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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Spend a prosperous Chinese New Year feast at Xin Tian Di, Crowne Plaza

My countdown to the Chinese New Year celebration began a bit early this year, as I got invited to try out the prosperity feast at Xin Tian Di at the Crowne Plaza last January 29, 2015.

It also served as a welcome lunch for the media to meet Crowne Plaza’s newest culinary expert Chef Andy Fung who surprised each one of us with his unique preparations of traditional new year’s dishes as well as some of his own creations.

Chef Andy Fung

The first dish that looked truly appetizing was the Yu Sheng Salad, which consists of raw salmon, shredded raddish,  carrots and some vegetables. It was just a shame that we had to ruin such organized placing of the ingredients because in true Chinese tradition, you have to chant and toss all the ingredients in the air to let prosperity and fortune in.

We sprinkled peanut crumbs and some sesame seeds to the salad, followed by squeezing a slice of lime. which is believed to attract more success . We then used our chopsticks to toss the salad, and were encouraged to toss it high– the higher the toss and the messier  the better as more fortune will come in, we were told.

Check out the before and after photos of the salad.

The shredded vegetables flew up in the air and it landed in our hair, arms and clothes, so I guess we are going to have a pretty awesome year.

Just look at the delicious mess we created!  The salmon combined with plum sauce and vegetables tasted just right with the shredded vegetables in.

The next dish that was served was the Double boiled chicken, ham and wanton soup. It looked simple but this healthy soup with the chewy wanton, soft chicken breast and chicken feet delighted my palate. The broth had a smokey ham after taste which I liked.

It looked like dessert, but the the Fried Golden Mango Seafood Roll, was actually the first of several main courses. The mango and seafood was enveloped in a crispy crust and the assortment of flavors and textures was a treat. I finished the roll in a few bites ending with the sliced strawberry to seal in those those delicious flavors. I liked this dish and would have ordered more if not for—

—the Sauteed Scallop with Brocolli and Fried Shredded Bread Stuffed Prawns, which quickly came next. again it was a plate of mixed textures and flavors, I ate the brocolli first, followed it with a one big bite of the juicy scallop and quickly followed it up with the crunchy breaded prawn.

The third Main course was the Steamed Cod Fish with Wild Mushroom, which was my favorite, as i love fish. The cod fish was savory and the mix of soy sauce and mushroom complemented it quite well.

The Whole Pineapple Fried Rice  was a meal in itself with the pork floss, crabmeat, shrimps and pineapple mixed in with rice giving it a sweet and a bit spicy taste.

We finished our meal with some Baked Crispy Snow Asado Pao, it has juicy pork asado fillings with the right amount of crispiness of the bun, reminded me of that famous pork bun place everyone’s been raving about.

Finally, no Chinese feast would be complete without some Special Buchi, and this time it was paired with some Ube Jelly. The buchi was soft and tender with the right amount of stickiness to it and eating it together with the ube jelly sealed off the flavor.

It was truly a feast for my eyes and tastebuds and everyone was right about Xin Tian Di! It really is one of the best restaurants to spend Chinese New Year and Chef Andy Fung will definitely make sure you enjoy one memorable meal!

Chinese New Year Xin Tian Di’s signature Tikoy (Nian Gao) is available for pre-selling on January 26 – February 8, 2015 at Xin Tian Di and Agenda of Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria. Your favorite glutinous rice cake can be claimed on February 9 – 19, 2015.

Spend your Chinese new year at Xin Tian Di, Crowne Plaza.  Share this intimate celebration with your loved ones. The Chinese New Year Set Menu is available at Php 18,000.00++ per table of 10 persons. Call  633-7222 or email for your reservation and inquiries.

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