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Monday, November 28, 2016

Bonappetea opens flagship store in Kasa Luntian Tagaytay

When I started my blog 3 years ago, I had a hard time settling for a name that would fit my niche.  I went from my name to stylewatcher to Lou Vents. Then after months of deliberation I decided to go Lemongreentea.

I am a self confessed tea addict. I have been drinking teas from way back 2007,  I got myself addicted that I could easily distinguish taste and aroma from white to green to red to black to blue to yellow teas. From English Earl Grey to Japanese Sencha, Taiwan Green teas to fruit teas. I also have sachets/collection from the countries and hotels I have been through. I bought the extraordinary ones. Luckily, the hotel waitstaff from the hotels I have dined in were kind enough to let me have some extra sachets to keep.   I order online when I crave for Yellow Gold Tea Buds that is when I have the budget.

When Im outside and is craving for a concocted teas. I drop by  at a favorite MilkTea stand alone in Makati. I have tried other branch but I had taste issues with their finished product. Its either too sweet, bitter or  too strong for my liking. That's why I customized my tea whenever I order. It should be brewed, no sugar, less ice, with pearls on a large cup. Its always like that. I seldom order milk teas. When I do, its either Im craving for sugar or I am too hungry to begin with.

Until I got an invite to try Bonappetea in Kasa Luntian Tagaytay.  Bonappetea,  the Philippines’ fastest-growing milk tea café franchise, held its grand opening of its 35th  branch at The Lanai at Kasa Luntian in Tagaytay, Cavite.

We had our first stop at Bonappetea Paseo in Laguna for our breakfast. I ordered a large Lemon Yakult no sugar with pearls and partner that with Spam, Cheese and Egg waffles. After picture taking of the store,  teas served and waffles we proceeded to Bonappetea Kasa Luntian in Batangas. 

Their Bestseller: Wintermelon Milk Tea with Pearls

The ribbon cutting ceremony brought together key executives from Bonappetea’s mother company, Goldenjoy Franchising, Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. Antenor “Tenny” Taguba, Chief Financial Officer Mr. Francis  Chung, and  Chief Executive Officer Ms. Marjorie Reyes.   Also gracing the grand opening were esteemed guests starting with Hon.Vice Mayor Raymond A. Ambion of the Tagaytay city mayor’s office, King Labarda of Alveo Land, and  members of the media and  blogger community. Guests who were fans of GMA-7’s “Encantadia” were given an extra treat as Kapuso actor Rocco  Nacino, who plays Aquil in the highly rated telefantasya, joined the opening.

Located in an idyllic leisure condo neighborhood, Bonappeatea  at The Lanai at Kasa Luntian is a milk tea lover’s haven offering a slew of mouthwatering yet affordable beverages from its statement milk teas and  fruit juices to salt and  cheese foam  blends and  frappes, as well as food choices ranging from waffle sandwiches and  waffle sundaes to breakfast ramen and  rice bowls.

The new branch sports the  brand’s signature modern minimalist interiors featuring a soft mint green and  warm orange color  palette with touches of brick and  wood, thus  complementing the crisp and cool,  nature-inspired Kasa Luntian  complex. With a relaxing atmosphere and  a beverage and  food menu bursting with flavor, Bonappetea at The Lanai at Kasa Luntian makes for an ideal respite for families, couples, students, and  anyone who’s looking to indulge in a moment of peace and  quiet with a delicious cup  of tea.

Bonappetea ’s grand opening of its newest Kasa Luntian branch in Tagaytay on November 20, 2016 also marks  the launch of its Christmas Drinks selection and  2017:  Bonappetea All-Year Planner.

Starting on the launch date is Bonappetea serving its Christmas Drinks selection of five (5) special beverages, each offering health benefits to balance out  the major  holiday bingeing everyone will be getting into this season. The selection features:

Berry Christmas Punch  milk tea is a a concoction of Indian flavors mixed with wild berries.
It uses  assam tea, which contains antioxidants that  can decrease the risk of heart attack and  strokes, as well as improve blood circulation. The strawberry and  vanilla flavors give this drink sweet, tarty notes that  blend well with assam tea’s floral and  sweetly dry flavor. (Php90/large cup)

Honey Winter Solstice milk tea is a mix of sweet comb honey with a slight tang of
fruitiness. The assam tea packs a punch of caffeine that  makes this drink a perfect morning pick-me-upper to brighten (and sweeten!) up your day. (Php90/large cup)

Royal Tropical  Plush is a blend of tropical fruits and classic Jasmine tea with a tinge of
citrus flavor. Not  only does Jasmine tea impart a relaxing fragrance, but  it also helps to reduce stress, improve the body’digestive system, and  lower cholesterol. The mango syrup  and  lime syrup  add (Php90/large cup)

Jack Frost  Frappe is a cream-based drink fused with green apple and topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. Green apples are, in fact, well known  for reducing cholesterol and  preventing liver and digestive tract  issues. (Php110  for large)

Mango Graham Frappe is an ode to one of our favorite Filipino refrigerated, no-bake desserts. It is made with fresh milk, mango syrup,  crushed graham, vanilla syrup,  and sweetener, and  then topped with whipped cream and  crushed graham. And as we know, fresh  milk is one of the best sources of vitamin  D which can help the body to better absorb calcium. (Php110  for large)

What I liked from the 5 Christmas drinks offered above is the Berry Christmas Punch, it has that not so sweet floral dry flavor that compliments the indian flavors mixed with berries.

Starting on November 20, 2016, customers can start  collecting special holiday stickers to avail the 2017: Bonappetea All-Year Planner for free. Every purchase of one (1)  Bonappetea
Christmas or classic  drink is equivalent to one (1) holiday sticker;  customers must  collect and
affix 18 stickers, comprised of 9 Christmas Drinks and  9 classic drinks,  on a promo card  to get a

“With  Christmas  fast  approaching,  as  it is the time of giving  and  sharing,  we  decided  to  offer our valued customers something for them to always remember their experience with us, a gift in return for  their continuous patronage. Something they would use daily and help them organize their daily goings-on, and  which would allow us to be a part of  every turning page of  their busy lives  and serve  as a memory  keeper  for  events  that matter,”  says  Ms. Marjorie  Reyes, CEO  of Goldenjoy Franchising, Inc.

By acquiring the 2017: bon appeTEA All-Year Planner, customers also  take part  in sharing their blessings since part  of the Christmas Drink proceeds will help  less  fortunate families to  have a happy  celebration  this  Christmas.  “We  will be donating  Noche Buena packages to  families  in the communities surrounding b on  ap p e T E A branches nationwide,” Ms. Reyes adds.

Bonappetea Christmas Drinks and  the 2017: Bonappetea All-Year Planner are available at all Bonappetea branches nationwide

Bonappetea is open daily at The Lanai at Kasa Luntian  is located in Calamba St., San Jose, Tagaytay

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