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Sunday, November 11, 2018

5 Things People Regret in Their 40s

They say life begins at 40 – but your 20s shape the person you are going to become.

Mistakes, regrets, discoveries, explorations, ups, and downs make up who you are. Hence, you should begin asking yourself this question: When I look back on my younger years, what do I want to remember? A team from The Medical City Clark initiated a survey for people who are now in their 40s to ask them about their younger years and these are some of the regrets they have:

Spent more money than they saved and invested
Financial stability is a step towards the future. You can start a life insurance, invest in stocks, or simply start a savings account. “Save and invest for the future so that you can retire young to enjoy life,” says a 48-year-old respondent from Paranaque.

Did not travel enough
With the pressure of work coupled with the notion that traveling is expensive, people are less likely to start traveling at a young age to prioritize career and financial stability. While building your career and aiming for financial stability is important, enjoying some of your hard-earned money while you still have the time can also be beneficial. More companies are even promoting work-life integration to avoid burnout.

Stopped seeking new knowledge after school
Learning never stops after college, as long as you have the persistence and desire to do so. An advice a 40-year-old communications CEO said, “Do not leave your comfort zone. Expand it. Make it bigger!” Attending seminars and conferences, conversing with other professionals in the industry, or even just reading books – information and knowledge are just out there, you just have to go out and grab it.

Disconnected and neglected relationships
Once you graduate and start building a career, you will rarely get enough time to bond with family and friends due to a faster paced lifestyle. One respondent from Pangasinan said, “Life is too short, enjoy every moment with your loved ones.” Being preoccupied with work can sometimes cause us to neglect our family and friends, but a cup of coffee or a movie night once in a while with them can make a difference.

Disregarded health
This includes watching what you eat and engaging in physical activities. People often start too late when it comes to taking care of their health due to their fast-paced lifestyle and the consequences of this procrastination are felt in their later years. A 41-year-old male from Nueva Ecija said, “Be health conscious since your health today is the effect of your younger days.” Cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, and diabetes are just some of the common diseases that arise from one’s lifestyle. However, according to Dr. Rebecca Dizon, one of the Executive Check-Up consultants at The Medical City Clark, there is still hope regardless of age: “It is never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle, even in your 40s. There is always a chance of improving your health as long as they adhere and comply with the advices and recommendations of their doctors.”

The Medical City Clark’s Executive Check-up Program is designed to be tailor-fit for each person, identifying one’s specific health concerns while being cost-efficient by addressing a person’s overall wellness, thus minimizing health risks and expenses. Their packages can be personalized based on age and gender; these can include evaluation and consultation ranging from physical examination to laboratory tests, as well as nutrition and diet consultations.

For more information, you may call The Medical City Clark wellness office at (045) 300 8888 or 0916-448-8046.

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