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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goldilocks celebrates 50th anniversary with National Cake Day!

Goldilocks recently celebrate National Cake Day in part of Goldilocks’ 50th Birthday Celebration with a buffet of Goldilocks all time favorite cakes! at Goldilocks SM Manila last Nov 26. We feasted on our favorite cakes like Black Forest, Chocolate Chiffon, Classic brownies, Chunky Choco Cake, Choco Cherry Torte, Triple Delight Cake, Choco Caramel Decadence, Mocca Chiffon and a lot more were presented and offered to the media.

I enjoyed all the cakes offered  and partnered it with a hot tea in the corner. I wish I could eat more I have to control my diet though. So Goldilocks let us enjoy their celebration cake with a take out cake!

I love Goldilocks eversince my parents introduced us kids to their cakes. From our birthdays, to graduation, to Christmas and New Year, christening and town fiestas. Goldilocks has been there for us. Now, Im passing the deed to my children and grandchildren by gifting them with their favorite Goldilocks Black Forest Cake and celebration cakes when there's anything to celebrate. It truly became a part of the family tradition.

It's no secret that everyone loves dessert, and cake is always at the top of that list. From the classic favorites like Chocolate and Butter cakes to the more special Black Forest and Brazo de Mercedes, Goldilocks has been on top of their cake game. With 50 years of cake experience and expertise under their belt, Goldilocks has given delight to children, adults, and every cake enthusiast all over the country with their classic flavors, premium cakes, and even their snack-sized cake slices.

Goldilocks celebrated the enduring charm and taste for their cakes at the recently concluded National Cake day in SM City Manila.

National Cake Day is part of Goldilocks’ 50th Birthday Celebration. Guests were treated to all the classic and premium Goldilocks cakes that they could eat at the National Cake Day buffet. All the guest were able to have their fill of classic Black Forest, Ube, and Mocha cakes; and premium flavors such as Chocolate Velvet, Rainbow, and Caramel Banana. Of course, snack cakes like the Double Dutch, Chiffon, and Marbled slices also made an appearance at the buffet, which everyone enjoyed.

Even if it isn’t National Cake Day anymore, go ahead and indulge yourself! Grab a Goldilocks cake slice, cake roll, or any of Goldilocks’ famous round cakes and share a slice with family and friends!

Can’t decide what flavor of cake to get? Visit the Goldilocks website to learn about all of their cake flavors at!

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