped off. Hahahaha. 

Tip:  Book a Grab, it would only cost  RM 5 from Bukit Bintang to Melange. So better download a Grab app when in Malaysia to save up some transpo fare. 

Melange Boutique Hotel has a theme in each floors. We checked in at Handsome (Tampan) in RM 403. It has an off white color theme. The airconditioned unit and shower was good. Breakfast provided at 7th floor (Rococo) was okay. There were 2 menu choices during that time,  Nasi Lemak and American Breakfast. My mother approved and loved Nasi Lemak. 

My mother preferred to stay inside the hotel room  I went outside and explore Jalan Alor all by myself, and its nearest malls in the Bukit Bintang area.

                                                       Foodtripping alone!

                                                  Jalan Alor on a Saturday Night

Jalan Alor on a Saturday night was alive and festive  because they are going to celebrate Chinese New Year in a week or two.  I love how their dimsum has color coding for flavors. I bought beef noodles and the colorful dimsum for my mother. Everything looks delicious and not to mention affordable.

Dimsum is around RM 10 while seafood/beef noodles is at RM 12.  I also bought pineapple chunks for only RM 3. Bottled water is RM 1.

You can have a decent meal 3x a day, for only RM 100 if you are in a budget. The food is deliciously good and healthy. They are not heavy on salt and MSG.

                           Roasted fried chicken for RM 9 at Pavilion KL

Everything is affordable. Same with their milk teas and coffee. My mother enjoyed a hot cup of coffee at Old Town, KLCC Suria. She tried the white coffee. It was perfect according to her.

After dinner, I have decided to go to Lot 10, Starhill Gallery and Pavilion. Since it was only walking distance from our hotel.

The mall operating hours is from 10AM to 9PM.

I went to Sephora  to buy Fenty Pro and Filtr Foundation in shade 290.
They were selling it at RM 145, its cheap without the tax. But unfortunately, it was out of stock. I asked the SA if 290 shade is available at Sephora KLCC Suria. She was clueless. She should have checked it first by calling the Klcc Suria branch, instead she told me to just visit the store. Since Petronas Towers was included in my itinerary, and located in KLCC Suria. I never bothered her. I don't want any argument during that time.

After Sephora, I dropped by Zara and bought a skirt for RM 40. It was on sale, but the price point is just the same in Manila.

Part 2 Next..

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