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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Body Reinvented by Century Tuna Celebrity Endorser James Reid

The first time I saw James Reid was 2 years ago with the now girlfriend loveteam Nadine Lustre at an event in QC.  I admit I was never a fan of any filipino loveteam as I dont have the time to watch teleseryes (due to busy schedule) and compare notes after. But for any fiipino movies, if its that good and under the helm of an award winning director, maybe I'll give it a try. 

All changed since the #JaDine fever #TeamReel then to #TeamReal now arrived at the entertainment scene. Everyone, including my parents went gaga over them. They would watch their teleseryes, OTWOL to now Till I Met You like a devoted kilig teenager fan. When I saw James Reid in person, I knew why, its his rugged charm and mysterious personality that draws everyone to him with an Instagram followers of 2Million. I know he has done something good in his credit. The Instagram phenomenon that he is. The first time I post a #JaDine pics from 2 years ago, I gained my first 500 followers in 3 days time and 500 likes in each picture that I posted. How's that for their devoted professional fans. 

When I saw the billboard posted with the word REVELATION DAY on EDSA and that luscious lip snip I knew right away that that belongs to James Reid.  Century Tuna chosen the right heartthrob to love at this very minute.

Century Tuna celebrity ambassador James Reid was launched on Sept. 6 at Makati Shangri-la. The event was hosted by Ms, Joyce Pring and Sam YG. 

When asked who is his fitspiration from the local scene, he told the media that its Derek Ramsay, when probed if Derek knew it. He just shrugged and gave his killer smile. 

Top actor James Reid appears anew in a TV commercial that gives a glimpse on how thinking like a champion has brought him to where he is now. 

There’s no denying that James Reid is one of the hottest young actors today. He’s a social media phenomenon—with millions of followers online, not counting the various fan accounts that his devoted followers set up. The highly bankable love team JaDine, in which he is paired with his reel and real life partner Nadine Lustre, has sent their legions of fans in a frenzy, whether in mall tours, concerts, meet and greets, and even online where they are constant trending topics. 

There are his chart-topping albums including Reid Alert which hit certified platinum level status last May. Then there are his box-office film successes—the 2014 romantic comedy and his launch movie Diary ng Panget; and Talk Back and You’re Dead, the teen romance flick that followed a year later. No doubt, his biggest hit to date is On the Wings of Love, the top-rating primetime series with Nadine that kept viewers glued to their TV sets until its sensational finale.  

Clearly, James Reid is on a winning streak and his steady career path is one that is marked by a succession of winning moves. Recently, he joined the ranks of  Anne Curtis and Derek Ramsey as endorser of Century Tuna, the country’s number one  tuna.

Becoming part of the Century Tuna family has certainly paid off for the young hunk. He is presently at his fittest—sculpted abs, toned muscles, firm biceps—which can be attributed to a rigorous fitness regimen and a proper diet consisting of good protein that Century Tuna can provide. It’s no surprise then that James headlines their latest campaign, where he appears in a series of sizzling television commercials: the first, a TV spot focusing on metamorphosis that sent his fans in a frenzy and created a sensation; the second, which is presently airing, revolves around the idea of commitment and loyalty.

Century Tuna couldn’t be happier for having James in its roster of celebrity endorsers. From the very beginning, they already saw a champion in him. “His story is truly inspiring,” said Greg Banzon, Century Tuna General Manager. “It speaks of transformation, the relentless desire to improve oneself. It’s a winning formula that brings many positive lessons for everyone: perseverance, keeping the faith, while staying humble and true to yourself—qualities that make James a true role model.”   

Meanwhile, for James, it’s really all about trust. “I liken it to a championship game,” he reveals. “If you want to win, you naturally want to surround yourself with a teammate you can put your total faith into. That to me is Century Tuna, and I can’t think of any other name that I’d trust to keep my body fit.”

With bated breath, we watch as James continues to transform—from a teen heartthrob to a more mature actor with the determination, the attitude and the body to conquer and win in the challenging world of show business. 

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