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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Try out the first archery challenge maze at SandBox Alviera

If you are a fan of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games fame, you should know by now how effective she is as a hunter and how she shoot well, if you want to channel the Katniss in you, a few lessons and tricks from the SandBox outdoor archery in Alviera, wont hurt as I got to try out outdoor archery once again last January 30 together with selected bloggers.

In archery, setup is the act of raising the bow. Katniss raises that bow fast, but then delivers a knockout punch.  Katniss’ setup is a good start. The basic key I guess is your stance, foot position and that your right arm should raised above your shoulder. I guess I need a  little practice to be like Katniss, but Im getting there.

Learning to shoot a bow and arrows is simple when you realize your shot starts from the ground up. From setting your foot position (stance) to releasing the arrow, to focus on your shoot. Consistency is the key to great shooting.

Following the success of SandBox outdoor archery, Alviera presents the first ever archery challenge maze in the country, the Aqtiv Archery.  Nowhere else can archers run through a maze and face moving targets and obstacles, all under time pressure. Survive an infestation of man-eating monsters. Shoot their life source using your bow and arrow. You only have 2 minutes to complete the task. Fail, and feel the wrath of the hungry ones and get to wear the coolest head gear depends on who you want to be on that day. Isnt that exciting already.

Rate for Aqtiv Archery is at P250 per attempt on the challenge maze and a package rate of P400 includes 30-minute target archery.

This new SandBox attraction in Porac, Pampanga has been dubbed Aqtiv Archery and is expected to provide a whole new exciting outdoor experience.

The SandBox outdoor archery range, operated by Oculus Archery, has had over 5,000 visitors since the attraction opened last year. Children as young as 7 years old to some strong seniors, all new to the sport, have found their bliss in this outdoor feature as they learn the basics of archery in a stationery setup consisting of 12 lanes of targets.

With Aqtiv Archery, participants are given a mission that must be completed within 3 to 5 minutes in the maze depending on the mission’s level of difficulty. Unlike target archery, participants must expect turns and twists and moving targets. For the first mission, archers will face off against Monsters of the Wall. They will be on the run, which adds difficulty to the activity. And in keeping with a themed and more fun setting, participants will be wearing costumes and headgear.

“For the recreational archer, it’s the next step to improving their skills and enjoying archery even more at the SandBox,” said Krizia Chu-Tranquilino, General Manager of Oculus Archery. Themed settings will change over time, so if you’re a court jester in this adventure, you may be a witch, a Viking or even a hippie in the next. 

The SandBox offers different archery packages but first-timers can try the 30-minute target archery first. It includes basic lessons, equipment and a stationary target. This is a pre-requisite before guests can try Aqtiv Archery, which requires basic archery knowledge that has to be combined with agility and hand-eye coordination. Archers who beat the set time for the challenge will be granted Archery Elite status and will win some tokens from Oculus Archery. Every end of the month, the top 5 fastest archers that completed the challenge will be showcased.

Alviera and Oculus Archery will look into hosting tournaments in SandBox in the near future, in partnership with academic and sports institutions.

Other SandBox attractions have been bringing families, friends and even corporations to the park regularly in large numbers. The longer and now tougher Aerial Walk takes visitors through an obstacle course above ground. The  Giant Swing keeps riders thrilled 10 meters up, and many are lined up for the Adventure Tower’s offerings:  rappelling, wall climbing and free fall. Other thrill seekers enjoy Avatar One, Asia’s first roller coaster zipline at 180-meters long. The SandBox’s open fields are ready for outdoor activities like camping, kite-flying, field games and other sports.

“The launch of Aqtiv Archery is only the beginning as SandBox continues to expand in size and attractions in 2016,” said John Estacio, General Manager of Alviera. “Other attractions to be launched this year include a 3-hectare Urban Karting, Airsoft, and Paintball facility together with the opening of restaurants.”

Visitors can also watch out for exciting signature events such as the upcoming summer music and camping festival, Brightscape Campfest.

Alviera is a 1,100 hectare masterplanned development by Ayala Land in partnership with Leonio Land. The property will have residential communities, shopping and dining establishments, offices, and academic institutions as it becomes the new regional growth center of Luzon. Upcoming developments include the Alviera Country Club and the Alviera Industrial Park.

For more information on SandBox at Alviera, visit and  For inquiries, email or contact 0917-803-3099 / (045) 432-0014.

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