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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Switch and Save at Watson's and get a Switcher's Surprise!

Did you know that you can actually save thousands of pesos in shopping money, simply by studying those labels and taking note of their prices? Unfortunately, doing that requires a lot of time, not to mention a lot of effort in comparing each brand one by one. But hey if you are really eyeing that new phone, or saving up for that overdue vacation, every peso counts right?

Thankfully, I found a better, and easier way to save money and enjoy my shopping at the same time-- and I discovered that during my regular trips to Watsons!

Before, I was just kind of an occassional  "smart shopper". You know, the time you only consider about trying to save as much when you want to buy something? In my case, its always been bags, so whenever I find a bag I really like that is the only time I become very meticulous (translate: kuripot when shopping)

It was about two years ago, when I first started to become a regular at Watsons SM North. During the first few times I just went there to buy a few things like toiletries and some personal care items  But as I began to spend more time in the store, I discovered that they had a lot of equivalent item for the branded ones that i bought.

So how do you save at watsons?  By making the Switch and Save of course!

First, its all about convenience, since Watsons stores are located strategically whether you are commuting to or from work, or even if you are driving your own car, they have almost 400 stores all over the country so its easy to find one near you, so you dont have to make that extra stop or make an effort to find one.

Second,  Watsons Label products takes out the guesswork when finding quality products. With over a hundred years of pharmacy experience and recognized as one of Asia's leading retailer, you are assured that you get quality products just by their brand.

Third, Watsons label products are priced considerably lower, and you can save as much as 60 to even 80 percent on their items as compared to other brands.  Not to mention their have a lot of buy 1 take one offers.

Last year they even launched their own generics line so I dont need to go to a different pharmacy for my multivitamins and medicines/ antibiotics as well!

This year, Watsons’ further rewards smart shoppers who have made the SWITCH and SAVE with the SWITCHER’S SURPRISE campaign. The Switcher’s Surprise campaign brings to life the idea that by switching to Watsons label, customers are able to save money for things that they really want or that matters the most to them.

Last January 26 and January 28, several shoppers at the SM Mall of Asia had a double surprise waiting for them simply by making the switch and choosing Watsons Label products. These include a wide range of selected products from personal care to generic medicines likeWatsons Glutathione, Watsons Travel Hair Dryer, Watsons Argan Oil Hair Conditioner, Watsons Body Scrub, Watsons Collagen, and Watsons Breath Strips, among others.

During designated hours of the day, shoppers who pick up specially marked Watsons Label products instantly get the chance to win fabulous prizes, such as a flatscreen TV, a Macbook Air, and a trip for 2 to Hong Kong!

The lucky shoppers were guided to a specially designed booth where they get their surprise – a most coveted prize personally handed by celebrity endorsers Lorna Tolentino, Iya Villania, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Patty Laurel-Filart and Christian Bautista!

“On top of the savings they get from purchasing Watsons Label products, our loyal shoppers have also gotten used to receiving cute items and tokens, so this year we decided to raise the stakes and reward them with something truly unforgettable,” says Karen Fabres, Group Marketing Manager of Watsons Philippines

“Could it be a weekend staycation, airline tickets, maybe a shiny new gadget or phone or it could be the luxury item they have long been saving for, that is what makes the Switcher Surprise even more exciting,” adds Fabres.

“Our customers shop at Watsons to save on the things they really want in life, but with the Switcher Surprise promo, they might just bring home that thing they’ve saving up for with but a single purchase!” It’s definitely a lot easier to enjoy what life has to offer when you choose to Switch and Save the Watsons way.”

For Iya and Patty, Watsons has become their go-to place for their beauty and skincare needs as well as toiletries saying they get the same quality as branded ones but at a more affordable price.

Socialite and self-confessed Tessa on the other hand says she realized that she’s saving even more by buying bigger sizes and more quantity, “so the more I shop the more I actually save!”

Even the men are also discovering Watsons as the idea; place to get their personal care needs, just like Christian Bautista, “There’s always a Watsons conveniently located near you and because of its organized store layout you can easily find what you need quicker.”

As the newest addition to the Watson’s family, Lorna advises making the switch to Watsons Generics. “Women at any age need to keep themselves looking and feeling healthy and with Watsons Generics you are guaranteed to get quality medicine and even save as much as 80 percent!”

Watsons Label believes that with more value from hard-earned money spent on quality affordable products, every Filipino gets more savings to enjoy the other important things in life with their loved ones. With a wider variety of products, from personal care items, beauty essentials, and now medicine, Asia’s leading personal care store provides smart shoppers the choice to save as much as 80 percent without compromising on quality.

In addition to Switcher Surprise, Watson also has the ongoing Buy 2 Take 1 Promo on selected Watsons Label Products until March 2016.

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