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Friday, February 21, 2014

Jasmine Curtis-Smith's Heart of Gold


Goldilocks together with Jasmine Curtis- Smith made the kids of White Cross Children's Home in San Juan, the happiest  this February. As they danced,  decorated their cakes, played games,  feasted on the ever favorite sarapinoy meals and the caramel pusong mamon, these and all with Kapatid star Jasmine Curtis- Smith. She gamely posed pictures with children and  to the people who were present that afternoon.  All smiles were plastered to those who witnessed the event as love was truly in the air.  Orphaned children has a soft spot for Jasmine as this was made evidence to the time she spent with them. She made their February truly a memorable one,  full of fun and memories to reckon with.

February is the month of giving love and showing people how much you care. Even at the tender age of nineteen, rising star Jasmin Curtis-Smith is no stranger
to bringing happiness and hope to others. During the relief operations for Typhoon Maring, for example, the young celebrity worked with World Vision and Habagat response teams to provide relief goods for victims.

As the newest member of Goldilocks family, it is clear that Jasmine’s dedication
for community work remains among her top priorities. Together with representatives from the country’s  number one bakeshop, the young actress recently visited White Cross Children’s Home to share her affection with kids who need it the most.

Located in the heart of San Juan, the White Cross Children’s Home offers food and shelter to orphaned children. Following with a group tour of the facility, Jasmine led a unigue game to break the ice: a “Trip to Jerusalem” with a twist. Everyone then proceeded with a Valentine’s-themed eating contest, with the new Goldilocks Caramel Pusong Mamon as the yummy fare.

“The kids were racing to finish as many Caramel Pusong Mamon pieces as they could, but it was obvious that they were enjoying the treat as much as the game,”
Jasmine enthused. “The incredible smiles on their faces and the sound of their
laughter – it doesn’t take a lot to elicit that out of them, just time and sincerity,”
she further added.

The children then had a chance to display their creativity through a “Decorate
Your Cake” contest, personalizing their own 6” round cakes with a variety of colorful (and delicious) toppings. Another fun surprise came when Jasmine – joined by one of Goldilocks cuddly party mascots Baker Bear – led a birthday
song for all February celebrants, making them feel very special indeed. As the event came to a close, Jasmine thanked the children for letting her to be a part of their wonderful Valentine’s day.

“Jasmine truly exemplifies what it means to be pusong mamon, and we are so pleased to welcome her into Goldilocks family,” noted Goldilocks Marketing Director Pinky Yee. “As she continues to spread hope and and reach out to children in need, we can all see that Jasmine’s heart is as soft and sweet as our Pusong Mamon,” she concluded.[]

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