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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Multi-lifestyle is more fun with Lenovo Vibe X2

Wearing many hats can be the opposite of complicated with a multilayered smartphone

An ogre from famous animated movie once said, each person is made up of layers (not like cake layers, but onion layers). In today’s world, most people play multiple roles or layers. Someone can be a entrepreneur-slash-blogger-slash-artist-slash-chef-slash-health buff. Some people are even thriving rather than stressing about their multifaceted lifestyle.

Recently, people can bring their multifaceted life to new levels with the world’s first multilayered smartphone, the Lenovo VIBE X2.

1. Reflect your changing moods. Show your true colors. Multi-role people like to stand out from crowd with what they wear, a trait shared by the VIBE X2. The first in the world to sport a trendsetting layered design, the Lenovo VIBE X2 turns heads with three colors. Lenovo applied three coats of paint for each tone, totaling nine coatings per phone. Expert hand craftsmanship further refined the layers -- gold, white, and red. Sleek and light, the VIBE X2 measures just 7.277 mm and weighs a mere 120g.

2. Multi-tasking down to the core. A dynamic lifestyle requires the Vibe X2’s multi-tasking prowess. Lenovo VIBE X2 is the first smartphone to utilize the latest MediaTek MT6585 True-Octa-Core processor. MediaTek applied its CorePilot technology to unlock the full power of all eight cores for real 4G LTE speed. The excellent performance-per-watt provides great multimedia, smooth gaming, fast 4G data transmission and long battery life.

The VIBE X2 runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat, for optimized memory and improved touchscreen responsiveness and accuracy. Plus, it boasts of the new VIBE UI 2.0 for instant access to camera, favorite apps, and more, right from the lock screen.

3. Energized for the extra mile. People who can go overnight having fun on their smartphone can get extra power without reaching for an energy drink. Lenovo’s innovative click on VIBE Xtensions add an extra layer, functionality and performance to the phone. The VIBE X2 Battery Xtension, ultra-thin at 5.1mm, does double duty by protecting the phone and extending the battery life by 75 percent. The clck-on case allow the layered beauty of the phone to shine through with its transparent edge.      

4. Listen with resounding success. The music fan or movie addict will have endless delights with the VIBE X2 incredible audio and video. The full HD touchscreen displays crisp vibrant colors on its 5-inch IPS LCD. Another VIBE Xtension: the VIBE X2 speaker, is JBL speaker that amplifies hi-fi music and movie audio. A stand allows hands-free usage and a built-in mic permits group conference calls.          

5. Chameleon personality with multiple exposure. Food photography, landscape photos and actions shots are easier than ever with the VIBE X2. It captures the great visuals of life with its advanced dual cameras stacked with multiple shooting modes, beautification and editing features. VIBE X2’s 13MP auto-focus, rear-facing camera comes with a back-illuminated sensor and LED flash to produce sharp, brilliant shots.

Uncomplicated and intuitive to use, the 5MP wide-angle front camera makes selfies effortless thanks to the auto-shutter that can be activated by the blink of an eye or a smile.

Thirty two GB of internal memory gives ample storage space to digital content. On top of that, the VIBE X2 comes bundled with Lenovo DOit Apps for sharing, securing and syncing data to the cloud.

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