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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Philamlife launched "Wanderlust" An epic journey to your next big career adventure

Successful people are the ones who see opportunities and seize them. However, not all people truly appreciate how seizing opportunities can lead to a fulfilling life. Only those brave enough to explore possibilities and embrace change can truly enjoy life and live their dreams.

Philam Life launched its first ever MEGA Business Opportunity Program (BOP)at the SM Megamall cinema entitled “Wanderlust.” With over 800 guests, Philam Life introduced how this career of being a financial advisor can change their lives and the lives of the people they serve.

Record-breaking attendance with almost 800 passengers and Philam Life Financial Advisors

Three of the power speakers, Aileen Palmes, Nina Solomon, and Eric Nicdao are all proud travelers of the Philam Life Premier Agency career path. Each of them described how different their journey started at first and how similar they have become.

Aileen Palmes started out in the hospitality industry and then shifted to the retail industry. She wanted to have personal growth, own her time, and do the things she loves doing. She then decided
to make a career change and become a Philam Life Financial Advisor. At first,the adjustment was difficult because she would constantly find herself out of her comfort zone. But Aileen found this
career to be more meaningful in terms of providing serviceto her clients’ needs. This gave her strength and inspiration to overcome her challenges.

 District Manager Eric Nicdao, Unit Manager Nina Solomon and Premier Advisor Aileen Palmes answer questions by the audience and by celebrity host RJ Ledesma

“I realized that as a Financial Advisor, I’m still in the service industry,” said Palmes. “What I enjoyed in my previous work in a hotel, I still enjoy up to now and even more because servicing has rewarded me with engaging with clients, and really getting to know them to build lasting relationships.”

Unit Manager Nina Solomon likewise came to the same conclusion. Her personal experience strengthened her commitment to help others secure their future and those of their loved ones. “As a Philam Life Financial Advisor, I’ve made it my mission to make sure that my clients’ families will have a good life no matter what happens,”she said. Nina’s hard work has also been greatly rewarded with travels to 25 different countries for free. She was able to accomplish these while being the master of her own time, something that District Manager Eric Nicdao also affirms.

In the first seven years of Eric Nicdao’s corporate career,staying late in the office until 4am and reporting back at 7am was expected of him. This left him with no free time to be with his family. When he made the career shift to join the Philam Life Premier Agency,Eric truly appreciates being able to balance work and life.“A happy person should have a healthy body, a spiritual life,and a good balance between life and work,” said Nicdao.  “As a Philam Life Financial Advisor, you own your time thus enabling you more leeway to set your priorities and live a quality life.”

The three speakers have many traits in common--persistence, courage, and charm. They also attribute their success to a wide array of intensive training and development programs offered by the Philam Life Premier Academy. A combination of training and hands-on mentoring from well-experienced agency leaders has also helped them understand the business,build their client portfolio,bring out their leadership capabilities, and step up to be highly productive and profitable.

All these have made Aileen, Nina, and Eric achieve their Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) status. MDRT is an organization whose membership is internationally recognized as the standard of excellence in life insurance and financial services.

To cap off the event, Philam Life Head of Agency Strategy Office Stephen Segismundo stressed the common bond that ties Philam Life Financial Advisors and their customers together.

“Being a Philam Life Financial Advisor is more than just a career. We are in the business of helping our customers live their real life passions and achieve their dreams. Taking on this career path will reward you in ways that you could never have imagined. In life, using the road less travelled can be worthwhile,” said Segismundo.

Philam Life offers this exciting journey to those who want to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. Indeed, life is full of possibilities worth discovering.

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