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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Why Daniel Padilla and Vivo endorsers tweet #GoBeyond on their IG handles

Vivo’s Filipino endorsers have been throwing hints on their social media accounts that something new is coming soon.

Teen King Daniel Padilla posted a photo of himself with a gradient pink and blue background and the words “Go Beyond,” tagging Vivo Philippines' account.

Other Vivo endorsers Darren Espanto, Julie Anne San Jose, Maymay Entrata, Maris Racal, and Paul Salas also posted the similar photos on their Instagram pages.

Vivo endorsers hinted online that something new from the smartphone brand is arriving soon.

TJ Monterde, KZ Tandingan, and Iñigo Pascual also posted photos tagging Vivo Philippines on IG. This time, their photos showed colorful backgrounds or lighting.

Do these photos tell something about the next Vivo flagship smartphone?

Vivo ladies Kira Balinger, Joyce Pring, Loisa Andalio, Elisse Joson, and Sassa Dagdag posted closeup photos tagging Vivo Philippines, as if to emphasize their makeup.

What is the common theme of these photos?

In the past week, Vivo has been dropping hints on its social media accounts. It kicked off with a video of a fingerprint depicted like a spiral galaxy in an apparent reference to its pioneering In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

Its second teaser was a video of a launch of a space rocket. The third one was another video of the moon with a curved line emphasizing its shape.

In this case, Vivo seems to be getting a lot of inspiration from the cosmos for its next smartphone. What do you think will Vivo post next? Best to keep watch on its social media pages. #

1. Are these photos a hint of Vivo’s next flagship smartphone?
2. These photos may give a hint on Vivo’s next flagship smartphone
3. Vivo endorsers are dropping hints on next flagship

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  1. This blog is a captivating exploration of the mysterious hints dropped by Vivo's endorsers, creating anticipation for the next flagship smartphone. The use of the hashtag #GoBeyond and vibrant visuals in the Instagram posts adds an element of excitement and speculation. The diverse range of endorsers, from Daniel Padilla to Kira Balinger, coming together in this teaser campaign is impressive. It successfully piques curiosity about what Vivo has in store. The mention of the cosmos-inspired teasers further fuels anticipation. An informative and engaging read that leaves readers eagerly awaiting the official unveiling


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