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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Instax launches mini Neo Classic, mini 8 and Mini Hello Kitty

Instax Wanderlaunch was held at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery and Cafe last December 6, 2014.
To celebrate the holiday season, FUJIFILM Philippines Inc.  injects the “fun” element back into photography, by combining retro style with cutting-edge technology that deliver fun card-sized photos.

The new Instax cameras include the instax Mini Hello Kitty, instax wide 300 and more color variations of the much loved instax mini 8, and mini 90 Neo Classic.

The instax mini lineup of instant film cameras enables consumers to write messages on high quality, credit card-sized photos immediately. Photo enthusiasts around the world can easily enjoy the unique feature of having an analog image that can be taken anywhere and shared with family and friends. Fujifilm’s lnstax Mini 8 Instant camera now has 2 vivid, ‘fun ateiawrs added to the current lineup: Grape and Raspberry

The new instax mini 90 Neo Classic will be available in Brown- chosen to appeal to a wider consumer audience that wants the fun of an instax instant film camera and the elegance of a refined and sophisticated brown color.

The large size film used for instax. WIDE is even better for capturing great moments with your famiiy and friends. The instax Wide 300 has a tripod socket that is useful for group photos.

It also has a fill-in flash by flash-on button backlighting to enhance the photos.

And to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Japanese iconic fictional character, FUJIFILM Philippines Inc.  launches the new “lnstax Mini Hello Kitty”.

The camera features a 60mm move in/out type lens and comes with a 0.37x real image viewfinder. With a 0.6 – %focus range, the lnstax mini Hello Kitty camera has 1/60 sec shutter speed and constant firing (auto light adjust) flash which has a range of 0.6m -2.7 m. It also has a mirror that is perfect for self portraits.

For more information follow them on @teaminstaxph

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