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Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Oishi OWow! Moment with Daniel Padilla

“I had my entire Saturday planned when my editor [ED] texted me at around 10 am asking to attend an  Oishi event scheduled at noon.

I said yes, took a quick shower, grabbed a shirt and a pair of jeans, laced up my chucks and rushed to the LRT. It usually took an hour to get to Bonifacio Global City from my place but because of the heavy traffic– and no thanks to the wrong directions ED gave me (“Just look for the IHOP Building, he said”) which was
actually a few blocks off — it took me an hour and a half to get there.

I had to ask 5 guards on almost every street corner who were equally confused before I finally made it to the W Bldg building on High Street. I had to freshen up inside the elevator, since I was perspiring from the long walk and thankfully looked less haggard when I reached the Skye Lounge.

The venue looked quite different from the night parties/event photos I see on Facebook as it transformed into a festive summer arcade with the bright red , yellow, orange and green, colors of my favorite Oishi snacks. There was a mini Oishi Sari Sari Store stacked with everyone’s favorites crunchy treats and I loved the color blocking it creates–plus their healthy drink Oaties and Smart C+.

After signing the guest list, Miss Martha of Bridges PR handed me a white towel, an Oishi sack bag, and a pink Oishi printed scarf and told me that there would be a  game and I was part of the pink team.  The program had already started with RJ Ledesma doing hosting chores with a female radio DJ.

I squeezed my way near the front of the stage hoping to get some decent photos and noticed there were a lot of celebrities, media and bloggers, some with their entire families in tow to support the event. Some of the celebrities I spotted were Phil and James Younghusband, Mikaela Lagdameo Martinez and family, Pia Magalona and her children, Anton del Rosario and Ms. Tessa Prieto Valdez with her daughter Athena.  There were also several young children running around mesmerized by all the goodies around them.

Oishi’s O! Wow! endorsers were then introduced to lead their teams–Ramon Bautista for the Green Team, Elmo Magalona for the Red Team, Slater Young for Yellow Team.

RJ then described the games available such as the Oaties milk the cow, Ramon’s Boot Camp, Scramble, the Elmo Jeep, Slater Young’s Zorb, a big rolling plastic ball and Daniel’s Padilla’s shoot out basketball hoop and the prizes at stake for the winning team. 

As I was busy taking pictures, RJ then called in another ambassador for Oishi– and I was taken back by the sudden movements of everyone pointing their cameras to the guy in a white Oishi Team O shirt, wayfarer shades, tattered jeans and his high cut running black shoes– I actually caught a whiff of his scent before I saw him come up the stage– and he smelled divine.

And just like that, it seemed time stood still for a moment as everyone’s eyes were glued on this teen heartthrob they call DJ or Daniel Padilla.

I admit I am more of a fan (make that die-hard fan)  of his uncle Robin Padilla way back my college days, and Daniel exuded almost that same rugged charm and mystery that made most girls and ladies–including me find irresistible .

Not to sound like a cradle snatcher, but I finally understood why he’s one– if not the most popular teen actor today. He has loads of appeal, he is young, fresh and was quite taller than I expected.. His famous #medyobadboy also perfectly suited his rebellious image though he was really quiet.

He was, or should I say seeing him was my perfect Oishi O Wow! moment. Much as I hate to admit it, I felt like a high school girl who just met her long time crush. Had they asked to us to form a Daniel Padilla fan’s club on that day, I would have volunteered– or fought my way to be president. I think I’m still blushing as I type this.

I was on cloud nine and I forgot about walking 30 minutes under the heat of the midday sun and that my stomach was already growling for some decent lunch.

I stood there dumbfounded as Daniel displayed his basketball prowess, shooting hoops, and gamely posed for photos with everyone. I keenly observed how he smiled, the way he talked, walked and posed.

What I’d do to be in Kathryn Bernardo’s shoes and spend a day with Daniel Padilla…hayz.

Just as Ed instructed (REQUESTED lang! –ED), I went home carrying a big bag full of Oishi goodies…and an Oishi OWow memory in my heart that would always be remembered.

Happy 40th anniversary Oishi! Thanks for re-igniting the fan in me after all these years. I didn’t know Johnny Depp would ever have to share top spot with a much younger Daniel Padilla.

Curse of the blurred photo-op! haha.

Now I couldn’t wait for the next Oishi O Wow! event!

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