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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MFI Vice Chairman Alex Escano focus on Agriculture

Col. Alejandro Teves Escano or Alex as fondly called by his friends and peers.  President of Meralco Foundations Inc for 15 years,  now Vice Chairman for MFI External Affairs, founding chairman of Philippine Chamber of Agriculture and Food Inc. (PCAFI)  and Chairman/President of the Technical Vocational Schools and Associations of the Philippines.  MFI is a vocational school and skills development that  grant yearly scholarships to 200 students. The scholars should be Top 10 in class and indigent. The students then are trained in vocational courses and get a certificate after finishing a short course.

Because of his relevant contributions both in private and government sectors, Col. Escano was a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions. He was also chosen by the Lingkod ng Bayan to become one of the Most Oustanding Leaders in 2013. He bagged this award for his excellent leadership in providing programs and extensive advocacies for the general welfare of the Filipinos in the field of Agriculture, Entrepreneur, Education, Corporate Social Responsibility, Charity and Public Service. Col. Escano also offered free medical and dental missions, doing relief operations during calamities all over the country.

 Agriculture plays a critical role in the entire life of a given economy and Col. Escano believes that if our government will focus and revise our Agrarian reform we can become progressive like the  neighboring countries Taiwan and US.

Col. Escano gives importance to agriculture as an investment priority. Agriculture provides food,  raw materials, and employment opportunities.  We now have 12 farm schools all over the country. Increases in agricultural output can lead to cheaper food and would benefit both the urban and rural poor who spend more than 41% of their income on food. Inclusive growth starts with agriculture. He believes that being a farmer is an important profession. Without them he stressed that we will all die with no food to eat at the table. He encouraged the students to take Agriculture in college, as this will benefit them in the future given the time. land and dedication to farming.

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