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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Running is always better with a partner at the 9th Robinsons Supermarket’s Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run

Why do we run? Why do more and more people sign up for those expensive fun runs? Why can we wake up very early on a Sunday race day all perky and excited but unable to do so during workweek?

During the prehistoric times, running was a necessity because man has to hunt and chase after our food. You don’t run, you don’t eat and you die.

Before automobiles I guess our ancestors also had to run a bit to get from one place to another—and maybe faster during the wartime to survive.

But nowadays when we can have food without even standing, or just use our fingers to order just about anything we need, is there still a reason to run?

So why do people do something that’s physically and mentally challenging, and occasionally painful, when no one is forcing us and there’s basically no reason why.

You’d probably answer for health reasons but there are a lot of ways to stay healthy and other exercises which you can do without waking up before Mr. Sun does

It was a constant thought that was “running” around my head as I walked, trotted and ran sporadically during the 9th Robinsons Buddy held a couple of weeks ago at the BGC area.

When Robinsons held its 9th Robinsons Supermarket Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run, I immediately signed up with a buddy and partner. I remember joining last year with a blogger friend, and ran for 5K.  It was the best fun run yet because I got to the finish line without me realizing it, sweaty but energized.

I was watching all the other runners around me. There were families who were alternating stroller duties to push their sleeping babies along the track, couples who still looked very sleepy and were clearly just forcing themselves to run so as not to disappoint their partner, there were friends who took more photos than steps, and there were also a lot of older people who were probably thankful they could even walk and stretch their legs.

I had my own motivations-- to fit into my old pants and small size dresses again, and maybe shed a few pounds--- although I know that just one run wouldn’t probably do any miracles. 

But as we saw the last 1 km marker and neared the finish line, I realized that while there is no real necessity and while we are not forced to do it, running has become a social activity of sorts, a rather liberating way of escaping the sometimes monotonous and often stressful work schedule.

Thousands ran in pairs for Robinsons Supermarket’s (RSC) 9th Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run, held recently at Bonifacio Global City. The annual run hosted by the country’s largest health and wellness supermarket chain was not only attended by recreational runners taking on the journey to a healthier life but also celebrity advocates of the active lifestyle.

The Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy run is testament to RSC’s steadfast commitment to promote a healthier lifestyle among Filipinos.

Power couples graced the run, with Gretchen Ho and Robi Domingo hosting the event, and Coaches Jim and Toni Saret leading the warm-up and post-run cool-down exercises. Around 4,500 runners joined the 5K and 10K races, including triathlete and 28th SEA Games Gold Medalist Nikko Huelgas.

Top finishers each took home exciting prizes. The 2nd and 3rd placers of the 5K run received P8,000 worth of Robinsons gift certificates, while 10K runners  got P15,000 worth of Robinsons GCs. The 1st placer of the 5K run won a 3D/2N trip with accommodations for two to El Nido, Palawan and the 10K winner received a 3D/2N trip for two to Bali, Indonesia with accommodations.

The 9th Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run was made possible by RSC’s wellness partners, Nestle Philippines, Johnson & Johnson, Nivea and Fonterra, among others, all of which share RSC’s mission to provide more health and wellness options to Filipinos.

Take on a health and wellness journey with Robinsons Supermarket. Like it on Facebook or visit its official website at to stay updated on the activities that it has in store and learn more about the #ILoveWellness campaign.

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