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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Perla; as a moisturizer and anti-aging soap

Before going to bed every night. I have these beauty rituals that I inherited from my mother--and even my lola, and one of them is to make sure my face was clean and free of any makeup.

I was still in my teens when I first got introduced to Perla, yes, the laundry soap, and it was by accident because I ran out of facial wash.

My mother handed me her extra Perla soap saying it was the one she had been using all those years and swore that  it had a moisturizing and smoothing effect on her face.  Like any teenage girl I was very hesitant fearing that it would sting (because she used it for our clothes!) and worse, even  damage my face!

But after trying it out for 6 months, I was convinced, Perla was indeed effective and it had since become part of my  routine.

My mother uses it at night prior to applying her anti aging moisturizers. She says, it has that tightening feel effect on her face, so I guess it works for anti-aging too.

For those who know my mom, she is already 68 years old, but she still looks young and sometimes those MRT guards would  still ask for her Senior Citizen's card.

I remember too, back in the days, I was diagnosed with eczema. My dermatologist recommended Perla for my hands. Its good for moisturizing the skin and prevents itching too. I swear by the many use of this wonder product.

Not to mention that I used to wash my kids white uniform using this laundry soap separately as (first wash) for how many years now.

Perla is the perfect partner in taking care of your special clothes such as whites as it is made with natural ingredients that keep your whites looking pristine and new while ensuring that your skin remains moisturized and not irritated. Perla is known for its gentle cleaning properties without the harsh and harmful ingredients. It retains the credibility of coloured clothes without compromising the strength of the fabrics even after several washes. Proven, tested, and trusted over the years, Perla remains the number one choice of many Filipinas when it comes to maintaining delicate clothes.

Perla marks their deep relationship with fashionable Pinays over the years, Perla staged a fashion event celebrating the unique fashion sensibilities of Filipinas last August 25 at SM The Block. The fashion show was hosted by Ms Gelli Victor and graced by Perla Ambassador Ms.Toni Gonzaga.

Perla ambassador Toni Gonzaga leads fashionable Pinays in a fashion show

Entitled Basics Redefined: The Perla Fashion Show, the event featured 30 real-life Perla users who slayed the Perla all-white OOTD contest on Facebook and Instagram. Through runway ready all-white looks, these Filipinas proved that white outfits are neither bland nor boring, but instead empowering and timeless.

Today, many fashionable Filipinas are turning to basics to create standout looks. Monochromatic outfits are all the rage in some of the top fashion capitals of the world--from New York to Milan, Tokyo to Paris -all-white looks dominate runways and walkways. This trend has now caught on here in our country, with fashionable Filipinas rocking the look everywhere.

And to help them take care of their basic whites, more and more Filipinas are turning to one trusted name--Perla.

Aside from walking down the runway with fashionable looks last August 25 at The Block, SM North Edsa, the winners of the social media contest got to interact with Perla’s brand ambassador, TV host and notable actress, Toni Gonzaga.

It’s so inspiring to see all these ladies, from all walks of life gathered in one place to celebrate fashion and timeless style,” Toni shared. ”These women are mothers, students, and career women, and Perla took the time to pamper them, dress them, and glam them up. I’m so happy that they got to experience the level of Perla’s meticulous care, just like what I’ve enjoyed from Perla.” 
From the thirty ladies who joined the fashion show, three winners were named who subsequently took home special prizes from Perla! Ms. Trish Perez bagged the grand prize of P40,000.

The audience did not miss out on the fun as well because they too, received Perla gift packs just by participating on the activities and games on the venue.

For more information about the Basics Redefined: Perla Fashion Show and more exciting promos and offers, follow Perla on Facebook at i erlaahiliq vines and on lnstagram at| 


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