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Monday, December 1, 2014

Life well lit for Transitions Signature lenses through Life 360.

In these age and technology, we should provide and invest when it comes to our eyesight. I have been changing my reading glasses when I cant see clearly anymore. I have bought 5 reading glasses for the past 6 years. I am on the lookout for the best eyeglasses there is, I am more than willing to pay for the quality, thus I discovered Transitions Signature Lenses last Nov. 27 at Top of the Citi Paseo de Roxas Makati. We tested the eyeglasses available in fashionable frame and  colors of gray and brown at the roof deck of the building, true to its promise, the lenses changes colors when we went outside.

Transitions Signature lenses are completely clear indoors – but outside, they’re more responsive because of the  exclusive Chromea7 photochromic technology. They are more reactive to UV light so they get darker in more conditions, including bright sun, partially sunny, cloudy, and everything in between.

Transitions Optical releases the new Transitions Signature Lenses to enhance the visual experience of lens wearers in Asia Pacific.  The new Transitions Signature lenses from Transitions Optical are very responsive outdoors and captures images vividly, providing a comfortable and superior visual for all lens wearers.

 Transitions Optical, Inc. has released its latest Transitions Signature lenses for all lens wearers across the region in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Featuring the most responsive adaptive lenses by Transitions Optical to date, the revolutionary new Transitions Signature lenses are developed from Transitions 0ptical’s latest Chromea7’ technology and tested with an exclusive measurement methodology, Life360.

This newly patented Chromea7"‘ technology, an exclusive dye formulation which enables the lens to be more responsive to the smallest change in light conditions outdoors while maintaining clarity indoors. This scientific breakthrough increases Transitions Signature lenses’ sensitivity to light - allowing them to adapt very well across various environmental conditions — and capture colours and images more vividly; leading to a superior and more comfortable wearing experience unlike any other. Transitions Optical Inc. developed and pioneered their new Life.-360"‘ methodology - a more holistic approach compared to current traditional lab-testing models practiced in the industry. Transitions’ Signature” lenses have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation in more than 200 real life conditions and 1000 scenarios in different countries. including Thailand and Philippines.

These scenarios comprised of combinations of differing temperatures, angles of light, UV light, weather conditions and geographical locations; Which improve the real life applications of Transitions’ Signature lenses and ensure its versatility across a variety of settings for lens wearers. Furthermore, blind tests have been conducted with current clear and photochromic lens wearers to assess the visual experience of Transitions“ Signature” lenses. Users have reported Transitions’ Signature“ lenses provide the optimal range of benefits — better darkness outdoors, improved responsiveness in more situations, faster speed of activation and fade back while maintaining clarity of vision indoors and at night - which have led to an improved visual experience compared with their existing set of clear or photochromic lenses‘.

The methodology of Life360‘”' means that Transitions” Signature” lenses are able to adapt to the unique environmental conditions of both Southeast Asia and Asian countries, thus remaining relevant to the market here. Lance Lim, Marketing Manager of Transitions Optical Inc Asia explains the benefits of such a detailed testing process conducted by genuine spectacle wearers, "The high humidity experienced by countries near the Equator mean that various levels of cloud cover across the region result in more indirect sunlight. Transitions® Signature” lenses’ level of tint adapts to all outdoor conditions, making them the smart choice for all-day protection as today's wearers commute between indoor and outdoor environments, as well as travel from region to region.”  Transitions Signature” lenses cater to the increasingly mobile lifestyle of the lens wearer with the latest advancement in photochromic technology. Their lenses are also equally adaptable indoors and in low-light conditions — able to fade quickly and return to clarity — ensuring the best possible visual experience for its users. in addition, Transitions” Signature” lenses protect its wearer from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, while maintaining its vivid and sharp colour perception.  Transitions and the swirl are registered trademarks and Transitions Signature and Chromea7 are trademarks of Transitions Optical, lnc. Transitions Optical, lnc.

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