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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Multi-Tasking Tips and Tricks from Fern-C

There are days, when it can be difficult to balance work, family and personal matters.  On such hectic days, it’s essential that we learn how to multi-task. Unfortunately for us, the act of multi-tasking can sometimes leave us drained, weak and tired.  This in turn makes us susceptible to sickness.

 For anyone who has ever suffered from stress created by the need to multi-task, here are 5 ways to make multi-tasking less exhausting, and even more productive.

1. List your priorities.

It’s easier to start working when you have written down or printed out a list of what needs to be accomplished for a day.  This can help keep you organized throughout the day by serving as your reminder of your remaining tasks.

It is advisable to allot specific times and deadlines for specific tasks. Doing this allows you to be more aware of your schedule.  There may be instances, when you need to go over or under the time allotted, but it is still ultimately better to keep a list to help you monitor your progress.

2. Avoid distractions. 

Whether it’s a chatty officemate or the lure of your own smartphone game, find a way to distance yourself from any potential distractions, as they might delay your work schedule. Instead, focus on what’s at-hand and think of what you can look forward to when your tasks are complete..

3. Stay Positive.  

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what goes on in your daily life.  And while is sometimes easier said than done, think positive!  If looking at your list of priorities frustrates you – instead of thinking, “look at all the things I still need to finish,” think of it as “look at what I’ve already managed to accomplish.”  You’ll feel a bit more relieved, and energized to go on.

4. Take 5-Minute Breaks. 

Working non-stop can be exhausting, especially when you’re multi-tasking. So, take a 5-minute breather every time you’ve accomplished something from your list.

This is also the time you can do anything you want – maybe watch a funny video online or read a few pages from a novel. What’s important is that you unwind in this short interval. As a result, this’ll get you feeling refreshed to accomplish your next set of tasks.

5. Supplement your body with FERN-C. 

To keep help you resilient throughout all your activities is the ideal Vitamin C supplement of all – FERN-C!

FERN-C is a potent anti-oxidant – this means that it’s able to strengthen the body’s immune system to protect it against flu, cough, bronchitis, respiratory problems, viral and bacterial infections. In addition to that, ingesting FERN-C can even promote healthy gums, teeth, bones and other connective tissues. All of these result in a stronger and more resilient body that can keep going all day long.

On top of that, FERN-C is a Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C supplement, which means that it does not cause irritation in the stomach. This is because it is an alkaline-based Vitamin C capsule with the basic pH balance of 7.5 to 7.8. This allows Vitamin C users to take FERN-C anytime of the day, even before meals. It should also be noted that FERN-C is the number one Vitamin C Sodium Ascorbate supplement in the Philippines.

Finally, each FERN-C pack contains the Quali-C seal, which certifies it of quality and effectivity. So, don’t go for something uncertain when you multi-task, get FERN-C today and be among the many satisfied FERN-C users, because with FERN-C, “subok na!” 

FERN-C is available in all major drugstores nationwide. 

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