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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Piolo shares his source of daily collagen and skincare routine

I first met The Ultimate Heartthrob Papa P or Piolo Pascual  a few years ago, before he became My Daily Collagen celebrity ambassador, and I must say, he hasn't changed much, He even looks a lot fitter and leaner and doesn't look anywhere near 40.. He could easily pass off as someone in his late 20s or early 30s.

When asked about his skin care routine, diet and secret supplements. He swears on La Mer, the skincare line. He has been using it when he met an accident years ago,  together with his supplements. Looking closely, the actor has smooth and wrinkle-free skin. No pores at all.

He is on a special diet which he did not share to the media. He is taking My Daily Collagen, twice a day for his protein supplement. In the morning, before working out  and at bedtime to make him sleep well.

Piolo Pascual is everywhere—if he’s not working on a new movie or on the road promoting a teleserye, he’s either preparing for his next marathon or working on one of his many advocacies. He’s award-winning actor, a strong athlete, a doting father (as evidenced by his kulit Instagram posts), an in-demand endorser, a passionate advocate, a reliable friend and the list goes on!

The question is—how does he do it? The Ultimate Heartthrob shares that he actually takes care of himself inside and out!

“I eat my breakfast then my supplements like vitamins and collagen,” he said.
The Since I Found You star has now made My Daily Collagen part of his daily regimen, even calling it a superprotein.

For years, collagen has only been associated to maintaining beauty when in fact, collagen is a common structural protein found in all types of skins and connective tissues—that is even with men. Collagen is considered as the “glue” that holds the bones, muscles, tendons, joints, and the skin together.

But more than that, since it’s packed with the superprotein, My Daily Collagen is packed with myriads of benefits that Piolo attest to.

“For me, it may increase energy levels, may fasten recovery from intensive workouts, may reduce joint pains, may help rejuvenate skin to look younger, and may improve sleeping habit!” he vouched.

Even at his age, Piolo remains energized and unstoppable thanks to My Daily Collagen. The drink contains the right dosage of easily-absorbed marine collagen peptide at 1000 mg, which is the ideal amount of collagen for the body.

The actor whose career spans more than two decades have a few tips to those who wanted to live an energetic and vibrant life like his.

“Be humble. Enjoy life with your loved ones. Be active. Eat and live healthy. And perhaps, drink healthy na rin,” he said.

Known for their quality skin care products, My Daily Collagen is produced by Global Wellness Enterprise in partnership with Nizona Corporation in Japan.

“Japanese people live busy and fast-paced lives, and I saw that many of them are taking this product as part of their daily routine where they can simply pop into a store and buy an antioxidant drink,” says Anna Perez, President and CEO. “It amazed me, and I wanted to bring this kind of wellness consciousness to the Philippines.”

Other than breaking stereotypes as far as collagen drinks are concerned, My Daily Collagen, according to Anna, aims to introduce a more positive attitude towards wellness.

My Daily Collagen is available in Mercury Drug, Rose Pharmacy, and South Star Drug nationwide!
For more updates about My Daily Collagen, just visit Facebook and Instagram @mydailycollagen, or visit

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