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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Reader's Digest Trusted Brands 2016: Recognizing the Consumers Choice

For Filipinos, the issue of choice has always been matter of trust. From the brands we put in our shopping carts to the services we rely on, Filipino consumers have a strong sense of brand familiarity – and that belief weighs heavily on the decision-making process.

Reader’s Digest (RD), one of the longest-running and most read print publications in the world, once again puts the spotlight on the companies we believe in at the RD Trusted Brands 2016 Awards ceremony held June 30, 2016 at the Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, Pasig.

The Trusted Brands Survey,identifies the brands and services Filipinos trust, above all others. It also honors the country’s most trusted TV news Presenter, Radio News Presenter, Entertainment/Variety Show Presenter and Sports Personality.

Trust is an emotion that fuels our decision whether we are conscious of it or not. It is that intangible quality that conveys reliability and integrity. Whether it is a product or service, trust is what reassures us that we are making the right choice.

“For the past 18 years, we have been surveying the people of Philippines and consumers in major markets across Asia, about which brands they depend on, believe in and that they expect to provide premium value and exceptional service,” notes Walter Beyleveldt, Reader’s Digest Managing Director, Asia Pacific.

“Every survey we ask thousands of people – both our readers and a representative sample of consumers in each market – to tell us which brands they consider worthy of their support, custom, and their trust. Not only have we learnt which brands consumers follow, we have discovered a lot about what trust means and how it wins the hearts of people across Asia.”

“Being included in this prestigious list is a huge endorsement and one the winners should be very proud of,” he added.

Beyleveldtand Ms. Sheron White, RD Group Advertising & Retail Sales Director, Asia Pacific flew in from Australia to personally award the trophies to the winners.

Renowned motivational speaker and business influencer, Ms. Anna Esperanza  served as keynote speaker.

Trust is a key component in the relationship between brands and their customers.

It is built on – and it builds – loyalty. And loyal customers, as any successful brand knows, are key to getting – and remaining – in competitive times.

Trust is hard won – it is usually built up over many years. Trust goeshand-in-hand with a good reputation and delivery of customers’ expectations. It emerges out of the very best consumer experiences, and is achieved only by truly understanding your customers.

“Trust is an emotion that fuels our decisions whether we are conscious of it or not--an intangible quality that signals reliability and integrity. Whether it is a product or service, trust is what reassures us that we are making the right choice,” said White.

“A trusted brand has both international appeal but also upholds a strong local connection. It has individual relevance for all its consumers, just about anywhere and in any culture,” she added.

The Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand mark has become a recognizable symbol globally. And we are honored to announce the winners of the latest survey, who will now be able to use this badge of recognition for 2016 to help consumers make the right choices.

For the 2016 Trusted Brand Survey, Readers Digest commissioned global market research company CATALYST.  Approximately 8,000 individuals were selected across 5 of Asia’s key markets such as the Philippines, HongKong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan.

The survey covers 44 categories of products and services across a wide range of industries.

Around 1000 respondents were surveyed in the Philippines.  Half were subscribers to Reader's Digest, while the remainder were selected to reflect the demographics of the general population.

The final ranking in each product category were obtained by multiplying the total number of votes for a brand with its average score for six qualitative characteristics. For statistical accuracy and to ensure results were compiled in an objective manner using proven methodology, the data was weighted to reflect the population distribution of participants.

Platinum Trusted Brand Awards were given to brands that performed exceptionally, winning their category with a score that vastly outpolled their nearest competitor.

Platinum award winners included Baby Company (Baby Store);SM Supermalls (Shopping Center); ABSCBN (TV Network); Century Tuna (Canned Tuna); Monterey (Frozen Meat) Magnolia (Fresh/Frozen Poultry); Carrier (Air Conditioner); Uratex (Mattress); Boysen (Paint); Pilot (Pen); Executive Optical (Eye Center) and PLDT Home (Landline Phone Service).

Gold Trusted Brand Awards were given to brands that scored significantly higher than their rivals.

The Gold award winners are Healthway (Ambulatory Medical Services); Condura (Air Conditioner); PLDT Home DSL (Broadband Services); San Marino Corned Tuna (Canned Tuna); Baguio Oil (Cooking Oil); Citibank (Credit Card Issuing Bank); Asian Eye Institute (Eye Center); Ideal Vision (Eye Center); Medicard (Health Card); Acer (Personal Computer); Camella Homes (Property Developer); DMCI Homes (Property Developer); Condura (Refrigerator); GMA7 (TV Network); Panda (Pen); Sharp (Washing Machine) and Whirlpool (Washing Machine) to name a few.

Asia Trusted Brand Awards were given to a brand that wins Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand award in the same category for at least three countries surveyed.

Recipients of the Trusted Brand awards will receive given a Trophy and will be allowed to use the globally recognized Trusted Brand Logo in their marketing collaterals and merchandising materials.


Another highlight of the night was the special awards given to the countries most trusted personalities.

For the sixth consecutive year, Jessica Soho was named Most Trusted TV News Presenter. Mike Enriquez on the other hand was chosen as Most Trusted Radio Presenter. Toni GonzagawonMost Trusted Entertainment/ Variety Show Presenter, while Filipino boxing champ and now Senator Manny Pacquiao is still the Philippines Most Trusted Sports Personality.

“There are awards and there are awards, and the Reader’s Digest Survey, is in itself a trusted award. This is a result of a survey conducted among its readers and not an award that you can apply for,” says Enriquez.

“They just write you one day to inform you that you have been chosen, and being named most Trusted Radio Presenter is definitely quite an honor.” 

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