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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ramen Sora: No Ramen No Life!

Ramen Sora opens at the Waterfront Avenue in Subic

My comfort food consists of hot steaming bowl of mami, congee and then ramen. When ramen becomes a rage in Manila last year. I checked out the first ramen house that was available together with a friend. I first ate out at Fukkouka Makati and the rest was history.  At first glance, ramen has a resemblance to mami but the difference lies in the soup and ingredients. It is mostly creamy based on the soup.  Ramen (ラーメン) is a noodle soup dish that was originally imported from China and has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan in decades.  Ramen restaurants, or ramen-ya, can be found in virtually every corner in Japan and produce countless regional variations of this common noodle dish. Ramen is the most affordable dish in China and or Hongkong, but here in Manila, you have to scowl php400 for a decent bowl. I have been to 5 Ramen restos in Manila and I should say, Im still exploring other ramen houses as well, as I am a fan of legit spicy ramen, the spicier the better.

From L-R; Chef Nori, Chef Yoshi, Chef Tommy and Gerry Apolinario

Last December 20, 2014 I was invited to check out the new ramen restaurant Ramen Sora at Waterfront Avenue in Subic. Gerry Apolinario of the famous Gerrys chain of restaurants decided to bring Ramen Sora here in the Phils from Las Vegas, USA. upon seeing that Ramen Sora holds a new promise in the food business, The men behind the Ramen Sora Nori, Yoshi and Tommy were excited for the first store in Subic  and claimed that they are on the process of putting up their second branch in Cebu.

Corn Butter Ramen
Shio deluxe Ramen
Menma Ramen

Miso Ramen

When I checked their menu, the ramen that intrigued me is the one with corn and  butter, so I ordered for that with the shoyu (soy)  soup as base as I am not a fan of the salt. The taste was fine with tomago and chasu. I feasted on their noodles. They were on their dry run that day, its okay to spice it up a little bit, if you prefer it with chilis. Noodles are freshly delicious, its not soft or hard, its the way I like it cooked. The interior has a homely feel to it as if youre eating in Japan with the legit ramen.

Born in Hokkaido Sapporo in 2003. Ramen Sora Subic is only the second branch overseas after Las Vegas, Nevada USA., which has a 5-star rating at travel website tripadvisory.,com

Considered Japan's culinary center, Sapporo is often the go-to district for those who want to indulge in the best of Japanese food like Ramen Sora.

Chef Yoshi Ishise, the man behind the restaurant's best tasting ramen, explains: "Ramen is one of Japan's staple dishes just like the rice to filipinos. We could not live without ramen. At Ramen Sora we put our heart and soul into preparing dishes because we want to make our customers happy. Isnt happiness life's ultimate goal?"

Chef Yoshi along with his team of Filipino chefs and partners from Prime Pacific Grill, Inc (PPGI) guarantee that they will transport Pinoys to Sapporo to enjoy the best ramen they will ever taste from Ramen Sora.

PPGI is also the operator of Filipino favorite Gerry's Grill, Kusina ng Gerry's, Aresi (Italian American restaurant) and Sweet Chili (Thai restaurant).

If you happen to drop by at Waterfront Subic, dont forget to check out Ramen Sora, Aresi and Gerrys as well. Then tell me what is your favorite ramen flavor.

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