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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Erich Gonzales reveals her secret to getting fit--the healthy way

When you are around my age. You can feel that your metabolism is slowing down. No matter how you control your diet, you feel that you are gaining fat around your belly, arms and legs too.

That's why I need to exercise and squeeze  a 30-minute workout sessions into my busy weekly schedule.

I guess,  everyone struggling with their weight needs a diet supplement to reach their healthy goals.

When I heard about mySlim and how it help with weight loss. I have to try it to lose just 5 lbs off my weight.

mySlim recently launches celebrity Kapamilya star Erich Gonzales as their newest Ambassador at Seda Vertis North Hotel on March 21.

Erich Gonzales who went topless on the January issue of Rogue Magazine this year was flawless and fit. She is the epitome of a fit and healthy filipina.

She told that apart from her diet, she regularly work out at the gym to maintain her ideal body.

mySlim has always been the Slimming product for those who want to slim down for the right reasons, so it was no surprise that the very popular brand’s new endorser is perennial showbiz A-lister Erich Gonzales.

mySlim and Erich have had a similar journey. mySlim is a brand that came from a little-known company that simply proved too good a product to stay obscure. The bottom line: mySlim works, the brand is staying power, loyal customers, and the bevy of beautiful brand endorsers who have represented the brand over the years are proof positive.

In a media event held at Seda Vertis North, Quezon City, mySlim formally announced Erich as the new face of the brand, underscoring the new meaning of sexy that mySlim has helped define. With this move, mySlim cements its stand of encouraging women to see beyond weightless regimens, fad diets, and even expensive and often dangerous aesthetic interventions. *

According to Erick Armigos, brand architect of Vida Nutri-Science, makers of mySlim, "In a country that consistently ranks among the best in the world in Gender Equality, especially in the work place, the sexy F ilipina is one who embodies what it is to have self-worth and who takes care of her body for the sake of health and fitness, and not just to look sexy. "

Vida Nutriscience, made sure that their product was designed using the best, safest; and most effective 'ingredients that will complement a healthy lifestyle. MySIim contains Yerba Mate, Carnipure, and Palatinose which are potent ingredients that help you burn unhealthy fat and sustain a healthy body.

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Yerba Mate is a potent and safe detoxification agent and metabolic stimulant that is similar to, but more powerjiil than cojfee and tea. Clinical studies prove that it helps lessen fat absorption by improving insulin sensitivity, giving your body an added fat burning boost without adversely affecting muscle mass when you exercise regularly.

The reason we become overweight is that the human body burns carbohydrates before it burns at, this is a logical evolutionary phenomenon. Carbohydrates cannot be stored, they can only be burned or lost. Fat on the other hand CAN be stored. This phenomenon allows us to not starve to death in the event that we can’t eat for periods of time in excess of 12 15 hours. The side effect is that because we rarely ever go that long without a meal in modern times, we end up storing too much fat.

Carnipure, a form of L-Camitine enables the conversion of fat into metabolic energy and reduces metabolic stress. This gives the body the ability to burn fat during workouts, even when there Is still an abundance of energy from carbohydrates.

mySlim also contains Palatinose which is a powerful metabolic booster that makes the most out of your routine exercises. It’s a type of carbohydrate that supplies glucose, our body’s preferred energy source. Palatinose helps sustain the body’s energy supply by breaking down slowly which gives our body more glucose over a longer period of time.

The science behind mySlim ensures a safe and effective way to achieve weight loss and overall fitness, especially when partnered with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. mySlim works best for people like its new endorser Erich Gonzales who, despite managing a busy lifestyle, still takes time to eat right and to exercise.

mySlim is available in three product variants: ready-to-drink, powder drink, and food supplement mySlim is available in Mercury Drug, Watson ’s, and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information, visit wwmvidanutriscience. com or mySlim's Facebook page

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